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Professor Joarder Kamruzzaman

Director, Centre of Smart Analytics

Centre for Smart Analytics (CSA) A



Churchill Campus, Online


Professor Joarder Kamruzzaman is Professor of information technology at Federation University Australia. Dr Kamruzzaman’s research interests include sensor networks, Internet of Things, machine learning and cybersecurity.

Joarder has published over 250 peer-reviewed publications, mostly in top-ranked journals and conferences in his field. He has served in leadership capacities for numerous international conferences, and since 2012 has been Editor of the Elsevier Journal of Network and Computer Applications. He was the founding Program Co-Chair of the first International Symposium on Dependability in Sensor, Cloud, and Big Data Systems and Applications (DependSys), China in 2015.

Joarder has received several prestigious awards for his research, and secured millions of dollars in competitive research funding, including the highly prestigious Australian Research Council grant and Collaborative Research Centre grant.

Joarder obtained his PhD in Information Systems from Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan in 1993.

A Temporal Deep Q Learning for Optimal Load Balancing in Software-Defined Networks

Special Section Guest Editorial: Real-Time Image Steganography and Steganalysis

Weighted Rank Difference Ensemble: A New Form of Ensemble Feature Selection Method for Medical Datasets

An Evidence Theoretic Approach for Traffic Signal Intrusion Detection

A Novel Dynamic Software-Defined Networking Approach to Neutralize Traffic Burst

Applications of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Antenna Design, Optimization and Selection: A Review

Blockchain technology and application: an overview

Cancer Classification Utilizing Voting Classifier with Ensemble Feature Selection Method and Transcriptomic Data

Decentralized content sharing in mobile ad-hoc networks: A survey

Deep Learning and Federated Learning for Screening COVID-19: A Review

Process Reliability Analysis Applied for Continual Improvement of Large-Scale Alumina Refineries

Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization for Task Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing

RBFK cipher: a randomized butterfly architecture-based lightweight block cipher for IoT devices in the edge computing environment

REER-H: A Reliable Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Maritime Intelligent Transportation Systems

UDTN-RS: a New Underwater Delay Tolerant Network Routing Protocol for Coastal Patrol and Surveillance

Adversarial training for deep learning-based cyberattack detection in IoT-based smart city applications

A tree-based stacking ensemble technique with feature selection for network intrusion detection

Cyber Resilience Modelling for the Operations of Hybrid Network

Failure analysis of Slurry Pump assets in refinery for reduction of risks and costs

False Data Detection in a Clustered Smart Grid Using Unscented Kalman Filter

Fuzzy-Based Operational Resilience Modelling

Identification of Fake News: A Semantic Driven Technique for Transfer Domain

Iris feature extraction using three-level Haar wavelet transform and modified local binary pattern

Remote reconfiguration of FPGA-based wireless sensor nodes for flexible Internet of Things

Security of Internet of Things Devices: Ethical Hacking a Drone and its Mitigation Strategies

Sensitivity Analysis for Vulnerability Mitigation in Hybrid Networks

Spam Email Categorization with NLP and Using Federated Deep Learning

Vulnerability Assessment framework for a Smart Grid

A novel ofdm format and a machine learning based dimming control for lifi

This paper proposes a new hybrid orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) form termed as...

A Smart Priority-Based Traffic Control System for Emergency Vehicles

Unwanted events on roads, such as incidents and increased traffic jams, can cause human lives and...

Assessing Reliability of Smart Grid Against Cyberattacks using Stability Index

Assessing Trust Level of a Driverless Car Using Deep Learning

The increasing adoption of driverless cars already providing a shift to move away from...

Churn Prediction in Telecom Industry using Machine Learning Ensembles with Class Balancing

Editorial to special issue on resource management for edge intelligence

No Abstract

Green Underwater Wireless Communications Using Hybrid Optical-Acoustic Technologies

Underwater wireless communication is a rapidly growing field, especially with the recent...

How Much i Can Rely on You: Measuring Trustworthiness of a Twitter User

Trustworthiness in an online environment is essential because individuals and organizations can...

Malware detection in edge devices with fuzzy oversampling and dynamic class weighting

State estimation within ied based smart grid using kalman estimates

Trustworthiness of Self-Driving Vehicles for Intelligent Transportation Systems in Industry Applications

To enhance industrial production and automation, rapid and faster transportation of raw materials...

A machine learning approach for prediction of pregnancy outcome following IVF treatment

API Based Discrimination of Ransomware and Benign Cryptographic Programs

Ransomware is a widespread class of malware that encrypts files in a victim’s computer and...

A robust forgery detection method for copy–move and splicing attacks in images

Internet of Things (IoT) image sensors, social media, and smartphones generate huge volumes of...

A Survey on Behavioral Pattern Mining from Sensor Data in Internet of Things

The deployment of large-scale wireless sensor networks (WSNs) for the Internet of Things (IoT)...

A survey on context awareness in big data analytics for business applications

The concept of context awareness has been in existence since the 1990s. Though initially applied...

Attacks on self-driving cars and their countermeasures: A survey

Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) are currently evolving in the form of a cooperative ITS or...

Cyber Attacks Detection from Smart City Applications Using Artificial Neural Network

Recently, the widespread deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) applications has contributed...

Cyberattacks detection in iot-based smart city applications using machine learning techniques

In recent years, the widespread deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) applications has...

Friendly Jammer against an Adaptive Eavesdropper in a Relay-aided Network

In this paper, we consider the problem of information theoretic security for a single-input...

Hybrid intrusion detection system based on the stacking ensemble of C5 decision tree classifier and one class support vector machine

Cyberttacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, necessitating the efficient intrusion...

IoT Sensor Numerical Data Trust Model Using Temporal Correlation

Internet of Things (IoT) applications are increasingly being adopted for innovative and...

Low-Power Wide-Area Networks: Design Goals, Architecture, Suitability to Use Cases and Research Challenges

Previous survey articles on Low-Powered Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs) lack a systematic analysis of...

Mobile malware detection with imbalanced data using a novel synthetic oversampling strategy and deep learning

Mobile malware detection is inherently an imbalanced data problem since the number of benign...

Performance Enhancement of Intrusion detection System Using Bagging Ensemble Technique with Feature Selection

An intrusion detection system's (IDS) key role is to recognise anomalous activities from both...

Robust Malware Defense in Industrial IoT Applications Using Machine Learning with Selective Adversarial Samples

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) deploys edge devices to act as intermediaries between...

Secrecy capacity against adaptive eavesdroppers in a random wireless network using friendly jammers and protected zone

In this paper, we consider deceptive friendly jammers in a half-duplex random wireless network...

State Estimation in the Presence of Cyber Attacks Using Distributed Partition Technique

The security of smart grid (SG) is an open problem. False data injection attacks (FDIAs) could...

  • Conference Proceedings

Vulnerability Modelling for Hybrid Industrial Control System Networks

With the emergence of internet-based devices, the traditional industrial control system (ICS)...

A dynamic content distribution scheme for decentralized sharing in tourist hotspots

Decentralized content sharing (DCS) is emerging as a suitable platform for smart mobile device...

An efficient RANSAC hypothesis evaluation using sufficient statistics for RGB-D pose estimation

Achieving autonomous flight in GPS-denied environments begins with pose estimation in...

A novel ensemble of hybrid intrusion detection system for detecting internet of things attacks

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been rapidly evolving towards making a greater impact on...

Assessing transformer oil quality using deep convolutional networks

Electrical power grids comprise a significantly large number of transformers that interconnect...

Enhancing branch predictors using genetic algorithm

Dynamic branch prediction is a hardware technique used to speculate the direction of control...

Generative malware outbreak detection

Recently several deep learning approaches have been attempted to detect malware binaries using...

Instruction Cognitive One-Shot Malware Outbreak Detection

New malware outbreaks cannot provide thousands of training samples which are required to counter...

Measuring trustworthiness of IoT image sensor data using other sensors' complementary multimodal data

Trust of image sensor data is becoming increasingly important as the Internet of Things (IoT)...

Mobile malware detection: An analysis of deep learning model

Due to its widespread use, with numerous applications deployed everyday, smartphones have become...

One-shot malware outbreak detection using spatio-temporal isomorphic dynamic features

Fingerprinting the malware by its behavioural signature has been an attractive approach for...

Opinion Formation in Online Social Networks: Exploiting Predisposition, Interaction, and Credibility

The challenging but intriguing problem of modeling opinion formation dynamics in online social...

Selective adversarial learning for mobile malware

Sliding Window-based Regularly Frequent Patterns Mining over Sensor Data Streams

WSNs generate a large amount of data in the form of data stream; and mining these streams with...

Survey of intrusion detection systems:techniques, datasets and challenges

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and thereby presenting increasing challenges in...

The Co-Evolution of Cloud and IoT Applications: Recent and Future Trends

Internet of things (IoT) is developed to enhance easy communication by creating a large network...

Trusted autonomous vehicle: Measuring trust using on-board unit data

Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) play an essential role in ensuring safe, reliable and faster...

Vulnerability modelling for hybrid IT systems

Common vulnerability scoring system (CVSS) is an industry standard that can assess the...

Acoustic sensor networks in the Internet of Things applications

Recent advancements in acoustic sensing and electronics technologies offer enormous opportunities...

An efficient data delivery mechanism for AUV-based Ad hoc UASNs

Existing 3D Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (UASNs) are either fixed having nodes anchored...

Breast Density Classification for Cancer Detection Using DCT-PCA Feature Extraction and Classifier Ensemble

It is well known that breast density in mammograms may hinder the accuracy of diagnosis of breast...

Detecting intrusion in the traffic signals of an intelligent traffic system

Traffic systems and signals are used to improve traffic flow, reduce congestion, increase travel...

Detecting Splicing and Copy-Move Attacks in Color Images

Image sensors are generating limitless digital images every day. Image forgery like splicing and...

Influence of clustering on the opinion formation dynamics in online social networks

With the advent of Online Social Networks (OSNs), opinion formation dynamics continuously...

Mobile malware detection - An analysis of the impact of feature categories

The use of smartphones and hand-held devices continues to increase with rapid development in...

Modelling majority and expert influences on opinion formation in online social networks

Two most important social influences that shape the opinion formation process are: (i) the...

Passive detection of splicing and copy-move attacks in image forgery

Internet of Things (IoT) image sensors for surveillance and monitoring, digital cameras, smart...

Significance level of a big data query by exploiting business processes and strategies

Querying data is one of the most frequent activities in business organisations. The tasks...

  • Conference Proceedings

A rule based inference model to establish strategy-process relationship

An effective relationship between business processes and their relevant strategies helps...

  • Conference Proceedings

Decentralized content sharing among tourists in visiting hotspots

Content sharing with smart mobile devices using decentralized approach enables users to share...

Dependable large scale behavioral patterns mining from sensor data using Hadoop platform

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) will be an integral part of the future Internet of Things (IoT)...

Dynamic content distribution for decentralized sharing in tourist spots using demand and supply

Decentralized content sharing (DCS) is emerging as an important platform for sharing contents...

Exclusive Use Spectrum Access Trading Models in Cognitive Radio Networks: A Survey

Spectrum frequency is a valuable resource for wireless communication but very limited in its...

Exploiting Evolving Trust Relationships in the Modelling of Opinion Formation Dynamics in Online Social Networks

Mass participation of the members of a society in discussions to resolve issues related to a...

Impact of friendly jammers on secrecy multicast capacity in presence of adaptive eavesdroppers

We consider the problem of security in wireless multicasting for a multiple-input...

Periodic associated sensor patterns mining from wireless sensor networks

Mining interesting knowledge from the massive amount of data gathered in wireless sensor networks...

Significance level of a query for enterprise data

To operate enterprise activities, a large number of queries need to be processed every day...

  • Conference Proceedings

Survey of recent cyber security attacks on robotic systems and their mitigation approaches

With the rapid expansion of digital media and the advancement of the artificial intelligence,...

A data mining approach for machine fault diagnosis based on associated frequency patterns

Bearings play a crucial role in rotational machines and their failure is one of the foremost...

An efficient data extraction framework for mining wireless sensor networks

Behavioral patterns for sensors have received a great deal of attention recently due to their...

Carry me if you can: A utility based forwarding scheme for content sharing in tourist destinations

Message forwarding is an integral part of the decentralized content sharing process as the...

Modeling multiuser spectrum allocation for cognitive radio networks

Spectrum allocation scheme in cognitive radio networks (CRNs) becomes complex when multiple CR...

PRADD: A path reliability-aware data delivery protocol for underwater acoustic sensor networks

Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (UASNs) are becoming increasingly promising to monitor...

Search and tracking algorithms for swarms of robots: A survey

Target search and tracking is a classical but difficult problem in many research domains,...

Who are convincing? An experience based opinion formation dynamics in online social networks

Online social network (OSN) is one of the major platforms where our opinions are formed...

  • Conference Proceedings

A comprehensive spectrum trading scheme based on market competition, reputation and buyer specific requirements

In the exclusive-use model of spectrum trading, cognitive radio devices or secondary users can...

A mapreduce based technique for mining behavioral patterns from sensor data

An efficient pose estimation for limited-resourced MAVs using sufficient statistics

A new convergence rate estimation of general artificial immune algorithm

Artificial immune algorithm has been used widely and successfully in many computational...

Business context in big data analytics

Condition monitoring through mining fault frequency from machine vibration data

Consistency driven opinion formation modelling in presence of external sources

Content exchange among mobile tourists using users' interest and place-centric activities

Content sharing among visitors with irregular movement patterns in visiting hotspots

Distinctive Phenotype Identification for Breast Cancer Genotypes Among Hereditary Breast Cancer Mutated Genes

It is well known that the mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene can cause the hereditary breast...

Mining Associated Patterns from Wireless Sensor Networks

Mining of sensor data for useful knowledge extraction is a very challenging task. Existing works...

MPDF: Movement predicted data forwarding protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Opinion formation dynamics under the combined influences of majority and experts

Share-Frequent Sensor Patterns Mining from Wireless Sensor Network Data

Mining interesting knowledge from the huge amount of data gathered from WSNs is a challenge....

Welcome message from the dependsys 2015 program chairs

No Abstract

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A modified immune network optimization algorithm

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An adaptive approach to opportunistic data forwarding in underwater acoustic sensor networks

An Analytical Approach for Voice Capacity Estimation Over WiFi Network Using ITU-T E-Model

To ensure customer satisfaction and greater market acceptance, voice over Wi-Fi networks must...

A novel algorithm for mining behavioral patterns from wireless sensor networks

A technique for parallel share-frequent sensor pattern mining from wireless sensor networks

Dynamic adjustment of sensing range for event coverage in wireless sensor networks

One primary goal of sensor networks is to guarantee robust and accurate event detection while...

Reputation and User Requirement Based Price Modeling for Dynamic Spectrum Access

Secondary service providers can buy spectrum resources from primary service providers for a short...

Self and static interference mitigation scheme for coexisting wireless networks

High density of coexisting networks in the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band leads to...

Sensor selection for tracking multiple groups of targets

Group target tracking is a challenge for sensor networks. It occurs where large numbers of...

Abrasion Modeling of Multiple-Point Defect Dynamics for Machine Condition Monitoring

Multiple-point defects and abraded surfaces in rotary machinery induce complex vibration...

ACSP-tree: A tree structure for mining behavioral patterns from wireless sensor networks

A HMM-based adaptive fuzzy inference system for stock market forecasting

In this paper, we propose a new type of adaptive fuzzy inference system with a view to achieve...

An Adaptive Self-Configuration Scheme for Severity Invariant Machine Fault Diagnosis

Vibration signals, used for abnormality detection in machine health monitoring (MHM), exhibit...

An opportunistic message forwarding protocol for underwater acoustic sensor networks

Convergence of Elitist Clonal Selection Algorithm Based on Martingale Theory

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Mining associated sensor patterns for data stream of wireless sensor networks

Multi-step support vector regression and optimally parameterized wavelet packet transform for machine residual life prediction

Condition based maintenance (CBM) in the process industry helps in determining the residual life...

Object analysis with visual sensors and RFID

Object analysis using visual sensors is one of the most important and challenging issues in...

Regularly frequent patterns mining from sensor data stream

Social-connectivity-aware vertical handover for heterogeneous wireless networks

Vertical handover mechanism for a WLAN-cellular heterogeneous network could be made efficient...

A hybrid of multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm and HMM-Fuzzy model for time series prediction

In this paper, we introduce a new hybrid of Hidden Markov Model (HMM), Fuzzy Logic and...

A novel vertical handover scheme for diminution in social network traffic

Application of artificial intelligence to improve quality of service in computer networks

Resource sharing between book-ahead (BA) and instantaneous request (IR) reservation often results...

Delay-aware query routing tree for wireless sensor networks

Dynamic clusters graph for detecting moving targets using WSNs

Dynamic sensors collaboration to balance the accuracy-lifetime trade-off in multiple-target tracking

Dynamic sensors selection for overlapped multiple-target tracking using eagerness

Guest editorial- Journal of Networks Vol 7

[No abstract available]

Guest editorial-Journal of Networks Vol 7

[No abstract available]

Impact characterization of multiple-points-defect on machine fault diagnosis

Inchoate Fault Detection Framework: Adaptive Selection of Wavelet Nodes and Cumulant Orders

Inchoate fault detection for machine health monitoring (MHM) demands high level of fault...

Machine health monitoring based on stationary wavelet transform and fourth-order cumulants

Early stage faults detection for machine health monitoring demands high level of fault...

Priority sensitive event detection in hybrid wireless sensor networks

Realistic pricing modeling for dynamic spectrum access network

Security and privacy in RFID systems

Wireless sensor network protocols applicable to RFID system

A new resource distribution model for improved QoS in an integrated WiMAX/WiFi architecture

CODAR: Congestion and delay aware routing to detect time critical events in WSNs

Cross layer modeling of contention-based MAC and deterministic routing protocols in multi-hop WSNs

Dual-channel based energy efficient event clustering and data gathering in WSNs

Dynamic bandwidth access to cognitive radio ad hoc networks through pricing modeling

Dynamic dwell timer for hybrid vertical handover in 4G coupled networks

Dynamic event coverage in hybrid wireless sensor networks

Dynamic resource allocation for improved QoS in WiMAX/WiFi integration

Wireless access technology has come a long way in its relatively short but remarkable lifetime,...

Dynamic sensor selection for target tracking in wireless sensor networks

Energy-Balanced Transmission Policies for Wireless Sensor Networks

Transmission policy, in addition to topology control, routing, and MAC protocols, can play a...

Envelope-wavelet packet transform for machine condition monitoring

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Guest editorial - Journal of Networks Vol 6

[No abstract available]

Hybrid in-network query processing framework for wireless sensor networks

I-MAC: Energy efficient intelligent MAC protocol for wireless sensor networks

Machine fault severity estimation based on adaptive wavelet nodes selection and SVM

Maximizing the concurrent transmissions in cognitive radio ad hoc networks

Multiple-points fault signature's dynamics modeling for bearing defect frequencies

  • Conference Proceedings

Optimally parameterized wavelet packet transform for incipient machine fault diagnosis

  • Conference Proceedings

Optimally parameterized wavelet packet transform for machine residual life prediction

  • Conference Proceedings

QoS support in event detection in WSN through optimal k-coverage

Quality adjustable query processing framework for wireless sensor networks

Resonant frequency band estimation using adaptive wavelet decomposition level selection

Severity Invariant Feature Selection for Machine Health Monitoring

Vibration signals used for abnormality detection in machine health monitoring (MHM) suffer from...

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Severity invariant machine fault diagnosis

Spectrum allocation framework for multiuser cognitive radio systems

A contender-aware backoff algorithm for CSMA based MAC protocol for wireless sensor network

Existing contention based nonpersistent medium access control protocols in Wireless Sensor...

Agile spectrum evacuation in cognitive radio networks

One of the most important aspects of cognitive radio technology is to avoid interference on the...

An environment-aware mobility model for wireless ad hoc network

Simulation is a cost effective, fast and flexible alternative to test-beds or practical...

CAM: Congestion avoidance and mitigation in wireless sensor networks

Successful event detection in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) requires reliability and timeliness....

Coexistence mechanism for industrial automation network

Increase in the number of coexisting networks in license free Industrial, Scientific and Medical...

Diversified adaptive frequency rolling to mitigate self and static interferences

Increase in the number of coexisting networks in Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band...

Efficient utilization of WLAN networks in the next-generation heterogeneous environments

Wireless local area networks (WLANs) offer a promising role in the fourth-generation...

Increasing voice capacity over IEEE 802.11 WLAN using virtual access points

Voice capacity over IEEE 802.11 networks can be increased with time synchronized medium access,...

Interference protection in cognitive radio networks

  • Conference Proceedings

LACAR: Location aided congestion aware routing in wireless sensor networks

Performance analysis of m-retry BEB based DCF under unsaturated traffic condition

The IEEE 802.11 standard offers a cheap and promising solution for small scale wireless networks....

Performance analysis of PCF based WLANs with imperfect channel and failure retries

Wi-Fi enabled hand-held devices quickly occupied the consumer market as a result of the...

QoS-centric collision window shaping for CSMA-CA MAC protocol

Collision Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) has been preferred to Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)...

Query processing over distributed heterogeneous sensor networks in Future Internet: Scalable architecture and challenges

The wireless networked sensors embedded with everyday objects will become an integral part of...

Voice over multi-channel multi-radio WLANs with power capture and imperfect channel

VoIP offers cheap voice communication which instigated its quick market growth. IEEE 802.11 WLANs...

VoIP service over multihop 802.11 networks with power capture and channel noise

The quick market growth and ubiquitous acceptance of VoIP are primarily due to cheap service....

Combining segmental semi-Markov models with neural networks for protein secondary structure prediction

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Cooperative spectrum sensing in realistic RF environment

  • Conference Proceedings

Hierarchical adaptive location service protocol for mobile ad hoc network

  • Conference Proceedings

Predicting mobile tourists

  • Conference Proceedings

Predicting protein protein interfaces as clusters of Optimal Docking Area points

  • Journals

VoIP capacity over PCF with imperfect channel

  • Conference Proceedings

A framework for collaborative multi class heterogeneous wireless sensor networks

  • Conference Proceedings

An intelligent model to control preemption rate of instantaneous request calls in networks with book- ahead reservation

Resource sharing between book-ahead (BA) and instantaneous request (IR) reservation often results...

Asynchronous variable hop size transmission with stochastic data model for sensor networks

  • Conference Proceedings

Energy efficient and hop constraint intra-cluster transmission for heterogeneous sensor networks

  • Conference Proceedings

Geographic constraint mobility model for ad hoc network

  • Conference Proceedings

Hidden Markov models Incorporating fuzzy measures and integrals for protein sequence identification and alignment

Rerouting in advance for preempted IR calls in QoS-enabled networks

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VoIP call capacity over wireless mesh networks

  • Conference Proceedings

Weighted soft decision for cooperative sensing in cognitive radio networks

  • Conference Proceedings

Wireless security and privacy issues

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Bayesian segmentation using residue proximity for secondary structure and contact prediction

Secondary structure, residue contacts and contact numbers play an important role in tertiary...

Support vector machines and other pattern recognition approaches to the diagnosis of cerebral palsy gait

Accurate identification of cerebral palsy (CP) gait is important for diagnosis as well as for...

An architecture combining Bayesian segmentation and neural network ensembles for protein secondary structure prediction

A combined architecture of Bayesian segmentation along with ensembles of two layered feedforward...

An incremental constructive layer neural network based power system stabiliser

In this paper, a systematic approach for a neural network based Power System Stabiliser (PSS)...

  • Conference Proceedings

Evaluation of fuzzy measures in profile hidden Markov models for protein sequences

In biological problems such as protein sequence family identification and profile building the...

Fuzzy profile Hidden Markov models for protein sequence analysis

Profile HMMs based on classical hidden Markov models have been widely applied for alignment and...

Gene Selection and Classification of Human Lymphoma from Microarray Data

Forecasting of currency exchange rates using ANN: A case study

SVM based models for predicting foreign currency exchange rates

  • Conference Proceedings

Reactive load control of parallel transformer operations using neural networks