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Mrs. Naomi Cruz

Lecturer, Nursing

Nursing - Leadership



Gippsland Campus, Online


Naomi Byfieldt has a strong research interest in palliative care and spent ten years managing a research unit in palliative care in NSW, which enabled her to travel nationally and internationally to present research findings at various healthcare, research and palliative care conferences.

Naomi has been involved in the development and delivery of course content for medical, nursing and allied health staff at hospital, regional and university levels on the topics of palliative and end of life care. Naomi has been working as a nurse since 2004 in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. She has mainly worked in medical/surgical, orthopaedics, palliative care and correctional health.

Naomi has completing a Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) in Nursing and a Master of Health Service Management and Planning. She is undertaking further studies with the Graduate Certificate in Education.

A pragmatic comparative study of palliative care clinician’s reports of the degree of shadowing visible on plain abdominal radiographs

The assessment of constipation symptoms is based on history and physical examination. However,...

Advance care planning with stroke survivors during inpatient rehabilitation can improve documentation of future wishes

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An Observational Study to Explore the Feasibility of Assessing Bereaved Relatives’ Experiences Before and After a Quality Improvement Project to Improve Care of Dying Medical Inpatients

Although hospitals are the most likely place of death, the quality of care received by dying...

Exploring current inpatient practice in transitioning people after stroke from acute to palliative care and in advance care planning: the Plan Assess Understand Survival after Stroke (PAUSe after Stroke) Project

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The association of penumbral imaging and outcome of endovascular stent thrombectomy: A pooled analysis of seven randomized trials

Background: In the Hunter region 12% of stroke patients die within one week, 19% within one month...

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Assessing the Presence and Severity of Constipation with Plain Radiographs in Constipated Palliative Care Patients

Background: Palliative care guidelines recommend plain radiographs to assess constipation based...

Caring for people dying in acute hospitals: A mixed-methods study to examine relative's perceptions of care

Objective: Improving the care provided for people dying in acute healthcare facilities has been...

Improving the quality of care delivered to people imminently dying in hospital by implementing a care bundle: An observational before and after feasibility study

Introduction: Most Australians die predictably in acute hospital settings. Despite this,...

The effect of a care bundle on nursing staff when caring for the dying

Background: Most Australians die in acute hospital settings. Despite this, hospitals remain...

Dying in two acute hospitals: Would usual care meet Australian national clinical standards?

The Australian Commission for Quality and Safety in Health Care (ACQSHC) has articulated 10...

Palliative care clinical trials: how nurses are contributing to integrated, evidence-based care

The aim of this paper is to describe the emerging role of the palliative care clinical trials...

A retrospective pilot study to explore the timing of cessation of laxatives before death in a palliative care unit

Context: Constipation is common and sometimes distressing in palliative care patients. Laxatives...

Treating Constipation in Palliative Care: The Impact of Other Factors Aside From Opioids

Opioids are major contributing factors to the problem of constipation in palliative care. Whilst...