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Mr Michael Barrow

Lecturer, English for Academic Purposes

Global Professional School


Global Professional School


Mt Helen Campus, Online


Michael Barrow is a Lecturer in the English and Academic Preparation (EAP) and Master of TESOL programs at Federation University Australia. Mick is also academic liaison between the University and teachers at several partner institutes in China, which deliver Federation University’s EAP program.

Mick is a language learner and teacher with a special interest in second language acquisition, bilingualism and the experience of language learning. Mick’s research interests include learning experiences of international students, childhood simultaneous bilingualism, and primacy of listening and speaking in second language learning and teaching. He is a member of Australian Linguistics Society and VicTESOL.

Mick joined Federation University in 2014. Previously he worked in the IT sector in Ballarat after working as a language and culture instructor for engineering and technology companies in Japan. He has travelled widely and sojourned for extended periods throughout North-East and Central Asia, New Caledonia, the Philippines and New Zealand.