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Associate Professor Peter Dahlhaus

Principal Research Fellow

Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI)



Mt Helen Campus, Online

In search of pragmatic soil moisture mapping at the field scale: A review

Matching the model to the available data to predict wheat, barley, or canola yield: A review of recently published models and data

Roles of Selective Agriculture Practices in Sustainable Agricultural Performance: A Systematic Review

The Role of FAIR Data towards Sustainable Agricultural Performance: A Systematic Literature Review

Livestock data – Is it there and is it FAIR? A systematic review of livestock farming datasets in Australia

Analysis of a Combined Circular–Toppling Slope Failure in an Open–Pit

Most studies of rock slope failures on open–pit mines have considered either toppling or circular...

Effect of faults on stability of partially saturated rock slope

The effect of three faults on the slope stability was studied for the Stage 1 open pit in an open...

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Modelling and Analyses of Rock Bridge Fracture and Step-Path Failure in Open-Pit Mine Rock Slope

Rock Bridge fracturing and coalescence with pre-existing discontinuities in rock mass due to the...

Online Farm Trials (OFT) – the past, present and future

Online Farm Trials (OFT) ( is a free web-based resource and trial discovery...

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Testing the public-private soil data and information sharing model for sustainable soil management outcomes

Soil data form the basis of soil information systems across the globe. Soil information needs,...

The lay of the land: the geological evolution of the landscape.

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The Natural Resource Management Planning Portal: Perspectives for NRM Planning and Reporting

Natural Resource Management (NRM) is often conducted as a partnership between government and...

The role of interoperable data standards in precision livestock farming in extensive livestock systems: A review

Livestock industries are increasingly embracing precision farming and decision support tools. As...

An unexpected decrease in urban water demand: Making discoveries possible by taking a long-term view

Forecasting supply and demand is fundamental to the sustainability of the water system. Demand...

Enabling global exchange of groundwater data: GroundWaterML2 (GWML2)

GWML2 is an international standard for the online exchange of groundwater data that addresses the...

Estimating the occurrence of rockfalls in columnar basalt

The occurrence of rockfalls from a columnar basalt cliff at the Lal Lal Falls reserve, near...

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Exploring a flow regime and its historical changes downstream of an urbanised catchment

The rapid growth of Ballarat's urban area, an inland city of approximately 100,000 people in...

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Finite element analysis of rock slope stability using shear strength reduction method

Finite element analysis incorporating the shear strength reduction method was applied to study...

Liberating soil data for profitable agriculture and catchment health in the Corangamite region, Australia

Detailed soil data has been collected in the Corangamite region of south-east Australia for over...

Losing stormwater: 60 years of urbanisation and reduced downstream flow

The potential for stormwater to supplement traditional water supplies from upstream catchments or...

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The conceptual schema in geospatial data standard design with application to GroundWaterML2

Ballarat's messy path to a water sensitive city: A long term investigation of water management in a city

A New Assessment Framework for Transience in Hydrogeological Systems

The importance of transience in the management of hydrogeologic systems is often uncertain. We...

Historic urban landscapes and visualising Ballarat: Citizen participation for sustainable urban planning and design

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Kinematic assessment of slopes at handlebar hill open cut mine, Mt. Isa, Queensland, Australia

A complete kinematic analysis was conducted for the west slope at the Handlebar Hill mine using...

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Making the invisible visible: the impact of federating groundwater data in Victoria, Australia

The Visualising Victoria's Groundwater (VVG) web portal federates groundwater data for the State...

Soil data for biophysical models in Victoria, Australia: Current needs and future challenges

The use of biophysical models to support increased food production and environmental protection...

The journey to a Water Sensitive City - A case study of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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An assessment of the monitoring methods and data limitations for inflow and infiltration in sewer networks

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Environmental benefits inferred from impact of reforestation of deforested creek bank on soil conditioning: a case study in Victoria, Australia

Information regarding changes in soil condition after reforestation may help in inferring...

Improving access to groundwater data using GroundWaterML2

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Slope stability and rockfall Hazard analysis in open pit zinc mine

Rockfalls are a major safety hazard in open cut mines, particularly in large-scale deep pits. The...

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Stable isotopes as indicators of water and salinity sources in a southeast Australian coastal wetland: identifying relict marine water, and implications for future change

The Lake Connewarre Complex is an internationally protected wetland in southeast Australia,...

Visualising Ballarat - past, present, future. A collaborative research proposal to develop online tools to support Ballarat's Historic Urban Landscape program.

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A geochemical approach to determining the hydrological regime of wetlands in a volcanic plain, south-eastern Australia

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Hydropedology, Geomorphology, and Groundwater Processes in Land Degradation: Case Studies in South West Victoria, Australia

Interpretation and misinterpretation of warning signage: Perceptions of rockfalls in a naturalistic setting

The aim of the present study was to investigate the factors relating to non-adherence to warning...

Aweb-gis and landslide database for south west Victoria and its application to landslide zonation

The Australian Geomechanics Society's (AGS) guidelines on Landslide Risk Management emphasise...

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Some geomorphological techniques used in constraining the likelihood of landsliding - Selected Australian examples

Techniques for landslide risk management in Australia have evolved considerably since the...

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The implementation of the AGS guidelines in the Colac Otway Shire - History and challenges

A paper by Dahlhaus and Miner (2002) describing the proposed implementation of the Australian...

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Groundwater-level response to land-use change and the implications for salinity management in the West Moorabool River catchment, Victoria, Australia

The connection between the removal of native vegetation, rising water tables and increasing...

Rockfalls: predicting high-risk behaviour from beliefs

Beyond hydrogeologic evidence: challenging the current assumptions about salinity processes in the Corangamite region, Australia

In keeping with the standard scientific methods, investigations of salinity processes focus on...

Salinity without rising watertables: salinity processes and risk assessment in south-west Victoria

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Spatial Infrastructure, Information Access and Knowledge Building

Most decisions involve a spatial component, though few people realise its significance...

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Coastal rock fall hazard identification, Barwon Heads, Victoria

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Geohazard risk management for municipal planning in the Corangamite region, Victoria, Australia

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Groundwater flows & groundwater - surface water interactions in the Corangamite CMA region

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Hydropedology, geomorphology and groundwater processes hold the keys to land degradation - case studies in SW Victorian, Australia

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The impact of landslides and erosion in the Corangamite region, Victoria, Australia

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A framework for setting salinity targets: Glenelg Hopkins CMA case study

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Defining a framework for managing saline dependent and affected ecosystems: Glenelg Hopkins CMA case study

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Geomorphic and historical evidence of salinity in the Corangamite region, Australia - Implications for current salinity management

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Characterising groundwater flow systems for salinity management in the Corangamite region, Australia

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Geological hazards: Hidden dangers for construction

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Geomorphology: The evolution of Victorian landscapes

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A geomorphic approach to estimating the likelihood of landslides in South West Victoria, Australia

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Implementing the AGS landslide risk management guidelines in a municipal planning scheme: A case study in the Colac Otway Shire, Victoria

The Colac Otway Shire in south west Victoria are in the process of amending their Planning Scheme...

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Salinity on the southeastern Dundas Tableland, Victoria