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Professor Manzur Murshed

Honorary Professor

IISS - Operations



Mt Helen Campus, Online

Crop monitoring by multimodal remote sensing: A review

Efficient motion modelling with variable-sized blocks from hierarchical cuboidal partitioning

A Robust Local Texture Descriptor in the Parametric Space of the Weibull Distribution

A Commonality Modeling Framework for Enhanced Video Coding Leveraging on the Cuboidal Partitioning Based Representation of Frames

Bidirectional Mapping Coupled GAN for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning

Discrete Cosine Basis Oriented Motion Modeling with Cuboidal Applicability Regions for Versatile Video Coding

Dynamic Mesh Commonality Modeling Using the Cuboidal Partitioning

Efficient Scalable 360-degree Video Compression Scheme using 3D Cuboid Partitioning

Efficient Scalable UHD/360-video Coding by Exploiting Common Information with Cuboid-based Partitioning

Integrated generalized zero-shot learning for fine-grained classification

Multi-objective Dynamic Virtual Machine Consolidation Algorithm for Cloud Data Centers with Highly Energy Proportional Servers and Heterogeneous Workload

Soil Moisture, Organic Carbon, and Nitrogen Content Prediction with Hyperspectral Data Using Regression Models

Adversarial Network with Multiple Classifiers for Open Set Domain Adaptation

Detection of Malleefowl Mounds from Point Cloud Data

Dynamic point cloud compression using a cuboid oriented discrete cosine based motion model

Dynamic Point Cloud Geometry Compression using Cuboid based Commonality Modeling Framework

Efficient High-Resolution Video Compression Scheme Using Background and Foreground Layers

Human-Machine Collaborative Video Coding Through Cuboidal Partitioning

A Coarse Representation of Frames Oriented Video Coding by Leveraging Cuboidal Partitioning of Image Data

Video coding algorithms attempt to minimize the significant commonality that exists within a...

An Enhanced Local Texture Descriptor for Image Segmentation

Texture is an indispensable property to develop many vision based autonomous applications....

A robust forgery detection method for copy–move and splicing attacks in images

Internet of Things (IoT) image sensors, social media, and smartphones generate huge volumes of...

Depth Sequence Coding with Hierarchical Partitioning and Spatial-Domain Quantization

Depth coding in 3D-HEVC deforms object shapes due to block-level edge-approximation and lacks...

Efficient Low Bit-Rate Intra-Frame Coding using Common Information for 360-degree Video

With the growth of video technologies, super-resolution videos, including 360-degree immersive...

Leveraging Cuboids for Better Motion Modeling in High Efficiency Video Coding

In conventional video compression systems, motion model is used to approximate the geometry of...

An efficient RANSAC hypothesis evaluation using sufficient statistics for RGB-D pose estimation

Achieving autonomous flight in GPS-denied environments begins with pose estimation in...

EMAN: The Human Visual Feature Based No-Reference Subjective Quality Metric

As the human vision is a definitive assessor of video quality, the expanded interest for...

Enhanced Transfer Learning with ImageNet Trained Classification Layer

Parameter fine tuning is a transfer learning approach whereby learned parameters from pre-trained...

Hierarchical Colour Image Segmentation by Leveraging RGB Channels Independently

In this paper, we introduce a hierarchical colour image segmentation based on cuboid partitioning...

Improved Image Analysis Methodology for Detecting Changes in Evidence Positioning at Crime Scenes

This paper proposed an improved methodology to assist forensic investigators in detecting...

Measuring trustworthiness of IoT image sensor data using other sensors' complementary multimodal data

Trust of image sensor data is becoming increasingly important as the Internet of Things (IoT)...

Message from the technical program committee co-chairs

[No abstract available]

  • Conference Proceedings

A novel no-reference subjective quality metric for free viewpoint video using human eye movement

The free viewpoint video (FVV) allows users to interactively control the viewpoint and generate...

Cuboid Colour Image Segmentation using Intuitive Distance Measure

In this paper, an improved algorithm for cuboid image segmentation is proposed. To address the...

Detecting Splicing and Copy-Move Attacks in Color Images

Image sensors are generating limitless digital images every day. Image forgery like splicing and...

Efficient Video Coding Using Visual Sensitive Information for HEVC Coding Standard

The latest high efficiency video coding (HEVC) standard introduces a large number of inter-mode...

Enhanced Colour Image Retrieval with Cuboid Segmentation

In this paper, we further investigate our recently proposed cuboid image segmentation algorithm...

Exploiting user provided information in dynamic consolidation of virtual machines to minimize energy consumption of cloud data centers

Dynamic consolidation of Virtual Machines (VMs) can effectively enhance the resource utilization...

Passive detection of splicing and copy-move attacks in image forgery

Internet of Things (IoT) image sensors for surveillance and monitoring, digital cameras, smart...

Texture Based Vein Biometrics for Human Identification: A Comparative Study

Hand vein biometric is an important modality for human authentication and liveness detection in...

Adaptive weighted non-parametric background model for efficient video coding

Dynamic background frame based video coding using mixture of Gaussian (MoG) based background...

An algorithm for network and data-aware placement of multi-tier applications in cloud data centers

Today's Cloud applications are dominated by composite applications comprising multiple computing...

A novel quality metric using spatiotemporal correlational data of human eye manoeuvre

The popularly used subjective estimator- mean opinion score (MOS) is often biased by the testing...

Cloud-Based Multimedia Services for healthcare and other related applications

Correction of geometrically distorted underwater images using shift map analysis

In underwater imaging, water waves cause severe geometric distortions and blurring of the...

Cuboid Segmentation for Effective Image Retrieval

Region-based image retrieval has been proven to be effective in finding relevant images. In this...

Dynamic virtual machine consolidation algorithms for energy-efficient cloud resource management: A review

No abstract

Improved depth coding for HEVC focusing on depth edge approximation

The latest High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard has greatly improved the coding...

A Centroid Algorithm for Stabilization of Turbulence-Degraded Underwater Videos

This paper addresses the problem of stabilizing underwater videos with non-uniform geometric...

Anonymization Techniques for Preserving Data Quality in Participatory Sensing

Participatory sensing is a revolutionary new paradigm where citizens voluntarily sense their...

A novel depth edge prioritization based coding technique to boost-UP HEVC performance

In addition to the texture, multiview video employs the utilization of depth coding for the...

A novel motion classification based intermode selection strategy for HEVC performance improvement

High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard adopts several new approaches to achieve higher...

Fast coding strategy for HEVC by motion features and saliency applied on difference between successive image blocks

Introducing a number of innovative and powerful coding tools, the High Efficiency Video Coding...

Fast Mode Decision in the HEVC Video Coding Standard by Exploiting Region with Dominated Motion and Saliency Features

The emerging High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard introduces a number of innovative and...

Foreground motion and spatial saliency-based efficient HEVC Video Coding

High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) could not provide real time facilities to the limited...

From Tf-Idf to learning-to-rank: An overview

Ranking a set of documents based on their relevances with respect to a given query is a central...

Lossless depth map coding using binary tree based decomposition and context-based arithmetic coding

Lossless Hyperspectral Image Compression Using Binary Tree Based Decomposition

Lossless image coding using hierarchical decomposition and recursive partitioning

State-of-the-art lossless image compression schemes, such as JPEG-LS and CALIC, have been...

Poster: Privacy protection for real world participatory sensing system

QMET: A new quality assessment metric for no-reference video coding by using human eye traversal

The subjective quality assessment (SQA) is an ever demanding approach due to its in-depth...

Search and tracking algorithms for swarms of robots: A survey

Target search and tracking is a classical but difficult problem in many research domains,...

Workload-aware incremental repartitioning of shared-nothing distributed databases for scalable OLTP applications

On-line Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications often rely on shared-nothing distributed...

Advances in Multimedia Sensor Networks for Health-Care and Related Applications

[No abstract available]

A hybrid wireless sensor network framework for range-free event localization

In event localization, wireless sensors try to locate the source of an event from its emitted...

An Analysis of Human Engagement Behaviour Using Descriptors from Human Feedback, Eye Tracking, and Saliency Modelling

An efficient cooperative lane-changing algorithm for sensor- and communication-enabled automated vehicles

An efficient pose estimation for limited-resourced MAVs using sufficient statistics

A novel depth motion vector coding exploiting spatial and inter-component clustering tendency

Efficient coding of depth map by exploiting temporal correlation

Efficient coding strategy for HEVC performance improvement by exploiting motion features

Fast inter-mode decision strategy for HEVC on depth videos

Multiview video employs the utilization of both texture and depth video information from...

Fast intermode selection for HEVC video coding using phase correlation

Joint texture and depth coding using cuboid data compression

Lossless image coding using binary tree decomposition of prediction residuals

Network-aware virtual machine placement and migration in cloud data centers

With the pragmatic realization of computing as a utility, Cloud Computing has recently emerged as...

Symbol coding of Laplacian distributed prediction residuals

Predictive coding schemes, proposed in the literature, essentially model the residuals with...

An efficient video coding technique using a novel non-parametric background model

A novel video coding scheme using a scene adaptive non-parametric background model

Distributed Database Management Systems: Architectural Design Choices for the Cloud

Dynamic adjustment of sensing range for event coverage in wireless sensor networks

One primary goal of sensor networks is to guarantee robust and accurate event detection while...

Efficient HEVC scheme using motion type categorization

Energy-Aware Virtual Machine Consolidation in IaaS Cloud Computing

Inherently edge-preserving depth-map coding without explicit edge detection and approximation

On demand-driven movement strategy for moving beacons in sensor localization

In wireless sensor networks, estimating sensor location demands a large number of neighbor...

Predicting hot-spots in distributed cloud databases using association rule mining

Progressive Data Stream Mining and Transaction Classification for Workload-Aware Incremental Database Repartitioning

Quadratic fourier transforms

In this paper we shall examine the quadratic Fourier transform which is introduced by the...

Very Low Bit Rate Video Coding

Video conferencing, video telephony, tele-teaching, tele-medicine, surveillance, and monitoring...

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Virtual machine consolidation in cloud data centers using ACO metaheuristic

In this paper, we propose the AVVMC VM consolidation scheme that focuses on balanced resource...

Workload-aware incremental repartitioning of shared-nothing distributed databases for scalable cloud applications

Disparity-adjusted 3D multi-view video coding with dynamic background modelling

Exploiting spatial smoothness to recover undecoded coefficients for transform domain distributed video coding

High quality Region-of-Interest coding for video conferencing based remote general practitioner training

  • Conference Proceedings

On Temporal Order Invariance for View-Invariant Action Recognition

View-invariant action recognition is one of the most challenging problems in computer vision....

Perception-Inspired Background Subtraction

Developing universal and context-invariant methods is one of the hardest challenges in computer...

Predictive coding of integers with real-valued predictions

Preface - Technical challenges and design issues in Bangla language processing

[No abstract available]

Technical challenges and design issues in Bangla language processing

Undecoded coefficients recovery in distributed video coding by exploiting spatio-temporal correlation: A linear programming approach

Verifiable and privacy preserving electronic voting with untrusted machines

Abnormal event detection in unseen scenarios

Analysis of location privacy risk in a plain-text communication based Participatory Sensing System using subset coding and mix network

Background subtraction for real-time video analytics based on multi-hypothesis mixture-of-gaussians

Efficient pattern index coding using syndrome coding and side information

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Guest editorial- Journal of Multimedia Vol 7

[No abstract available]

Impact on vertical handoff decision algorithm by the network call admission control policy in heterogeneous wireless networks

Modelling sensing radius for efficient wireless sensor deployment

Performance scalable motion estimation for video coding: An overview of current status and a promising approach

Motion estimation is one of the major bottlenecks in real-time performance scalable video coding...

Priority sensitive event detection in hybrid wireless sensor networks

Privacy in participatory sensing systems

Participatory sensing is a revolutionary new paradigm where ordinary citizens voluntarily sense...

Range-free passive localization using static and mobile sensors

Robust background subtraction based on perceptual mixture-of-gaussians with dynamic adaptation speed

In this paper, we propose a new background subtraction technique based on perceptual...

Unsaturated throughput analysis of a novel interference-constrained multi-channel random access protocol for cognitive radio networks

Action recognition using spatio-temporal distance classifier correlation filter

Adaptive weight factor estimation from user preferences for vertical handoff decision algorithms

Ad hoc operations of enhanced IEEE 802.11 with multiuser dynamic OFDMA under saturation load

Analytical modeling of enhanced IEEE 802.11 with multiuser dynamic OFDMA under saturation load

An enhanced-MDP based vertical handoff algorithm for QoS support over heterogeneous wireless networks

A novel multichannel cognitive radio network with throughput analysis at saturation load

A subset coding based k-anonymization technique to trade-off location privacy and data integrity in participatory sensing systems

Call admission control policy for multiclass traffic in heterogeneous wireless networks

Conflict resolution based global search operators for long protein structures prediction

Most population based evolutionary algorithms (EAs) have struggled to accurately predict...

Contextual action recognition in multi-sensor nighttime video sequences

Demand-driven movement strategy for moving beacons in distributed sensor localization

Dynamic event coverage in hybrid wireless sensor networks

Novel local improvement techniques in clustered memetic algorithm for protein structure prediction

Evolutionary algorithms (EAs) often fail to find the global optimum due to genetic drift. As the...

On dynamic scene geometry for view-invariant action matching

Variation in viewpoints poses significant challenges to action recognition. One popular way of...

Performance improvement of vertical handoff algorithms for QoS support over heterogeneous wireless networks

  • Conference Proceedings

Provisioning delay sensitive services in cognitive radio networks with multiple radio interfaces

QoS support in event detection in WSN through optimal k-coverage

Special issue on selected papers of the thirteenth International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT 2010)

[No abstract available]

Video coding using arbitrarily shaped block partitions in globally optimal perspective

Algorithms using content-based patterns to segment moving regions at the macroblock (MB) level...

A novel anonymization technique to trade off location privacy and data integrity in participatory sensing systems

A novel color image fusion QoS measure for multi-sensor night vision applications

Color image fusion of visible and infra-red imagery can play an important role in multi-sensor...

Attack-resistant sensor localization under realistic wireless signal fading

Automated multi-sensor color video fusion for nighttime video surveillance

In this paper, we present an automated color transfer based video fusion method to attain...

Efficient contention resolution in MAC protocol for periodic data collection in WSNs

Due to the infrequent medium access in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), their MAC protocols are...

Enhanced IEEE 802.11 by integrating multiuser dynamic OFDMA

In this paper, we discuss the problems associated with the present contention resolution...

Feature weighting and retrieval methods for dynamic texture motion features

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Guest editorial - Journal of Multimedia Vol 5

[No abstract available]

Motion compensation for block-based lossless video coding using lattice-based binning

A block-based lossless video coding scheme using the notion of binning has been proposed in [1]....

Panic-driven event detection from surveillance video stream without track and motion features

Modern surveillance systems are becoming highly automated in terms of scene understanding and...

Performance analysis of vertical handoff algorithms with QoS parameter differentiation

Despite recent interests in developing vertical handoff decision algorithms, an essential...

Provisioning delay sensitive services in cognitive radio networks by opportunistically sharing spectrum from CSMA/CA networks

Scarf: Semi-automatic colorization and reliable image fusion

Nighttime imagery poses significant challenges to its enhancement due to loss of color...

Special issue on selected papers of the IEEE international conference on computer and information technology (ICCIT 2008)

[No abstract available]

Video coding focusing on block partitioning and occlusion

VSAMS: Video stabilization approach for multiple sensors

Adaptive contention window based wireless medium access mechanism for periodic sensor data collection applications

  • Conference Proceedings

A motion-based approach for segmenting dynamic textures

  • Journals

An adaptive borrow-and-return model for broadcasting videos

A novel pattern identification scheme using distributed video coding concepts

  • Conference Proceedings

Detection of multiple dynamic textures using feature space mapping

Pattern based video coding

  • Book Chapters

A hybrid object detection technique from dynamic background using Gaussian mixture models

  • Conference Proceedings

Dynamic texture synthesis using motion distribution statistics

  • Journals

Improved Gaussian mixtures for robust object detection by adaptive multi-background generation

Adaptive Gaussian mixtures are widely used to model the dynamic background for real-time object...

  • Conference Proceedings

On stable dynamic background generation technique using Gaussian mixture models for robust object detection

Gaussian mixture models (GMM) is used to represent the dynamic background in a surveillance video...

Optimal arbitrary shaped pattern-based video coding

Very low bit-rate video coding algorithms using content-based generated patterns to segment out...

Performance evaluation of multipath cellular networks in obstacle mobility model for downlink packet video communication

Periodicity estimation of dynamic textures

Dynamic Textures (DTs) are image sequences of natural events like fire, smoke, water etc., that...

Temporal texture characterization: A review

Threshold-free pattern-based low bit rate video coding

A fully adaptive distance-dependent thresholding search (FADTS) algorithm for performance-management motion estimation

Trading off computational complexity and quality is an important performance constraint for real...

An affine resilient curvature scale-space corner detector

Curvature scale-space (CSS) corner detectors look for curvature maxima or inflection points on...

An efficient transmission scheme for minimizing user waiting time in video-on-demand systems

To take the advantage of skewed popularity of videos, efficient video-on-demand (VOD) systems are...

An optimal content-based pattern generation algorithm

Very low bit-rate video coding algorithms using predefined regular-shaped patterns to segment out...

A temporal texture characterization technique using block-based approximated motion measure

Characterized by their distinctive motion patterns, temporal textures are natural phenomenon...

Efficient H.264/AVC video encoder where pattern is used as extra mode for wide range of video coding

Pattern-based video coding representing moving regions in macroblock has very good potential for...

Pattern based residual coding for H.264 encoder

Video coding representing the moving region in Macroblock by pattern templates has already...

SIR performance of multipath cellular network for quality assured multimedia delivery

Assuring quality of service (QoS) is an extreme challenge in cellular multimedia delivery....

An adaptive min-max fair bandwidth allocation scheme for cellular multimedia networks

Depending on the flexibility in controlling the transmission rate and the differences between...

Lossless video coding using lattice based distributed source coding techniques

Information theoretic proof exists to support that independent encoding of distributed sources...

Robust signature-based geometric invariant copyright protection

The most significant bit (MSB)-plane of an image is least likely to change by the most signal...

A motion-based approach for temporal texture synthesis

In this paper we propose a motion based approach for temporal texture synthesis. Temporal...

A real-time pattern selection algorithm for very low bit-rate video coding using relevance and similarity metrics

Very low bit-rate video coding using regularly shaped patterns to represent moving regions in...

A robust optical flow estimation algorithm for temporal textures

In this paper we propose a robust optical flow estimation algorithm for objects whose motion...

Filtering of block motion vectors for use in motion-based video indexing and retrieval

Though block-based motion estimation techniques are primarily designed for video coding...

Lossless compression of correlated images/data with low complexity encoder using distributed source coding techniques

This paper presents a novel lossless compression technique to transmit correlated images or data...

Min-max fairness scheme for resource allocation in cellular multimedia networks

This paper proposes a new method of bandwidth sharing policy which dynamically adjusts the...

Scheduling parameter sweep applications on global Grids: A deadline and budget constrained cost-time optimization algorithm

Seamless channel transition for popular video broadcasting

The principal goal of near video-on-demand system is to minimize the average user waiting time....

A new borrow-and-return model for broadcasting videos with low user delay

An HVS-based motion vector composition algorithm for spatial resolution transcoding

A novel mobility support resource reservation and call admission control scheme for quality-of-service provision in wireless multimedia communications

A novel scalable interactive multiple-rate staggered broadcasting video-on-demand system

  • Conference Proceedings

Bandwidth borrowing schemes for instantaneous video-on-demand systems

  • Conference Proceedings

Enhanced cell visiting probability for QoS provisioning in mobile multimedia communications

Impact of similarity threshold on arbitrary shaped pattern selection very low bit-rate video coding algorithm

  • Book Chapters

A novel batched multicast patching scheme for video broadcasting with low user delay

Efficient serial and parallel implementation of the cutting angle method

  • Book Chapters

Fast global motion estimation using iterative least-square estimation technique

A low bit-rate video-coding algorithm based upon variable pattern selection

Distance dependent thresholding search for fast motion estimation in real world video coding application

Fast block-based true motion estimation using distance dependent thresholds (DTS)

GridSim: A toolkit for the modeling and simulation of distributed resource management and scheduling for grid computing

Image segmentation using modified extended fuzzy rules

Adaptive AT<sup>2</sup> optimal algorithms on reconfigurable meshes