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Mr Robert Teese

Lecturer - Psychology





Mt Helen Campus, Online

Prospective associations between traditional masculinity and cannabis, hard drug, and alcohol use in Australian emerging adult men

An Investigation of Alternative Factor Models of Impulsivity using the UPPS-P

The UPPS-P measures impulsivity as a five-factor construct (lack of premeditation, lack of...

Prospective associations between hegemonic masculinity and incident depression/depressive symptoms: Results from a national sample of Australian emerging adult men

Emerging adulthood is associated with several freedoms and opportunities, but is also a period of...

UPPS-P facets of impulsivity and alcohol use patterns in college and noncollege emerging adults

Background: Alcohol use and related problems reach a peak in emerging adulthood. Impulsivity is a...

Predicting Problem Gambling in Australian Adults Using a Multifaceted Model of Impulsivity

Impulsivity is a factor that has been linked strongly to problem gambling; however,...

Masculine identity negotiation in everyday australian life: An ethno-discursive study in a gym setting

Identity formation and negotiation is a key contributor to the health and wellbeing of men and...

Prior exposure to words in meaningful conceptual hierarchies improves recall of randomly arranged words

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Predicting Recklessness in Emerging Adults: A Test of a Pyschosocial Model

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