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Ms Selena Firmin

Lecturer, Information Technology

School of Engineering, IT and Phys. Sci.


Information Technology (Ballarat)


Mt Helen Campus, Online

Discovery of Small Group Interactions and Performance from Project Emails

Despite latest advances in small group research, discovery of group interactions and performance...

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Gestalt Based Evaluation of Health Information Diagrams

Diagrams for four different health care settings have been proposed: Snapshot Diagram, Diagnosis...

Approaches for the visualization of health information

Clinical reasoning leading to diagnosis or treatment decisions in the modern era can be complex...

Communication metrics extracted from project managers' email in-box

Project managers' email in-boxes often contain hundreds of emails. Analysis of this incoming...

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Human-aligned artificial intelligence is a multiobjective problem

As the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) systems improve, it becomes important to...

Organisational learning with SaaS CRM - A case study of higher education

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) generally has a reputation as a technology that does not...

Business analytics-based enterprise information systems

Big data analytics and business analytics are a disruptive technology and innovative solution for...

A technique for ranking friendship closeness in social networking services

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CWDM: A case-based diabetes management web system

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Digital possibilities and ethical considerations: Speech-language pathologists and the web

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An exploration of factors influencing tertiary IT educators' pedagogies

This paper presents factors that influence and shape tertiary IT educators underpinning teaching...

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A strategic perspective on management intelligent systems

Evaluating the Impact of a Virtual Emergency Room Simulation for Learning

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Integrating online social networks with e-Commerce: A CBR approach

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Understanding victims of identity theft: A Grounded Theory approach

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Facilitating the development of lifelong learners through e-communication tools

Computer mediated communication (CMC) skills are essential in today.s rapidly changing,...

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