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Dr. Susan Emmett

Senior Lecturer

Initial Teacher Education



Berwick Campus, Online

A typology of social equity discourses and its contribution to a wicked problem

Inclusion, equity, diversity, and social justice in education : a critical exploration of the sustainable development goals

Inclusion, equity, diversity, and social justice in education in the twenty-first century

Policy, discourse and epistemology in inclusive education

The Wicked Problem of Social Equity in Higher Education: The Conflicting Discourses and the Impact of COVID-19

Working towards a sustainable, responsive, inclusive, and diverse global education future

Assessing Young Children’s Emotional Well-Being: Enacting a Strength-Based Approach in Early Childhood Education

Recalling childhood: transformative learning about the value of play through active participation

[No abstract available]

Social equity in higher education: a wicked problem exacerbated by multiple discourses

Transforming Futures for Koorie Pre-schoolers in Gippsland Through Community-Educative Partnerships

Australians of Indigenous descent within south-eastern New South Wales and Victoria generally...

Reimagining and Transforming Identity as Rural Researchers and Educators A (con)textual Fugue

This paper presents the educational and research journey of a group of rural academics as a...

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Promoting the development of children's emotional and social wellbeing in early childhood settings: How can we enhance the capability of educators to fulfil role expectations?

THIS ARTICLE DISCUSSES THE expectations implicit in both Early Years Learning and National...

Toward a Pedagogy of Wellbeing for Early Childhood Pre-Service Educators

Change is continuing to transpire within the Australian early childhood education and care (ECEC)...

ABRACADABRA for magic under which conditions? Case studies of a web-based literacy interventionin the Northen Territory

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Attendance, performance and the acquisition of early literacy skills: A comparison of Indigenous and non-Indigenous school children

Coaching (and) commitment: Linking ongoing professional development, quality teaching, and student outcomes

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Direct observation

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The National Accelerated Literacy Program : a solid path to literacy success for Indigenous children

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A Tale of Two observation instruments: The evaluation of the national accelerated literacy program

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Two Literacy Projects - A Most Insightful Association

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