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Dr Somakanthie Pillay

Discipline Leader, Business

Institute Leadership


Institute Leadership


Berwick Campus, Online

Examining the work–life balance of immigrants in Australia: An anomie theory perspective

Charting Pathways to Growth and Development Through Transparent Procurement Management in Africa

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Corruption in Procurement - Antecedents, Practices, and Challenges

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The effects of perceived organisational support on expatriate adjustment, assignment completion and job satisfaction

This study examines the influence of perceived organisational support (POS) on expatriates’...

Feminist Institutionalism and Gendered Bureaucracies: Forestry Governance in Nepal

This book examines the processes for the inclusion of women, and the role of women employees in...

Governance and Multiculturalism; The White Elephant of Social Construction and Cultural Identities

A key intervention in the growing critical literature on race, this volume examines the social...

Host Country Nationals’ Attitudes, Social Support and Willingness to Work with Expatriates

Predictors of Whistleblowing Intentions: An Analysis of Multi-Level Variables

The purpose of this study was to examine the variables impacting on whistle-blowing intentions in...

Examining Nepalese Forestry Governance from Gender Perspectives

This article examines Nepalese forestry governance from gender perspectives. We argue that...

Institutional isomorphism and whistle-blowing intentions in public sector institutions

Over the years the new institutionalism in public sector analysis has contributed significantly...

Students' conceptions of learning in the context of an accounting degree

Students' conceptions of learning (CoL) play an important role in the learning process leading to...

Examining Intercultural Competency Through Social Exchange Theory

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Public sector organizations and cultural change

Public Sector Organizations and Cultural Change uses a long-term perspective on privatization to...

The Inclusion of Women in Nepalese Forestry Governance: Perspectives from Feminist Institutionalism

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An Institutional Theory Perspective on Corruption: The Case of a Developing Democracy

The purpose of this paper is to use quantitative data to describe corruption in the SANPS, and...

Development corruption in South Africa: Governance matters

Development Corruption in South Africa examines governance matters with a focus on corruption....

Double Bind in the Public Service: Competing Paradigms in the Australian Public Sector

A dramatic transformation has taken place in the public sector worldwide as many governments...

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The pains and gains of blended learning - social constructivist perspectives

Purpose: Using the case of a cross-cultural setting, the purpose of this paper is to compare...

Work-family balance: perspectives from higher education

The article examines different types of work-family pressures amongst people working within the...

An exploratory study into work/family balance within the Australian higher education sector

The higher education landscape is undergoing major transformation, with a significant impact on...

Gaming across cultures: experimenting with alternate pedagogies

Higher education is influenced, to an increasing extent, by changing student demographics. This...

Exploring barriers, organisational support and demographics as predictors of whistle blowing intentions - an analysis of multi level variables

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Exploring whistle blowing intentions in South Africa: a quantitative analysis

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Impact of Entry Mode on Students' Approaches to Learning: A Study of Accounting Students

This study examines the impact of prior learning experience on students' approaches to learning...

Exploring monitoring, work environment and flexibility as predictors of job satisfaction within Australian call centres

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Exploring predictors of job satisfaction in call centres -the case of Australia

In this paper we examine predictors of job satisfaction within the call centre industry. Using a...

Governance in developing countries: Sri Lanka and South Africa compared

In this article, we investigate the main features of the governance model in two developing...

Institutionalising a value enacted dominant organisational culture: An impetus for whistleblowing

Whistle blowing on organisational wrongdoing is becoming increasingly prevalent. However, a...

Systemic factors moderating effective whistle blowing: an exploratory study into a public service organisation

A review of research concerning whistle-blowing suggests that it is of benefit to society; hence,...

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Whistleblowing: Impediments to effective implementation within the south african public sector

This purpose of this article is to explore impediments to effective whistleblowing as a strategy...

Advocating service learning for developing citizenship in university students in South Africa

An effective and efficient public sector is largely dependent on employees who accept the...

Linking cultural dimensions with the nature of corruption: an institutional theory perspective

This article analyses the interaction between cultural dimensions and the nature of corruption as...

Some propositions about national culture and new public management

Addressing learning needs in public management: the value of sustainable partnerships between higher education and public sector institutions in South Africa

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Participation in the budgetary process in local government

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A cultural ecology of New Public Management

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