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Mr. Paul Black

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Cybersecurity

Cyber Security



Mt Helen Campus, Online

Spam Email Categorization with NLP and Using Federated Deep Learning

AFES: An Advanced Forensic Evidence System

Cross-compiler bipartite vulnerability search

Open-source libraries are widely used in software development, and the functions from these...

Malware Variant Identification Using Incremental Clustering

Reanimating Historic Malware Samples

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API Based Discrimination of Ransomware and Benign Cryptographic Programs

Ransomware is a widespread class of malware that encrypts files in a victim’s computer and...

Function Similarity Using Family Context

Finding changed and similar functions between a pair of binaries is an important problem in...

Identifying cross-version function similarity using contextual features

The identification of similar functions in malware assists analysis by supporting the exclusion...

Reanimating historic malware samples

Evolved similarity techniques in Malware Analysis

Malware authors are known to reuse existing code, this development process results in software...

A survey of similarities in banking malware behaviours

Banking malware are a class of information stealing malicious software that target the financial...

Mining malware secrets

Malware analysts, besides being tasked to create signatures, are also called upon to generate...

Anti-Analysis Trends in Banking Malware

Be careful who you trust: Issues with the public key infrastructure