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Dr. Scott Jukes

Lecturer, Outdoor Education

Pathways, Humanities and Social Sciences



Berwick Campus, Online

Digital technology and environmental pedagogies in tertiary outdoor education: linking digital spaces to more-than-human places

Experiments with a Dark Pedagogy: Learning from/through Temporality, Climate Change and Species Extinction (...and Ghosts)

More-than-human stories: experimental co-productions in outdoor environmental education pedagogy

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Alpine Islands

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A Review of 'Bad River: The Cooks River'

A Review of ‘Bad River: The Cooks River’

Assembling More-Than-Human Stories: Outdoor Environmental Education as a Co-production

Bookend: Outdoor Environmental Education in Precarious Times

Connecting with Lines of Flight: Reviewing Texts of Influence

Emergent environmental education inquiry: A methodology of thinking with things

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Emergent Pedagogical Pathways: Learning from the Fluxes and Flows of a Riverscape

Enacting more-than-human pedagogies in response to ecological precarity: an immanent praxiography

Environmental Learning Through Relations: The Mediating Influence of Technology and Movement

Fostering Response-Abilities: Exploring More-Than-Human Histories Through Remake Activities

Introduction: Provocations and Intent

Learning landscapes through technology and movement: blurring boundaries for a more-than-human pedagogy

Learning to confront ecological precarity: engaging with more-than-human worlds

Listening for More-Than-Human Voices: The Expressive Power of Landscapes

Philosophical~Methodological Processes: Immanent Praxiography

Responding to Climate Change Through Outdoor Environmental Education: Pedagogy for Confronting a Crisis

Storying Shared Worlds: Collaborative Writing as Ecological Inquiry

Thinking with a Landscape: Engaging with Environmental Issues Through Outdoor Education

Following lines in the landscape: Playing with a posthuman pedagogy in outdoor environmental education

Podcast Interview for the Climate Change Education Network podcast series

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The wisp of an outline approximate to Storying ontology as environmental inquiry education :-)

They thought they felt something, perhaps. The wisp of an outline not distinct enough to trace....

Reading Landscapes: Engaging with Places

Thinking with a landscape: The Australian Alps, horses and pedagogical considerations

This paper proposes some possibilities for thinking with a landscape as a pedagogical concept,...

More-than-human stories: experimental co-productions in outdoor environmental education pedagogy

This research draws upon pedagogical experimentation on a ski-touring journey in the Australian...

Posthuman insights for environmental education. A review of Mental health and wellbeing in the Anthropocene: A posthuman inquiry

Review of Developing place-responsive pedagogy in outdoor environmental education: A rhizomatic curriculum autobiography by Alistair Stewart

Thinking through making: junk paddles, distant forests and pedagogical possibilities

Remake activities reuse and recycle waste materials, working them into something useful. The...

Acknowledging the agency of a more-than-human world: material relations on a Snowy River journey

In this article we describe our attempt to challenge our anthropocentric gaze during an outdoor...