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Dr. Marg Camilleri

Associate Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Pathways, Humanities and Social Sciences



Mt Helen Campus, Online


Dr Marg Camilleri’s expertise includes access to justice for young people, victims of crime and people with disabilities. Dr Camilleri has a comprehensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and processes, and is also interested in the impact of rurality in accessing justice and support services.

Marg’s expertise is informed by her work developing policies, business cases and conducting research. During the past 20 years, Marg has worked in a range of justice-related positions including for government and community legal centres. She has provided advice to national and state research organisations including most recently her role on the national advisory group for the Prevention of Violence Against Women with Disability, a project jointly lead by Our Watch and Women with Disability Victoria.

Marg is Senior Lecturer in criminology and criminal justice at Federation University Australia and is currently Acting Discipline Lead, Human Services and Criminal Justice.

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