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Professor Remco Polman

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Correction to: The effects of α‑lactalbumin supplementation and handgrip contraction on soleus motoneuron excitability (European Journal of Applied Physiology, (2023), 123, 2, (395-404), 10.1007/s00421-022-05101-3)

Effects of a-lactalbumin on strength, fatigue and psychological parameters: a randomised double-blind cross-over study

The Effectiveness of Online Mental Health First Aid Training in Community Rugby: A Mixed-Methods Approach

Undertaking the personal tutoring role with sports students at a United Kingdom university

Aging and Driving: A Comparison of Driving Performance Between Older and Younger Drivers in an On-Road Driving Test

A Narrative Review of the Current State of Extended Reality Technology and How it can be Utilised in Sport

A qualitative analysis of the perceived determinants of success in elite esports athletes

Examining the Impact of School Esports Program Participation on Student Health and Psychological Development

Home advantage and LBW decisions: The contribution of umpiring to the home-ground (dis)advantage in cricket

Longitudinal analysis of stressors, stress, coping and coping effectiveness in elite esports athletes

No expectation bias in elite-level cricket umpires’ leg-before-wicket (LBW) decisions according to batting order position

Perceived Stressors Experienced by Competitive Esports Athletes

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Reliability of the ICECAP-O Quality of Life Scale With Community-Dwelling People With Dementia

Short-Term Effect of Additional Daily Dietary Fibre Intake on Appetite, Satiety, Gastrointestinal Comfort, Acceptability, and Feasibility

The Effectiveness of Lucid Dreaming Practice on Waking Task Performance: A Scoping Review of Evidence and Meta-Analysis

The effects of a-lactalbumin supplementation and handgrip contraction on soleus motoneuron excitability

Validation of the Interpersonal Regulation Questionnaire in sports: measuring emotion regulation via social processes and interactions

Adherence to the class-based component of a tai chi exercise intervention for people living with dementia and their informal carers

Exploration of the Specificity of Motor Skills Hypothesis in 7–8 Year Old Primary School Children: Exploring the Relationship Between 12 Different Motor Skills From Two Different Motor Competence Test Batteries

Exploring English Youth Academy Footballers’ Experiences through Role Strain Theory

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Motivational strategies to improve adherence to physical activity in breast cancer survivors: A systematic review and meta-analysis

People living with dementia and their family carers’ adherence to home-based Tai Chi practice

Practical and clinical approaches using pacing to improve self-regulation in special populations such as children and people with mental health or learning disabilities

Psychometric Properties of the ICECAP-O Quality of Life Measurement Tool When Self-reported by Community-dwelling Older People with Mild and Moderate Dementia

Run-up strategies in competitive long jumping: How an ecological dynamics rationale can support coaches to design individualised practice tasks

Social Support, Self-Regulation, and Psychological Skill Use in E-Athletes

The role of elite coaches’ expertise in identifying key constraints on long jump performance: how practice task designs can enhance athlete self-regulation in competition

An investigation of expertise in cycling: Eye tracking, Think Aloud and the influence of a competitor

Development of a Scale to Measure Social Capital in Recreation and Sport Clubs

Influence of Expertise on the Visual Control Strategies of Athletes During Competitive Long Jumping

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Inter sport transfer: experiences of high performing Australian adolescent athletes

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Leading us to be active: A two-wave test of relationships between identity leadership, group identification, and attendance

Role of a Ketogenic Diet on Body Composition, Physical Health, Psychosocial Well-Being and Sports Performance in Athletes: A Scoping Review

Role strain theory: Applicability in understanding developmental experiences of international junior acrobatic gymnasts

Stress and Coping in Esports and the Influence of Mental Toughness

The association between esports participation, health and physical activity behaviour

The effect of an 8 week prescribed exercise and low-carbohydrate diet on cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition and cardiometabolic risk factors in obese individuals: A randomised controlled trial

The PAPHIO study protocol: a randomised controlled trial with a 2 x 2 crossover design of physical activity adherence, psychological health and immunological outcomes in breast cancer survivors

When in doubt, it's not out: Match format is associated with differences in elite-level cricket umpires’ leg-before-wicket decisions

Acceptability of a Dyadic Tai Chi intervention for older people living with dementia and their informal carers

A path analysis of adolescent athletes' perceived stress reactivity, competition appraisals, emotions, coping, and performance satisfaction

Changes in cognition over a 16.1 km cycling time trial using Think Aloud protocol: Preliminary evidence

Cold water immersion attenuates anabolic signaling and skeletal muscle fiber hypertrophy, but not strength gain, following whole-body resistance training

Confirmation of psychometric properties of the Movement Specific Reinvestment Scale for Children (MSRS-C)

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Leaders' creation of shared identity impacts group members' effort and performance: Evidence from an exercise task

Social identification, exercise participation, and positive exercise experiences: Evidence from parkrun

The utility of Role Strain Theory in facilitating our understanding of elite adolescent golfers developmental trajectories

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Validating a self-report measure of student athletes' perceived stress reactivity: Associations with heart-rate variability and stress appraisals

Validation of a multidirectional locomotive dual-task paradigm to evaluate task-related differences in event-related electro-cortical activity

Domain specific life satisfaction in the dual careers of Junior Elite football players: The impact of role strain

Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation on gait in people with Parkinson's disease: Study protocol for a randomized, controlled clinical trial

eSport: Friend or Foe?

Expertise-related differences in the performance of simple and complex tasks: an event-related potential evaluation of futsal players

Goal orientation and the presence of competitors influence cycling performance

Influence of Coaches Behaviour on Elite Volleyball Players' Motivational Climate and Performance Satisfaction

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Investigating the relationship between cognitions, pacing strategies and performance in 16.1 km cycling time trials using a think aloud protocol

Leaders promote attendance in sport and exercise sessions by fostering social identity

Older Adults’ Perceptions of a Novel Outdoor Exercise Initiative: A Qualitative Analysis

Outdoor physical activity for older people—the senior exercise park: Current research, challenges and future directions

Physical activity and breast cancer survivors: Importance of adherence, motivational interviewing and psychological health

The mediating role of coping between competitive anxiety and sport commitment in adolescent athletes

Type D personality, stress, coping and performance on a novel sport task

A Novel Exercise Initiative for Seniors to Improve Balance and Physical Function

A Social Identity Approach to Understanding and Promoting Physical Activity

Cold-water immersion and contrast water therapy: No improvement of short-term recovery after resistance training

Effectiveness of a 16 week gymnastics curriculum at developing movement competence in children

Familiarization protocol influences reproducibility of 20-km cycling time-trial performance in novice participants

No influence of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on exercise-induced pain and 5-Km cycling time-trial performance

Objective assessment of movement competence in children using wearable sensors: An instrumented version of the TGMD-2 locomotor subtest

Relationships between self perceptions and physical activity behaviour, fear of falling, and physical function among older adults

Self-determined motivation in rehabilitating professional rugby union players

Social sport and exercise psychology

The Impact of Gymnastics on Children’s Physical Self-Concept and Movement Skill Development in Primary Schools

The impacts of discriminatory experiences on lesbian, gay and bisexual people in sport

The Perceived Stress Reactivity Scale for adolescent athletes

What is trained develops! theoretical perspective on skill learning

Working memory capacity limits motor learning when implementing multiple instructions

A holistic measurement model of movement competency in children

An acute bout of exercise improves the cognitive performance of older adults

Children's perspectives on the effectiveness of the Playing for Life philosophy in an afterschool sports program

Cycling in the absence of task-related feedback: Effects on pacing and performance

Development and initial validation of the Role Strain Questionnaire for Junior Athletes (RSQ-JA)

Effect of a non-dieting lifestyle randomised control trial on psychological well-being and weight management in morbidly obese pre-menopausal women

Evidence for skill level differences in the thought processes of golfers during high and low pressure situations

Light physical activity is positively associated with cognitive performance in older community dwelling adults

Psychometric properties of the movement-specific reinvestment scale for Chinese children

The influence of the social environment context in stress and coping in sport

Video Game Addiction, Engagement and Symptoms of Stress, Depression and Anxiety: The Mediating Role of Coping

A novel dynamic exercise initiative for older people to improve health and well-being: Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Cross-cultural comparison of motor competence in children from Australia and Belgium

Do children emotionally rehearse about their body image?

Examination of the suitability of collecting in event cognitive processes using Think Aloud protocol in golf

Fundamental movement skills are more than run, throw and catch: The role of stability skills

Kinematic differences exist between transtibial amputee fallers and non-fallers during downwards step transitioning

Relationship between type-D personality, physical activity behaviour and climacteric symptoms

Stress, coping, coping effectiveness and emotions in Malaysian Elite tenpin bowlers: Role of context and importance

The Cortisol Awakening Response and Resilience in Elite Swimmers

The role of depressive symptomatology in peri- and post-menopause

Associations between behavior regulation, competence, physical activity, and health for adolescent females

Associations Between Behavior Regulation, Competence, Physical Activity, and Health for Adolescent Females

Background: This study investigated the association between the different types of behavior...

A systematic literature review of sport and physical activity participation in culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) migrant populations

A Systematic Literature Review of Sport and Physical Activity Participation in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Migrant Populations

Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) migrants face significant health risks as they adapt...

Examining the role of parental self-regulation in family physical activity: A mixed-methods approach

From pre-elite to elite: The pathway travelled by adolescent golfers

How useful is the Rehearsal Scale for Children – Chinese in measuring emotional rehearsal in pre-adolescents of different ages?

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Longitudinal changes in transtibial amputee gait characteristics when negotiating a change in surface height during continuous gait

Longitudinal kinematic and kinetic adaptations to obstacle crossing in recent lower limb amputees

Physical activity and mental health in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Physical activity behaviour in the tropics

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Physical and immunological aspects of exercise in chronic diseases

The effects of relaxing music for anxiety control on competitive sport anxiety

To exercise, or, not to exercise, during menopause and beyond

Exploring individual differences in children's mathematical skills: A correlational and dimensional approach

Gender differences in stress, appraisal, and coping during golf putting

Pacing and awareness: Brain regulation of physical activity

Postural responses during volitional and perturbed dynamic balance tasks in new lower limb amputees: A longitudinal study

Temporal adaptations in generic and population-specific quality of life and falls efficacy in men with recent lower-limb amputations

The influence of a deliberate practice intervention on the putting performance and subsequent practice behaviours of aspiring elite adolescent golfers

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The relationship between body image, physical activity, perceived health, and behavioural regulation among Year 7 and Year 11 girls from metropolitan and rural Australia

This study examined the relationship between educational year level, regional differences in...

Understanding the contexts of adolescent female participation in sport and physical activity

Understanding the Contexts of Adolescent Female Participation in Sport and Physical Activity

Purpose: Participation in physical activity (PA) is reported to decline in adolescence,...

An explanation for the fallacy of facilitative anxiety: Stress, emotions, coping, andsubjective performance in sport

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A path analysis of stress appraisals, emotions, coping, and performance satisfaction among athletes

Cognitive Appraisals in Sport: The Direct and Moderating Role of Mental Toughness

Effects of the Big Five personality dimensions on appraisal coping, and coping effectiveness in sport

Experiences of professional rugby union players returning to competition following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Gender differences in appraisal and coping: An examination of the situational and dispositional hypothesis

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The effects of carbohydrate ingestion on the badminton serve after fatiguing exercise

The validity of retrospective recall in assessing practice regimes in golf

Type D personality and cardiovascular outcomes

Acute nonhypothermic exposure to cold impedes motor skill performance in video gaming compared to thermo-neutral and hot conditions

An exploration of the two-factor schematization of relation meaning and emotions among professional rugby union players

Daily L-leucine supplementation in novice trainees during a 12-week weight training program

Development of elite adolescent golfers

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Factors associated with goals and goal scoring opportunities in professional soccer

Mental toughness, coping self-efficacy, and coping effectiveness among athletes

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Mental toughness: Managerial and age differences

Overtraining during preseason: Stress and negative affective states among professional rugby union players

Pre-competitive confidence, coping, and subjective performance in sport

Relaxing music for anxiety control

The difference in kinematics of horses walking, trotting and cantering on a flat and banked 10 m circle

The fallacy of directional anxiety

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Coping self-efficacy, pre-competitive anxiety, and subjective performance among athletes

Effects of various sodium bicarbonate loading protocols on the time-dependent extracellular buffering profile

Hull early walking aid for rehabilitation of transtibial amputees - Randomized controlled trial (HEART)

Lower limb kinematic and kinetic differences between transtibial amputee fallers and non-fallers

The facilitative nature of avoidance coping within sports injury rehabilitation

The mediating role of coping: A cross-sectional analysis of the relationship between coping self-efficacy and coping effectiveness among athletes

Type-D personality and body image in men: The role of exercise status

Type D personality, stress, and symptoms of burnout: The influence of avoidance coping and social support

Acute sport-related stressors, coping, and emotion among professional rugby union players during training and matches

Coping and coping effectiveness in relation to a competitive sport event: Pubertal status, chronological age, and gender among adolescent athletes

Effects of SAQ training and small-sided games on neuromuscular functioning in untrained subjects

Gait patterns in transtibial amputee fallers vs. non-fallers: Biomechanical differences during level walking

Kinematic gait adaptations in unilateral transtibial amputees during rehabilitation

Mental toughness in sport: Achievement level, gender, age, experience, and sport type differences

Mental toughness: Managerial and age differences

Mental toughness, stress, stress appraisal, coping and coping effectiveness in sport

Organisational Stressors, Coping, andCoping Effectiveness: A Longitudinal Study with an Elite Coach

Physical self-perceptions of adolescents in years 8, 9 and 10 in independent schools, state comprehensive schools and specialist sport colleges in England

Postural Responses to Dynamic Perturbations in Amputee Fallers Versus Nonfallers: A Comparative Study With Able-Bodied Subjects

Relative torque profiles of elite male youth footballers: Effects of age and pubertal development

Sport injury rehabilitation adherence: Perspectives of recreational athletes

Stress appraisals, coping, and coping effectiveness among international cross-country runners during training and competition

Stressors and affective states among professional rugby union players

ACL injury rehabilitation: A psychological case study of a professional rugby union player

Adherence to sport injury rehabilitation programs: An integrated psycho-social approach

Examining the Relationship Between Perceived Autonomy Support and Age in the Context of Rehabilitation Adherence in Sport

Mental toughness, optimism, pessimism, and coping among athletes

The lived experiences of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in relation to exercise

Think aloud: Acute stress and coping strategies during golf performances

Competitive anxiety in life savers and swimmers

Coping in sport: A systematic review

Criteria for determination of maximal oxygen uptake: A brief critique and recommendations for future research

Effective speed and agility conditioning methodology for random intermittent dynamic type sports

Effect of a single bout of exercise on the mood of pregnant women

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Physical demands of different positions in FA Premier League soccer

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Precompetitive state anxiety, objective and subjective performance, and causal attributions in competitive swimmers

Reliability of the Bloomfield Movement Classification

Short-term effects of a non-dieting lifestyle intervention program on weight management, fitness, metabolic risk, and psychological well-being in obese premenopausal females with the metabolic syndrome

Stressors, coping, and coping effectiveness: Gender, type of sport, and skill differences

The influence of game location and outcome on behaviour and mood states among professional rugby league players

Adherence to sport injury rehabilitation programmes: A conceptual review

Effects of sleep deprivation and exercise on cognitive, motor performance and mood

Mental toughness as a determinant of beliefs, pain, and adherence in sport injury rehabilitation

Stressors, coping, and coping effectiveness among professional rugby union players

Analysis of age, stature, body mass, BMI and quality of elite soccer players from 4 European Leagues

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A phenomenological analysis of coping effectiveness in golf

Effects of score-line on intensity of play in midfield and forward players in FA Premier League

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Stress and coping among international adolescent golfers

A cumulative stress and training continuum model: A multidisciplinary approach to unexplained underperformance syndrome

Effective conditioning of female soccer players

Relationship between psychological and biological factors for physical activity and exercise behaviour in Filipino students

The ‘Bloomfield Movement Classification’: Motion Analysis of Individual Players in Dynamic Movement Sports