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Associate Professor Jeremy Smith

Associate Professor

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Associate ProfessorJeremy Smith’s principal research expertise lies in the disciplinary fields of historical and comparative sociology and social theory. Dr Smith’s current work revolves around the multidisciplinary fields of civilizational analysis and social imaginaries.

Jeremy has published widely in high-ranking journals, and is author of Europe and the Americas: State Formation, Capitalism and Civilizations in Atlantic Modernity (Brill, 2006) and Debating Civilizations: Interrogating Civilizational Analysis in a Global Age (Manchester University Press, 2017). He is also a Coordinating Editor of the international journal Social Imaginaries (Zeta Books) and the Social Imaginaries book series (Rowman & Littlefield).

Jeremy is currently Associate Dean (Research) in the School of Arts at Federation University Australia and has worked for the University and its predecessors since 1996. He received his PhD from the University of Melbourne in 1996, researching long-term processes of state formation and the development of capitalism in Europe.

Field of Research

  • Social theory
  • Sociology not elsewhere classified
  • History of empires, imperialism and colonialism

Civilizational Analysis as a Mode of the Intercultural: Intercivilizational Encounters, the Intercultural and Contemporary Historical Sociology

Civilization, Modernity, and Critique: engaging Johann P. Arnason's macro-social theory

Regionality and civilizations in the Americas: Considerations on civilizational analysis in the context of American modernities

American Imaginaries: Nations, Societies and Capitalism in the Many Americas

  • Book

The genesis, development and implementation of an interdisciplinary university Cross-School Research Group

Civilizations in History and Myth: Considerations on the Imaginary and the Imaginal

  • Book Chapters

Debating Imaginal Politics

  • Book

Encounters and Engagement in the Civilizational Analysis of Japan

Southern lights: Metropolitan imaginaries in Latin America

History, Civilizations, Imaginaries

No abstract available

  • Book Chapters

In and Out of Place: Civilization Interaction and the Making of Australia in Oceania and Asia

The making of Euro-Australia occurred against the backdrop of two dimensions of its historical...

  • Journals

Social Imaginaries: Critical Interventions

Written by members of the Social Imaginaries Editorial Collective, these programmatic essays...

  • Book

The Social Imaginaries Field: Overview and Introduction

  • Book Chapters

Editorial Introduction; Social Imaginaries

North America’s Metropolitan Imaginaries

Scholars of modernity have taken a particular interest in processes of urbanization and—thinking...

  • Journals

Debating civilisations: Interrogating civilisational analysis in a global age

Debating civilisations offers an up-to-date evaluation of the re-emerging field of civilisational...

  • Book

Editorial; Social Imaginaries

Grounds for engagement: Dissonances and overlaps at the intersection of contemporary civilizations analysis and postcolonial sociology

This article elucidates grounds for engagement between two fields of the social sciences engaged...

Social Imaginaries in Debate

Investigations into social imaginaries have burgeoned in recent years. From ‘the capitalist...

  • Journals

Translating Sociology into Japanese, Chinese and Korean Languages

East Asia's encounters with the West include an interesting era of translation of sociological...

Atlantic capitalism, American economic cultures

  • Book Chapters


  • Book Chapters

Contexts of Capitalism: From the 'Unlimited Extension of "Rational Mastery"' to Civilizational Varieties of Accumulation and Economic Imagination

Humanities education as a pathway for women in regional and rural Australia: Clemente Ballarat

This paper provides insight into the experience of Clemente humanities education for six regional...

  • Journals

Political Imaginaries in Question

Revolutionary Doctrines and Political Imaginaries: American Modernities in the Republican Age

The social thought of Castoriadis and Lefort address Old World constellations. Yet both are...

Modernity and civilization in Johann Arnason's social theory of Japan

Johann Arnason's exploration of the historical constellation of East Asia has helped...

The Ballarat Clemente Program: A doorway to the treasures of humanities education

  • Conference Proceedings

The Many Americas - Civilization and Modernity in the Atlantic World

Civilisational Analysis and Intercultural Models of American Societies

  • Journals

Outside and against the Quincentenary: Modern indigenous representations at the time of the Colombian celebrations

  • Journals

Genetic resistance to growth of Lucilia cuprina larvae in Merino sheep

  • Journals

How to be happy by calling for change: Constructs of happiness and meaningfulness amongst social movement activists

  • Journals

Europe's Atlantic empires: Early modern state formation reconsidered

Strategies of Social Activists: an NLP interpretation

  • Journals

Europe and the Americas: State formation, capitalism and civilizations in Atlantic modernity

  • Book

Civilization sociology and perspective on the Atlantic

  • Journals

Global encounters in Japanese social thought during the Meiji era

  • Conference Proceedings

Issues and debates in contemporary critical and social philosophy

  • Book Chapters

Japan's civilisation, japan's others

Japan's civilization, Japan's others

  • Journals

The peripheral centre: Essays on Japanese history and civilization

  • Journals

Lives of young Koreans in Japan

  • Journals



Theories of state formation and civilisation in Johann P Arnason and Shmuel Eisenstadt's comparative sociologies of Japan

  • Journals

Reviews: Reorient: Global Economy in the Asian Age