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Ms Nargiz Sultanova

Lecturer, Applied Mathematics and Statistics





Mt Helen Campus, Online


Dr Nargiz Sultanova is a Lecturer in mathematics at Federation University Australia, where she has been a staff member since 2013. Dr Sultanova’s research expertise lies in the area of optimisation, particularly nonsmooth optimisation and its various applications, including optimisation of water distribution systems.

Nargiz has published in high-ranking journals including Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, Environmental Modelling and Software, and Optimization. Her research has been presented at international conferences including the 2018 Water Distribution Systems Analysis/Computing and Control for the Water Industry Joint Conference in Ontario, Canada and the Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium 2012 in Sydney. She is a member of the Australian Mathematical Society and its Australia and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics division.

Nargiz completed her PhD in optimisation at the University of Ballarat, and her undergraduate studies at Baku State University in Baku, Azerbaijan.

A proximal subgradient algorithm with extrapolation for structured nonconvex nonsmooth problems

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Subgradient Smoothing Method for Nonsmooth Nonconvex Optimization

History of Optimization in Water Distribution System Analysis

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A novel approach to optimal pump scheduling in water distribution systems

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Comparison of metaheuristic algorithms for pump operation optimization

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Minimization of pumping costs in water distribution systems using explicit and implicit pump scheduling

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