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Professor Nima Amjady

Professor, Renewable Energy Technologies and Director, Centre for New Transition

Centre for New Energy Transition Resch.


Centre for New Energy Transition Resch.


Mt Helen Campus, Online

A New Closed-Loop Solar Power Forecasting Method with Sample Selection

A New Multi-Resolution Closed-Loop Wind Power Forecasting Method

Day-Ahead Wind Power Temporal Distribution Forecasting With High Resolution

Economic Model Predictive Control for Microgrid Optimization: A Review

Interactive Distribution Expansion and Measurement Planning Considering Controlled Partitioning

Optimal Solar and Energy Storage System Sizing for Behind the Meter Applications

Resiliency-Oriented operation of distribution networks under unexpected wildfires using Multi-Horizon Information-Gap decision theory

Time Aggregation in Presence of Multiple Variable Energy Resources

A Linearized AC Planning Model for Generations and SFCLs Incorporating Transient Stability and Short-Circuit Constraints

A New Solar Power Prediction Method Based on Feature Clustering and Hybrid-Classification-Regression Forecasting

Data-Driven Multi-Resolution Probabilistic Energy and Reserve Bidding of Wind Power

Evaluating resiliency of electric power generators against earthquake to maintain synchronism

Guest Editorial for the Special Section on Advances in Renewable Energy Forecasting: Predictability, Business Models and Applications in the Power Industry

Maximizing the utilization of existing grids for renewable energy integration

Microgrid Operation Optimization Considering Transient Stability Constraints: A New Bidirectional Stochastic Adaptive Robust Approach

A critical review on definitions, indices, and uncertainty characterization in resiliency-oriented operation of power systems

A Distributionally Robust AC Network-Constrained Unit Commitment

A Two-stage Adaptive Robust Model for Residential Micro-CHP Expansion Planning

Contingency-constrained operation optimization of microgrid with wind and solar generations: A decision-driven stochastic adaptive-robust approach

Convex Model for Controlled Islanding in Transmission Expansion Planning to Improve Frequency Stability

Data-Driven Classifier for Extreme Outage Prediction Based on Bayes Decision Theory

Energy Storage as a Service: Optimal sizing for Transmission Congestion Relief

Joint investment of community energy storage systems in distribution networks using modified Nash bargaining theory

Multiscale Multiresolution Generation Maintenance Scheduling: A Stochastic Affinely Adjustable Robust Approach

Nested Bilevel Optimization for DERA Operation Strategy: A Stochastic Multiobjective IGDT Model with Hybrid Endogenous/Exogenous Scenarios

Reintegration-based controlled islanding considering fast and slow active/reactive corrective actions to enhance frequency and transient voltage stabilities

Tracking Equilibrium Point under Real-Time Price-Based Residential Demand Response

A decoupled extended power flow analysis based on Newton-Raphson method for islanded microgrids

A linearized energy hub operation model at the presence of uncertainties: An adaptive robust solution approach

A Robust Coordinated Expansion Planning Model for Wind Farm-Integrated Power Systems with Flexibility Sources Using Affine Policies

Energy Storage as a Service: Optimal Pricing for Transmission Congestion Relief

Frequency-constrained unit-commitment using analytical solutions for system frequency responses considering generator contingencies

Incorporating energy storage and demand response into intentional controlled islanding using time decomposition

Robust Resiliency-Oriented Operation of Active Distribution Networks Considering Windstorms

Short-Circuit Constrained Power System Expansion Planning Considering Bundling and Voltage Levels of Lines

Transmission Expansion Planning including TCSCs and SFCLs: A MINLP Approach

VPP Self-Scheduling Strategy Using Multi-Horizon IGDT, Enhanced Normalized Normal Constraint, and Bi-Directional Decision-Making Approach

Adaptive-robust multi-resolution generation maintenance scheduling with probabilistic reliability constraint

Adaptive robust optimization framework for day-ahead microgrid scheduling

Affinely adjustable robust bidding strategy for a solar plant paired with a battery storage

A hybrid estimation and identification method for online calculation of voltage-dependent load parameters

A new AC OPF tool for sub-transmission networks considering distribution switching actions and load-transferring capability

Demand Response-Based Operation Model in Electricity Markets With High Wind Power Penetration

Enhanced goal attainment method for solving multi-objective security-constrained optimal power flow considering dynamic thermal rating of lines

Incorporating bus-bar switching actions into AC optimal power flow to ovoid over-current status

Novel notions of zero injection property of buses in optimal PMU location with efficient observability enhancement focusing on security concepts

Optimal operation strategy for multi-carrier energy systems including various energy converters by multi-objective information gap decision theory and enhanced directed search domain method

Optimal placement of resistive/inductive SFCLs considering short-circuit levels using complex artificial bee colony algorithm

Optimal substation-based joint allocation of PMUs and measuring channels considering network expansion planning

Stochastic multiobjective generation maintenance scheduling using augmented normalized normal constraint method and stochastic decision maker

A critical review of robust self-scheduling for generation companies under electricity price uncertainty

Adaptive robust AC optimal power flow considering load and wind power uncertainties

Adaptive Robust Expansion Planning for a Distribution Network with DERs

Adaptive Robust Self-Scheduling for a Wind Producer with Compressed Air Energy Storage

A Multistage Robust Transmission Expansion Planning Model Based on Mixed Binary Linear Decision Rules - Part I

A Multistage Robust Transmission Expansion Planning Model Based on Mixed-Binary Linear Decision Rules - Part II

A Robust Model for Multiyear Distribution Network Reinforcement Planning Based on Information-Gap Decision Theory

A techno-economic assessment for replacement of conventional fossil fuel based technologies in animal farms with biogas fueled CHP units

Enhancing power system state estimation by incorporating equality constraints of voltage dependent loads and zero injections

Improved normalised normal constraint method to solve multi-objective optimal power flow problem

Improving topology error identification through considering parameter and measurement errors

Multistage Multiresolution Robust Unit Commitment with Nondeterministic Flexible Ramp Considering Load and Wind Variabilities

Non-deterministic optimal power flow considering the uncertainties of wind power and load demand by multi-objective information gap decision theory and directed search domain method

Robust optimisation-based state estimation considering parameter errors for systems observed by phasor measurement units

Robust security constrained ACOPF via conic programming: Identifying the worst contingencies

Solar energy forecasting based on hybrid neural network and improved metaheuristic algorithm

Adaptive Robust Network-Constrained AC Unit Commitment

Adaptive Robust Transmission Expansion Planning Using Linear Decision Rules

A New Feature Selection Technique for Load and Price Forecast of Electrical Power Systems

A new optimal power flow approach for wind energy integrated power systems

A novel two-stage evolutionary optimization method for multiyear expansion planning of distribution systems in presence of distributed generation

Day-Ahead Financial Loss/Gain Modeling and Prediction for a Generation Company

Effective prediction model for Hungarian small-scale solar power output

Modelling and optimisation for costly efficiency improvements on residential appliances considering consumer's income level

Multi-period stochastic security-constrained OPF considering the uncertainty sources of wind power, load demand and equipment unavailability

Operation Scheduling of Battery Storage Systems in Joint Energy and Ancillary Services Markets

Risk-Constrained Bidding and Offering Strategy for a Merchant Compressed Air Energy Storage Plant

Risk-minimizing stochastic self-scheduling model for microgrid in day-ahead electricity market

Short term wind power prediction based on improved kriging interpolation, Empirical Mode Decomposition, and closed-loop forecasting engine

A multiyear DG-incorporated framework for expansion planning of distribution networks using binary chaotic shark smell optimization algorithm

A new hybrid stochastic-robust optimization approach for self-scheduling of generation companies

A new metaheuristic algorithm based on shark smell optimization

A new multi-objective solution approach to solve transmission congestion management problem of energy markets

Flexibility in future power systems with high renewable penetration: A review

Net demand prediction for power systems by a new neural network-based forecasting engine

Optimal integration of multiple wind farms into bulk electric system considering wind speed correlation uncertainties

Reliability-Constrained Robust Power System Expansion Planning

Robust Transmission and Energy Storage Expansion Planning in Wind Farm-Integrated Power Systems Considering Transmission Switching

Short-term load forecast of electrical power system by radial basis function neural network and new stochastic search algorithm

Solution of security constrained optimal power flow for large-scale power systems by convex transformation techniques and Taylor series

Special protection scheme against voltage collapse

Stochastic security-constrained optimal power flow incorporating preventive and corrective actions

A Fourier Based Wavelet Approach Using Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and Shannon's Entropy Criterion to Monitor Power System Small Signal Oscillations

A new two-stage framework for voltage stability enhancement incorporating preventive and corrective control actions

Electricity price forecast using Combinatorial Neural Network trained by a new stochastic search method

Optimal design of power system stabilizer for power systems including doubly fed induction generator wind turbines

Optimal dynamic expansion planning of distribution systems considering non-renewable distributed generation using a new heuristic double-stage optimization solution approach

Prediction of dynamic voltage stability status based on Hopf and limit induced bifurcations using extreme learning machine

Prediction of Generators' Participation Factors and Oscillation Types for Dominant Oscillatory Modes of Power System

Security constrained multi-period optimal power flow by a new enhanced artificial bee colony

Self-scheduling of a wind producer based on Information Gap Decision Theory

Short-term electricity load forecasting of buildings in microgrids

Short-term wind power prediction based on Hybrid Neural Network and chaotic shark smell optimization

Wind power forecast using wavelet neural network trained by improved Clonal selection algorithm

A new dual lagrangian model and input/output feedback linearization control of 3-phase/level NPC voltage-source rectifier [Novi dualni Langrangeov model i upravljanje trofaznim trorazinskim NPC naponskim ispravljačem zasnovano na ulazno/izlaznoj linearizaciji u povratnoj vezi]

A new evolutionary solution method for dynamic expansion planning of DG-integrated primary distribution networks

Event-based remedial action scheme against super-component contingencies to avert frequency and voltage instabilities

Generation and transmission expansion planning: MILP-based probabilistic model

Hydrothermal coordination by bi-level optimization and composite constraint handling method

Multi-objective robust transmission expansion planning using information-gap decision theory and augmented ?-constraint method

Non-convex security constrained optimal power flow by a new solution method composed of Benders decomposition and special ordered sets

Stochastic security-constrained hydrothermal unit commitment considering uncertainty of load forecast, inflows to reservoirs and unavailability of units by a new hybrid decomposition strategy

System modeling and optimization for islanded micro-grid using multi-cross learning-based chaotic differential evolution algorithm

The value of intra-day markets in power systems with high wind power penetration

Two-stage robust generation expansion planning: A mixed integer linear programming model

Application of information-gap decision theory to risk-constrained self-scheduling of GenCos

Hydrothermal unit commitment with AC constraints by a new solution method based on benders decomposition

Robust transmission system expansion considering planning uncertainties

Security-constrained self-scheduling of generation companies in day-ahead electricity markets considering financial risk

Security constrained unit commitment of power systems by a new combinatorial solution strategy composed of enhanced harmony search algorithm and numerical optimization

Solution of economic load dispatch problem via hybrid particle swarm optimization with time-varying acceleration coefficients and bacteria foraging algorithm techniques

Solution of large-scale security constrained optimal power flow by a new bi-level optimisation approach based on enhanced gravitational search algorithm

Stochastic self-scheduling of generation companies in day-ahead multi-auction electricity markets considering uncertainty of units and electricity market prices

A new stochastic search technique combined with scenario approach for dynamic state estimation of power systems

A scenario-based multiobjective operation of electricity markets enhancing transient stability

Data mining for electricity price classification and the application to demand-side management

Dynamic voltage stability constrained congestion management framework for deregulated electricity markets

Optimal complex economic load dispatch solution using particle swarm optimization with time varying acceleration coefficient

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Security-constrained unit commitment considering hydro units and ac network modeling by a new hybrid solution method composed of benders decomposition and outer approximation

Solution of optimal power flow subject to security constraints by a new improved bacterial foraging method

Stochastic security-constrained joint market clearing for energy and reserves auctions considering uncertainties of wind power producers and unreliable equipment

A new hybrid iterative method for short-term wind speed forecasting

A new neural network approach to short term load forecasting of electrical power systems

A new prediction strategy for price spike forecasting of day-ahead electricity markets

Demand-side reserve in stochastic market clearing of joint energy/reserve auctions

Dynamic voltage stability prediction of power systems by a new feature selection technique and probabilistic neural network

Economic impact of price forecasting inaccuracies on self-scheduling of generation companies

Evaluation of Hopf bifurcation considering the effect of load models and excitation system parameters

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Midterm demand prediction of electrical power systems using a new hybrid forecast technique

Multi-objective congestion management by modified augmented ?-constraint method

Multi-objective electricity market clearing considering dynamic security by lexicographic optimization and augmented epsilon constraint method

Security constrained optimal power flow considering detailed generator model by a new robust differential evolution algorithm

Security Constrained Unit Commitment by a new adaptive hybrid stochastic search technique

Short-term wind power forecasting using ridgelet neural network

Stochastic multi-objective congestion management in power markets improving voltage and transient stabilities

Wind power prediction by a new forecast engine composed of modified hybrid neural network and enhanced particle swarm optimization

A new spinning reserve requirement forecast method for deregulated electricity markets

Application of a new hybrid neuro-evolutionary system for day-ahead price forecasting of electricity markets

A stochastic framework for clearing of reactive power market

Congestion management enhancing transient stability of power systems

Daily Hydrothermal Generation Scheduling by a new Modified Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization technique

Day-ahead electricity price forecasting by modified relief algorithm and hybrid neural network

Determination of frequency stability border of power system to set the thresholds of under frequency load shedding relays

Electricity market price spike analysis by a hybrid data model and feature selection technique

Incorporating power system security into market-clearing of day-ahead joint energy and reserves auctions

Multiobjective clearing of coupled active and reactive power market considering power system security

Pay-as-bid based reactive power market

Reactive power market development considering power system security

Short-term load forecast of microgrids by a new bilevel prediction strategy

Solution of nonconvex and nonsmooth economic dispatch by a new Adaptive Real Coded Genetic Algorithm

Solution of non-convex Economic Dispatch problem considering valve loading effect by a new Modified Differential Evolution algorithm

Stochastic congestion management considering power system uncertainties

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Stochastic congestion management in power markets using efficient scenario approaches

Stochastic market-clearing of joint energy and reserves auctions

Transient stability prediction of power systems by a new synchronism status index and hybrid classifier

Congestion management considering voltage security of power systems

Coupled energy and reactive power market clearing considering power system security

Day-ahead price forecasting of electricity markets by a hybrid intelligent system

Day-ahead price forecasting of electricity markets by a new feature selection algorithm and cascaded neural network technique

Day-ahead price forecasting of electricity markets by mutual information technique and cascaded neuro-evolutionary algorithm

Design of input vector for day-ahead price forecasting of electricity markets

Economic dispatch using an efficient real-coded genetic algorithm

Evaluation of the maximum loadability point of power systems considering the effect of static load models

Joint market clearing in a stochastic framework considering power system security

Market clearing of joint energy and reserves auctions using augmented payment minimization

Market data analysis and short-term price forecasting in the Iran electricity market with pay-as-bid payment mechanism

Mixed price and load forecasting of electricity markets by a new iterative prediction method

Multiobjective clearing of reactive power market in deregulated power systems

Multi-objective congestion management incorporating voltage and transient stabilities

Multi-objective market clearing of joint energy and reserves auctions ensuring power system security

Nonconvex economic dispatch with AC constraints by a new real coded genetic algorithm

Optimal bidding strategy of power generating companies with consideration of load forecast uncertainty

Reactive Power Pricing Problems & a Proposal for a Competitive Market

Short-term load forecasting of power systems by combination of wavelet transform and neuro-evolutionary algorithm

Stochastic multiobjective market clearing of joint energy and reserves auctions ensuring power system security

Unit commitment using a new integer coded genetic algorithm

A method for reserve clearing in disaggregated model considering lost opportunity cost

Cost-benefit analysis and MILP for optimal reserve capacity determination in power system

Day ahead price forecasting of electricity markets by a mixed data model and hybrid forecast method

Mid-term load forecasting of power systems by a new prediction method

Small disturbance voltage stability assessment of power systems by modal analysis and dynamic simulation

Short-term bus load forecasting of power systems by a new hybrid method

Transient stability prediction by a hybrid intelligent system

Day-ahead price forecasting of electricity markets by a new fuzzy neural network

Energy price forecasting: Problems and proposals for such predictions

Generation adequacy assessment of power systems by time series and fuzzy neural network

Application of a new sensitivity analysis framework for voltage contingency ranking

A framework of reliability assessment with consideration effect of transient and voltage stabilities

Dynamic voltage security assessment by a neural network based method

Improving voltage security assessment and ranking vulnerable buses with consideration of power system limits

Optimal reliable operation of hydrothermal power systems with random unit outages

Voltage security assessment and vulnerable bus ranking of power systems

Optimal Reliable Operation of Hydrothermal Power Systems with Random Unit Outages

Voltage security monitoring of power systems by a new continuation method

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Short-term hourly load forecasting using time-series modeling with peak load estimation capability

Short-term hourly load forecasting using time-series modeling with peak load estimation capability

Application of an error adaptive finite element method for the solution of static electromagnetic problems

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Application of a new neural network to on-line voltage stability assessment

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Evaluation of power systems reliability by an artificial neural network