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Dr. Lara Wakeling

Director, Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching



Mt Helen Campus, Online

Field of Research

  • Food chemistry and food sensory science
  • Science, technology and engineering curriculum and

Food safety considerations in the production of traditional fermented products: Japanese rice koji and miso

Microbial ecology of Australian commercial rice koji and soybean miso

Attitude and Achievement of First-Year Chemistry Undergraduate Students at The University of the South Pacific

Student Engagement Amongst Regional Australian Undergraduate Students

Attitudes and experiences among first-year regional australian undergraduate students toward the study of chemistry

Both attitude and previous experiences play a large role in shaping a student’s approach to and...

Australian Ethnomedicinal Plant Extracts Promote Apoptosis-Mediated Cell Death in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma in vitro

Authentication using volatile composition: A proof-of-concept study on the volatile profiles of fourteen queensland ciders

Although relatively small, the Australian cider industry has experienced significant growth in...

Changes in Anthocyanin and Antioxidant Contents during Maturation of Australian Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) Cultivars †

Fermentation and the microbial community of Japanese koji and miso: A review

Abstract: Miso is a well-known traditional Japanese fermented food, with a characteristic savory...

Attitudes towards science among senior secondary students in Fiji

In order to investigate gender and ethnicity-based differences in scientific attitudes among...

Loss of trans-resveratrol during storage and ageing of red wines

Background and Aims: The concentration of free trans-resveratrol in wine is expected to increase...

ePortfolios and Reflective Practice for Food Science Students

The study investigated students’ perceptions and attitudes toward the use of ePortfolios for...

Vitamins in brewing: effects of post-fermentation treatments and exposure and maturation on the thiamine and riboflavin vitamer content of beer

Post-fermentation processes and maturation are important steps in beer production as they help to...

Vitamins in brewing: presence and influence of thiamine and riboflavin on wort fermentation

Thiamine and riboflavin vitamers are present in a wide range of foods including beer. These...

Approaches and study skills inventory for students (ASSIST) in an introductory course in chemistry

Approaches to study and learning may enhance or undermine educational outcomes, and thus it is...

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Attitude to the study of chemistry and its relationship with achievement in an introductory undergraduate course.

Attitude to the subject of chemistry in undergraduate nursing students at Fiji National University and Federation University, Australia

Attitude to the subject of chemistry was quantified in first-year undergraduate nursing students,...

Evaluation of group based inquiry oriented learning in undergraduate chemistry practicals

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Approaches to study in undergraduate nursing students in regional Victoria, Australia

In developmental research to devise a strategy to identify students who may benefit from...

A University-Wide ePortfolio Initiative at Federation University Australia: Software Analysis, Test-to-Production, and Evaluation Phases

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Effect of spatial distribution of wax and PEG-isocyanate on the morphology and hydrophobicity of starch films

This study proposes a novel method for improving surface hydrophobicity of glycerol plasticized...

Quantifying attitude to chemistry in students at the University of the South Pacific

Vitamins in brewing: the impact of wort production on the thiamine and riboflavin vitamer content of boiled sweet wort

Wort production contains a number of processing steps that are aimed at the optimal extraction of...

The Relevance of Chemistry Practicals - First Year Students' Perspective at a Regional University in Victoria, Australia

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Investigations into the thiamine and riboflavin content of malt and the effects of malting and roasting on their final content

A simple and effective method for the analysis of thiamine (B-1) and riboflavin (B-2) vitamers,...

Non-thermal food processing: Impact on chemical, nutritional and bioactive components

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The Quantitative Analysis of Thiamin and Riboflavin and Their Respective Vitamers in Fermented Alcoholic Beverages

This research aimed to develop a simple and effective method for analyzing thiamin (B(1)),...

Trends in high pressure processing of foods: Food quality and bioactive components

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Colour and texture of apples high pressure processed in pineapple juice

Cubes of Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples were vacuum packed in barrier bags with 0% to 50%...

Nutritional aspects of food extrusion: A review

Retention of essential amino acids during extrusion of protein and reducing sugars

Microscopic structure of opalescent and nonopalescent pecans

The ultrastructure of pecans was investigated using light microscopy, environmental scanning...

Opalescence in Australian-grown pecan kernels: Occurence and causes

Opalescence is an unattractive browning of the interior of the pecan kernel compared to the white...

Composition of pecan cultivars Wichita and Western Schley [Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh.) K. Koch] grown in Australia

Maturation studies of pecan nuts grown in Queensland

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Australian pecan nut production and processing

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