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Dr. Peter Fieger

Senior Lecturer, Vocational Education and Training

Pathways, Humanities and Social Sciences



Mt Helen Campus, Online

Economic Perspectives on tourism

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Employment Outcomes for Australian Tourism and Hospitality VET Graduates During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Greened shopping spaces and pedestrian shopping interactions: the case of Christchurch

Greened shopping spaces and pedestrian shopping interactions: the case of Christchurch

"Intrinsic satisfaction and turnover intentions: the moderating roles of collegial and managerial values congruence"

Strategic planning, budget monitoring and growth optimism: evidence from Australian SMEs

A reconsideration of Jack Welch’s managerial legacy

Exploring CBD Retail Performance, Recovery and Resilience of a Smart City Following COVID-19

The debt crisis and the adoption of Asset-Light and Fee-Orientated (ALFO) arrangements at Marriott: 1980-1995

Integrating MLP and ‘after ANT’ to understand perceptions and responses of regime actors to Airbnb

Using the Multi-Level Perspective (MLP) and Actor-Network-Theory and After (After ANT), we...

Is Gen Z really that different? Environmental attitudes, travel behaviours and sustainability practices of international tourists to Canterbury, New Zealand

Older healthcare workers' satisfaction: managing the interaction of age, job security expectations and autonomy

The Triple Blow Effect: Retailing in an Era of Disasters and Pandemics—The Case of Christchurch, New Zealand

An investigation into student satisfaction, approaches to learning and the learning context in Auditing

Arguably, the audit course is one of the most challenging as it links prior accounting knowledge...

Assessing the labour market response due to COVID-19 border restrictions: A case study of Canterbury, New Zealand

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Do Self-Efficacy Beliefs and A Sense of Belonging Influence The Ability To Learn Accounting

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Freedom Camping

No Abstract

Panic buying and consumption displacement during COVID-19: Evidence from New Zealand

Abstract Panic buying and hoarding behavior is a significant component of crisis- and...

When staying long enough is enough?

[No abstract available]

Beyond panic buying: consumption displacement and COVID-19

Purpose: This study evaluates consumption displacement, the shift in consumption that occurs when...

The tourism value of international freedom campers to New Zealand

This study evaluates the economic contribution of international freedom campers to New Zealand...

Understanding international visitors' perceptions of sustainability of the Canterbury region from user generated content

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‘Pull’ motivation: an activity-based typology of international visitors to New Zealand

Using the push and pull framework, this study examines the relationship between tourist...

Tourism expenditure in post-earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand

This paper investigates whether tourism expenditure and exchange rates influence local GDP for...

Modeling Chinese inbound tourism arrivals into Christchurch

New data and modeling approaches are improving the usefulness of Internet search data for...

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Whistle-blowing in the Australian Public Service: The role of employee ethnicity and occupational affiliation

Purpose: Whistle-blowing has the important role of reducing the prevalence and impact of...

Loyal employees in difficult settings: The compounding effects of inter-professional dysfunction and employee loyalty on job tension

Purpose: Employee loyalty is generally a very positive trait. However, when loyal employees are...

The impact of employees’ values on role engagement: Assessing the moderating effects of distributive justice

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the manner in which employees’ experience of...

Two dimensional efficiency measurements in vocational education: Evidence from Australia

Purpose: In Australia, the vocational education and training (VET) sector accounts for...

Efficiency of Australian technical and further education providers

Budgetary constraints on the public purse have led Australian Federal and State governments to...

Determinants of course completions in vocational education and training: Evidence from Australia

Background: Completion rates in Australian vocational education and training (VET) are...

Integrating a virtual learning environment into a second-year accounting course: Determinants of overall student perception

Rapid acceptance of, and changes in, information technology are revolutionizing the way educators...

High school teachers’ perceptions of accounting: an international study

A decline in enrolments in accounting programs in the United States of America has been well...

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