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Professor Keir Reeves

Director, Future Regions Research Centre (FRRC)

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Mt Helen Campus, Online


Professor Keir Reeves is Co-Director of the Future Regions Research Centre at Federation University Australia. Keir’s current research works at the intersection heritage, cultural tourism, regional studies and history. Prior to joining Federation University his previous teaching and research positions were at the University of Melbourne and Monash University. He has also held visiting research fellowships/professorships at King’s College London, Clare Hall Cambridge, Ghent University, Utrecht University, University of Highlands and Islands and Wakayama University.

Keir has been a past chair of the University Professoriate, and he is particularly interested in enhancing the postgraduate research experience, and also mentoring early career researchers. Keenly interested in themes of regionalism and rurality, he works closely with the FRRC Horsham Research Hub based at the Wimmera Campus and the Ararat Jobs and Technology Precinct initiative.

Keir is currently an editorial board member of the Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development and the Journal of Heritage Tourism. Keir has been a APDI or Chief Investigator on seven Australian Research Council (ARC) funded projects. He was also an ARC funded PhD student on the Mount Alexander Diggings project.

Tourism and islandscapes: Cultural realignment, social-ecological resilience and change

All that glitters: telling the fiftieth anniversary story of gold at Sovereign Hill

Through the Lens of the Trainer-Masseurs: Australia’s Incongruous Engagement with the Olympic Amateur Ethos

Industrial Heritage Agents, Actors and Outcomes: Regional Case Studies from Broken Hill and the Latrobe Valley

Towards an inclusive curation of WWI heritage: integrating historical aerial photographs, digital museum applications and landscape markers in “Flanders Fields” (Belgium)

Purpose: Over a century of state-sponsored construction of monuments, historic mythmaking and...

Grass-Roots Activism, Heritage and Cultural Landscape: A Community Case Study

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Personalised narratives of war and teaching engaging history

The Great War: Aftermath and commemoration

The legacy of war is complex. From the late twentieth century as we moved closer to the centenary...

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William Roy Hodgson and the aftermath of the first world war

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Conclusion Managing and Interpreting D-Day's Sites of Memory Guardians of remembrance

Several themes can be synthesized in concluding this volume. Part I aimed to present a range of...

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Reviewing the AFL’s Vilification Laws: Rule 35, Reconciliation and Racial Harmony in Australian Football (Sport in the Global Society Contemporary Perspectives)

This book is the outcome of an Australian Research Council (ARC)-funded project titled Assessing...

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Sites of memory

This chapter explores the importance in memory studies of the scholarly turn towards place as an...

Tourism, History, Identity, and Community Resilience in the World Heritage City of Kandy, Sri Lanka

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Weapons of affect: The imperative for transdisciplinary information systems design

Much has been written about ethical and human-centred Information Systems (IS) design, most...

Looking Back as well as Forward: A History of Ballarat Community Health

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Tourism and islandscapes: Cultural realignment, social-ecological resilience and change

If, as according to Robin (2015: online), "islands are idealised ecological worlds, the Edens of...

Abacus Football Club

The Abacus football club is an AFL club that participated in this Australian Research Council...

Ballarat. Australia: People, Culture and Place

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Bravo Football Club

The Bravo football club is an AFL club that participated in this Australian Research Council...

Charlie Football Club

The Charlie football club is an AFL club that participated in this Australian Research Council...


This conclusion discusses some recent examples of racism in AFL in order to explore the question...

Delta Football Club

The Delta football club is an AFL club that participated in this Australian Research Council...

Echo Football Club

The Echo football club is an AFL club that participated in this Australian Research Council...

Examining vanuatu's World War II memorial places and events

Foreword -Sport in Society Vol 19

[No abstract available]

Foxtrot Football Club

The Foxtrot football club is an AFL club that participated in this Australian Research Council...

Gecko Football Club

The Gecko football club is an AFL club that participated in this Australian Research Council...

Guardians of remembrance Managing and interpreting D-Day's sites of memory

Over 70 years since the D-Day landings, Normandy’s World War II heritage continues to intrigue...

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Hornet Football Club

The Hornet football club is an AFL club that participated in this Australian Research Council...

Igloo Football Club

The Igloo football club is an AFL club that participated in this Australian Research Council...

Introduction: Landscape, commemoration and heritage

Introduction: The AFL's rule 35

This introductory paper lays the foundation for this important work. This is the first time that...

Overarching findings

Remembering Uncertainty: The World War II Warscape of the Australian Northern Territory

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'Tasman World': Investigating gold-rush-era historical links and subsequent regional development between Otago and Victoria

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Understanding the importance and context of vilification

This paper looks at the context with which the research for the collection came out of. It draws...

Aboriginal Rules: The Black History of Australian Football

This paper is interested in the significance of Australian football to the Aboriginal and Torres...

Battlefield Events: Landscape, Commemoration and Heritage

Battlefield Events: Landscape, Commemoration and Heritage is an investigative and analytical...

Codes combined

[No abstract available]

Codes Combined: managing expectations and policy responses to racism in sport

This article is a transnational comparative discussion that interrogates responses, particularly...

Colonial heritage and tourism: Ethnic landscape perspectives

Conclusion; Battlefield Events: Landscape, Commemoration and Heritage

This book has investigated the intersection between the themes of battlefield commemorative...

Crete: Visual Memories of War

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Cultural Heritage as a Strategy for Social Needs and Community Identity

This chapter examines how heritage is central to social needs and the preservation of community...

Debunking Pacific utopias: Chief Roi Mata's domain and the re-imagining of people and place in Vanuatu

Fragmented Memories: The Dodecanese Islands During WWII

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From Poetic Anamnesis to Political Commemoration: Grassroots and Institutional Memories of the Greek Civil War on an Aegean Island

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Heritage and Memory of War: Responses from Small Islands

Every large nation in the world was directly or indirectly affected by the impact of war during...

Introduction: Islands of war, islands of memory

This chapter explores the apparent longevity of war memory in small islands. Guardians of memory...

"Tingbaot Wol wo II long pasifik aelan": Managing memories of WWII heritage in the pacific

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Assessing the experiential value of heritage assets: A case study of a Chinese heritage precinct, Bendigo, Australia

Destination managers often wish to utilise heritage assets to create memorable visitor...

Anzac journeys: Returning to the battlefields of World War II

Australians have been making pilgrimages to the battlefields and cemeteries of World War Two...

Off to the Mystery Picnic: Mobilising Young Engineers in Victoria, 1941-1961

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Roots tourism and diaspora travel are inextricably aligned and embody more than just another...


[No abstract available]

Tourism and traditional culture: Land diving in vanuatu

The land diving ritual or naghol of South Pentecost Vanuatu is living proof of how tourism...

A Golden Connection: Exploring the challenges of developing interpretation strategies for a Chinese heritage precinct on the central Victorian goldfields

This article introduces and evaluates heritage tourism interpretation strategies for depicting...

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Anzac Day at Home and Abroad: Towards a History of Australia's National Day

Managing diversity: reviewing rule 30 and the implications of the racial vilification laws in the Australian Football League since 1995

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Measuring Harmony, Multiculturalism and Reconciliation: Australian football league's racial and religious vilification laws

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Reviewing Chinese-Australian heritage: History, people and place, local and international

In the second decade of the twenty-first century a number of approaches are now used to examine...

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Broken Hill: rethinking the significance of the material culture and intangible heritage of the Australian labour movement

Taking Broken Hill as an exemplar of Australian, indeed global, labour heritage, this paper...

Chinese mining heritage and tourism in the goldfiels of the Pacific Rim

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Chinese places: ethnography and landscape

Chinese immigrants and especially the Chinese on the goldfields of Victoria, now figure centrally...

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Cultural Landscape and Goldfield Heritage: Towards a Land Management Framework for the Historic South-West Pacific Gold Mining Landscapes

This article investigates how cultural landscapes (especially the potentially limiting...

Culturally mapping the Cradle Valley: Tasmanian outback landscapes and sustainable communities in the present day

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Dragon Tails: Re-interpreting Chinese Australian History

In 1984, noted historian Jennifer Cushman challenged researchers to move beyond the prevalent...

Made in China: Chinese-Australian heritage places, objects and stories

This article updates recent research trends and trajectories in heritage and identifies...

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Sojourning and Settling: Locating Chinese Australian History

During the past thirty years, our understanding of the history of Chinese Australians has been...


This article critically appraises and evaluates tourism strategies and heritage management in...

Coffee culture, heritage and destination image: Melbourne and the Italian model

No Abstract

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Integrating the historiography of the nineteenth-century gold rushes

In the century preceding World War I, the world experienced a seriesof gold rushes. The wealth...

Sojourners or a new diaspora? Economic implications of the movement of Chinese miners to the south-west Pacific goldfields

Chinese gold seekers were the largest non-British group on the gold-fields of Australasia and...

15 July 1851 Hargreaves discovers gold at Ophir: Australia's 'golden age'

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A Golden Connection: Exploring the Challenge of Developing Heritage Interpretation Strategies for a Tourism Precinct on the Central Victorian Goldfields

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'Dig a hole and bury the past in it': reconcilliation and the heritage of genocide in Cambodia

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Exploring Issues of Authenticity with Respect to the Development of the Bendigo Chinese Heritage Precinct

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Introduction: Remembering places of pain and shame

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Niche strategies for small regional cities: a case study of the Bendigo Chinese Heritage precinct plan

Much of the focus of destination planning research to date has been on major cities, often with...

No Less than a palace' Kew Asylum , it's planned surrounds, and it's present-day residents

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Reworking the tailings: new gold histories and the cultural landscape

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Villages, vineyards, and Chinese dragons: constructing the heritage of ethnic diasporas

This article examines three Australian case studies of heritage tourism based on ethnic...

Place, Community and Heritage Tourism in Luang Prabang: Conserving and interpreting the intangible heritage and built environment of an historical cultural landscape

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Beyond a European protest: reappraising Chinese agency on the Victorian goldfields

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