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Associate Professor Loretta Garvey

Associate Professor and Project Lead, Assessment Transformation

Centre for Academic Development (CAD)


Centre for Academic Development (CAD)


Berwick Campus, Online


Associate Professor Loretta Garvey was involved in the establishment of the Bachelor of Nursing program at Swinburne University, where she utilised her expertise to develop an active learning curriculum in undergraduate nurse education. Previously, Loretta served as the Assessment Coordinator in Nursing and Midwifery at Monash University and taught acute medical surgical nursing. This worked aligns with her research focus on active learning in higher education through the flipped classroom and blended learning. Loretta is also passionate about research and implementation of innovations in assessment which aligns with her role at Federation as the Assessment Transformation Lead for the university. Loretta’s honours research focused on the factors that influence Graduate Nurses' decisions to initiate medication and her current clinical areas of research are focused in the areas of mental health and aged care. Previously, Loretta coordinated assessment and clinical skills education for the campus-based years of the Monash Medical Doctorate (MD) which led to her PhD research exploring the readiness of year 1 and 2 MD students to engage in problem-based learning.

A multi-layered approach to developing academic written communication skills for nursing students

Exploring adaptations to the clinical reasoning cycle for forensic mental health nursing: A qualitative enquiry

Nursing educators’ professional identity: Challenges and consequences when adopting the flipped approach

Students coping with change in higher education: An overview

A mixed method exploration of student perceptions of assessment in nursing and biomedicine

Enhancing Cultural Capabilities Amongst Health Professions Students: A Pilot Study of Interprofessional Tag Team Simulation

Exploration of the utility of the Nursing Process and the Clinical Reasoning Cycle as a framework for forensic mental health nurses: A qualitative study

Implementation of a Registered Undergraduate Student of Nursing (RUSON) program: The nurses’ perspective

Nurses’ experience of medication errors in residential aged care facilities: An exploratory descriptive study

Students’ perceptions and experiences of assessment and feedback in three years of a biomedicine degree

The lived experience of adherence to asthma medication in young adults (18–34 years)

Using the Nominal Group Technique to determine a nursing framework for a forensic mental health service: A discussion paper

Working at a cultural interface: co-creating Aboriginal health curriculum for health professions

Improving the physical health of young people with early psychosis with lifestyle interventions: Scoping review

Pain assessment of the adult sedated and ventilated patients in the intensive care setting: A scoping review

Undergraduate nursing students’ experience of mental health simulation post-clinical placement: A Qualitative study

Undergraduate nursing students’ resilience, challenges, and supports during corona virus pandemic

Anxiety, flipped approach and self-efficacy: Exploring nursing student outcomes

Background: Self-efficacy is crucial for student success. Studies have demonstrated a positive...

Conceptions of assessment in students and staff teaching biomedical sciences: a pilot study

Constructing nurses' professional identity through group performance

Undergraduate student nurses’ experience of mental health simulation pre-clinical placement: A pre/post-test survey

Wearable activity trackers and health awareness: Nursing implications

Purpose: Wearable devices are commonly used to measure physical activity. However, it remains...

Evaluation of an interprofessional tag team simulation based on an aboriginal case scenario

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A Systematic Method for Facilitating Curriculum Renewal and Transformation: Two case studies

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