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Mr Riki Lindsay

Lecturer, Health and Physical Education





Mt Helen Campus, Online

An overview of Australian exercise and sport science degrees

Skill adaption in sport and movement: Practice design considerations for 360 degrees VR

Creating Adaptable Skills: A Nonlinear Pedagogy Approach to Mental Imagery

Effects of personalised motor imagery on the development of a complex weightlifting movement

Improved power clean performance with the hook-grip is not due to altered force-time or horizontal bar-path characteristics

Influence of a nonlinear pedagogy approach on individual routes of learning when acquiring a complex weightlifting skill

Is Prescription of Specific Movement Form Necessary for Optimal Skill Development? A Nonlinear Pedagogy Approach

Motor Imagery and Action Observation: A Case for the Integration of 360°VR

The application of 360°VR for training sports officials: a constraints-led approach

The use of motor imagery in closed self-paced motor tasks

Mental imagery training programs for developing sport-specific motor skills: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Effectiveness of 360° virtual reality and match broadcast video to improve decision-making skill

Improvement of kinetic, kinematic, and qualitative performance variables of the power clean with the hook grip