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Mr. Sasha Ivkovic

Lecturer, Information Technology

Information Technology 15



Mt Helen Campus, Online

Discovery of Small Group Interactions and Performance from Project Emails

Despite latest advances in small group research, discovery of group interactions and performance...

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Communication metrics extracted from project managers' email in-box

Project managers' email in-boxes often contain hundreds of emails. Analysis of this incoming...

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Organisational learning with SaaS CRM - A case study of higher education

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) generally has a reputation as a technology that does not...

Using association and overlapping time window approach to detect drug reaction signals

The problem with detecting adverse drug reactions (ADRs) from drugs is that they may not be...

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Visual Grouping of Association Rules by Clustering Conditional Probabilities for Categorical Data

Applying anatomical therapeutic chemical (ATC) and critical term ontologies to Australian drug safety data for association rules and adverse event signalling

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Using anatomical therapeutic chemical (ATC) classification to reduce combinatorial complexity for Australian drug safety data analysis

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The automated identification and description of clusters for categorical data using conditional probabilities

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New algorithms for multi-class cancer diagnosis using tumor gene expression signatures

Visualizing association rules for feedback within the legal system

Discovering interesting association rules from legal databases