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Mr. Mehmood Chadhar

Lecturer, Enterprise Computing and Projects

Information Technology Group A



Mt Helen Campus, Online

User authentication and access control to blockchain-based forensic log data

Adoption of Blockchain Technology: Exploring the Factors Affecting Organizational Decision

An interpretive study of stakeholders privacy issues in blockchain: A healthcare context

A Systematic Literature Review on the Evaluation of Business Simulation Games Using PRISMA

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Blockchain Based Smart Auction Mechanism for Distributed Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading

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Business Simulation Games in Higher Education: A Systematic Review of Empirical Research

COVID-19 Datasets: A Brief Overview

Incorporating Price Information in Blockchain-based Energy Trading

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Instructors’ Perceptions of the Development of Work-readiness through Simulations

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Resilience of Stablecoin Reserve for Distributed Energy Trading

An Exploratory Study on the Employers' Perceptions of ICT Graduate work-readiness

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Blockchain Adoption Framework Using Innovation Translation Approach-The preliminary study

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Factors affecting the organizational adoption of blockchain technology: An Australian perspective

Blockchain Technology (BCT) is a novel innovation that has the potential to transform industries,...

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Factors affecting the organizational adoption of blockchain technology: Extending the technology–organization– environment (TOE) framework in the Australian context

Blockchain technology (BCT) has been gaining popularity due to its benefits for almost every...

Rethinking IS graduates work-readiness: Employers' perspectives

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An Exploratory Study of the Adoption of Blockchain Technology Among Australian Organizations: A Theoretical Model

Scholarly and commercial literature indicates several applications of Blockchain Technology (BCT)...

Discovery of Small Group Interactions and Performance from Project Emails

Despite latest advances in small group research, discovery of group interactions and performance...

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Are ERP Simulation Games Assisting Students to be Job-Ready? An Australian Universities’ Perspective

Deep and rapid changes in digital enterprise technology exceed the ability of traditional...

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Challenges and opportunities for Blockchain Technology adoption: A systematic review

Blockchain technology promises to significantly impact current business processes in industries...

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Communication metrics extracted from project managers' email in-box

Project managers' email in-boxes often contain hundreds of emails. Analysis of this incoming...

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Deriving Value from Health 2.0: A Study of Social Media Use in Australian Healthcare Organizations

Health 2.0 is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. The features and functionalities of social media...

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Information technology and organizational learning interplay: A survey

The objective of this paper is to provide a systematic review of the evolutionary trends in the...

Organisational learning with SaaS CRM - A case study of higher education

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) generally has a reputation as a technology that does not...

Organizational Learning and ERP Post-implementation Phase: A Situated Learning Perspective

In this paper, we interpret the sequence of events and issues that led to the ERP failure during...

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IS Enactment and organisational learning: A case of an integrated ERP post-implementation in Australia

The key challenge for an organisation implementing and using an ERP system is to understand...

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