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Mrs. Jo-ann Larkins

Lecturer, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Engineering Group C



Gippsland Campus, Online


Jo-ann Larkins is a Scholarly Teaching Fellow at Federation University Australia who has made it her mission to make mathematics and statistics interesting, useful and less intimidating.

As an applied statistician, Jo-ann is a problem solver who specialises in mentoring others in statistical analysis of larger multivariate data sets and preparing HDR students to undertake independent quantitative research.

Jo-ann's research interests lie in mathematics education, particularly in the impacts of anxiety and students’ level of preparedness in undertaking tertiary mathematics and statistics courses. She explores curriculum as a vehicle to embed authenticity and workready skills in students while reducing anxiety and increasing their self-reflective metacognitive processes.

Jo-ann's primary professional focus over the last 20 years has been on achieving quality teaching and learning outcomes for students. She specialises in engaging and mentoring first year students in a range of faculties with their initial studies of statistics and basic mathematics.

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