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Dr Monica Green

Senior Lecturer

School of Education


Education (Gippsland)


Gippsland Campus, Online


Dr Monica Green is a Senior Lecturer and Teacher Educator in the School of Education at Federation University Australia. Monica joined Federation University in 2014 as part of its merger with Monash University (Gippsland).

Dr Green’s research interests lie in pedagogies and curriculum associated with climate and place/community-based sustainability education. Monica’s research focus includes outdoor learning, curriculum frameworks for teaching and learning sustainability, transitioning communities and the role of regional sustainability change agents.

Monica is the Chair of the UN’s Regional Centre of Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development (RCE Gippsland), who mobilise sustainability education via the Sustainable Development Goals across the Gippsland region. She is a selected participant in the 2020–2022 Homeward Bound STEMM Women in Leadership program. Monica was lead editor in the book, Educational Researchers and the Regional University: Agents of Regional-global Transformation (Green, Plowright and Johnson, 2019).

Community capacity to envisage a post-mine future: rehabilitation options for Latrobe Valley brown coal mines

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Educational Researchers and the Regional University

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Frog Bogs, Turbines and Biodiversity: Bringing Children’s Sustainability Knowledge to Life Through Handmade Artefacts

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From Northern China to Hazelwood Wetlands: Navigating Place and Identity Through Science Education

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Preface: Idylls, smoke plumes and educational research from the south-eastern tip of mainland Australia

[No abstract available]

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Transforming teacher education science through an Australian university-school partnership

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There is an expectation that Australian teachers engage professionally in all aspects of teaching...

Reimagining and Transforming Identity as Rural Researchers and Educators A (con)textual Fugue

This paper presents the educational and research journey of a group of rural academics as a...

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Mapping Sustainability Initiatives Across a Region: An Innovative Survey Approach

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Place and sustainability literacy in schools and teacher education

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Place, sustainability and literacy in environmental education: frameworks for teaching and learning

The ‘ecologisation’ of Australian primary schools brings new opportunities for curriculum...

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A pedagogy of 'organized chaos': ecological learning in primary schools

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Locating myself in the research

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Learning in place: Pedagogical pathways for place-making

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Food gardens: Cultivating a pedagogy of place

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From wilderness to the educational heart: A Tasmanian story of place

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