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Dr. Stuart Levy

Pathways to Discipline Leader, Pathways, Humanities and Social Science

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Berwick Campus, Online

A Possible Me? Inspiring Learning Among Regional Young People for the Future World of Work

Benchmarking Australian Enabling Programs for a National Framework of Standards. A Practice Report

Report on Benchmarking of Enabling Programs across Australia to the National Association of Enabling Educators of Australia (NAEEA).

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Literacy and numeracy support in vocational education: Perceptions from engineering apprentices in victoria

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Accountable Governance and Transforming Climates: Where to Next?

The regime complex of the Paris Agreement set new parameters for climate governance of coupled...

Introduction to Transformative Climates and Accountable Governance

This book engages with a pressing question: How does global climate change increase the need for...

Order and Accountability in Governing Transforming Environments

The Paris Agreement 2015 was mostly a success, given ongoing challenges to reconcile contests...

Selected Studies in Economic and Environmental Accountabilities- Section Two

Examinations of climate change governance approaches firmly establish the importance of...

The Limits of States and Changing Regulatory Frameworks—Section One

Interdisciplinary approaches aid understandings of sovereign states as central agents in...

Transformative Climates and Accountable Governance (Palgrave Studies in Environmental Transformation, Transition and Accountability)

This book explores the real-world consequences changing ideas and strategies have on effective...

Becoming a critical thinker

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Commencing University

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Developing disciplinary literacy

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Developing graduate attributes and becoming a lifelong learner

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Deveoping graduate attributes and becoming a lifelong learner

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Student Voices in Transition

Student voices in transition reports the experiences of 70 students who entered university...

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The Student Voice Project: the programmes and the students

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The Student Voices project and teaching transition: final observations

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The Benefits of University Studies

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Climate Change and Order: The End of Prosperity and Democracy

Pathways for non-traditional learners in a research-intensive university

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The Diploma of Tertiary Studies: 13 years of bridges, transition and voices

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Departing: the benefits of pathways and university study

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Findings and final observations

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Introduction: the value in hearing student voices

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The Diploma of Tertiary Studies (DoTS) pathway

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The Monash South Africa Foundation Programme (MSAFP)

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Student motivation: premise, effective practice and policy

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Tertiary entrance scores need not determine academic success: An analysis of student performance in an equity and access program