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Dr. Shoaib Riaz

Lecturer, Cognitive Enterprise

Cognitive Enterprise



Mt Helen Campus, Online

Field of Research

  • Innovation management
  • Organisational behaviour

Blockchain and RFID for Baggage Movement in the Aviation Industry

  • Book Chapters

Examining the work–life balance of immigrants in Australia: An anomie theory perspective

Managing organizational transformation (OT) using complex adaptive system (CAS) framework: future lines of inquiry

Cognitive enterprise: defining the pillars and assessing the cognitive maturity

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Implementing organizational transformation in Auzee Engineering Services (AES)

  • Book Chapters

The Mediating Role of SNN and its Antecedents and Consequences

  • Journals

Surviving and Thriving in Turbulent Times: A Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) Based Approach to Organisational Transformation (OT)

This research study explored organisational factors that underpinned effective survival of a...

  • Conference Proceedings

Examining organizational transformation (OT) through the lens of complex adaptivesystems (CASs)

  • Conference Proceedings

An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Different Dimensions of Organizational Transformation in the Large Organizations of Australia

  • Conference Proceedings

An examination of consistency theory and employee performance through the lens of SMEsin the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)

  • Conference Proceedings

Managing the workforce conflicts: A situational analysis of organizations in the U.A.E.

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Entrepreneurship barriers and entrepreneurial inclination among Malaysian postgraduate students

Factors making organization a learning organization

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Entrepreneurial inclination among the international students in Dubai - Relationshipbetween perceived barriers to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial inclination

  • Conference Proceedings

Relationship between perceived barriers to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial inclination: A case study of Malaysian postgraduate students

  • Conference Proceedings