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Critical incident 18/10/21
Berwick campus is closed under current Victorian Government lockdown restrictions. Click here for more information.

Mr Priyabrata Karmakar

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Video Coding

School of Engineering, IT and Phys. Sci.


Information Technology (Berwick)


Berwick Campus, Online

A novel fusion approach in the extraction of kernel descriptor with improved effectiveness and efficiency

Image representation using feature descriptors is crucial. A number of histogram-based...

An Enhancement to the Spatial Pyramid Matching for Image Classification and Retrieval

Spatial pyramid matching (SPM) is one of the widely used methods to incorporate spatial...

A Kernel-Based Approach for Content-Based Image Retrieval

Content-based image retrieval (CBIR)is a popular approach to retrieve images based on a query. In...

Enhanced Colour Image Retrieval with Cuboid Segmentation

In this paper, we further investigate our recently proposed cuboid image segmentation algorithm...

Improved Kernel Descriptors for Effective and Efficient Image Classification

Kernel descriptors have been proven to outperform existing histogram based local descriptors as...

Improved Tamura Features for Image Classification Using Kernel Based Descriptors

Tamura features are based on human visual perception and have huge potential in image...

Combining Pyramid Match Kernel and Spatial Pyramid for Image Classification

This paper proposes a new approach for image classification by combining pyramid match...

Rotation Invariant Spatial Pyramid Matching for Image Classification