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Professor Jennifer Martin

Discipline Leader (Social Work, Community and Human Services)

Social Work, Community & Human Services



Berwick Campus, Online

Research interests

Health professions; Social sciences

Clinician Perspectives of the Evidence Underpinning Suicide Risk Assessment: A Mixed Methods Study

In recent years, suicide risk assessment has become the subject of a vigorous academic debate,...

Evaluation of the Ballarat Industry Mentoring Pilot (BIMP) : Phase 1: Desktop Evaluation

  • Report

Evaluation of the Ballarat Industry Mentoring Pilot (BIMP) : Phase 2: Evaluation Report - Participant Experiences

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Field Education Organisational Roles and Responsibilities: A Snapshot of Australian Social Work Providers

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Conflict management

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Social Media Analytics, Learning Analytics and Healthcare Industry: Risky Drinking

Effectiveness of knowledge brokering and recommendation dissemination for influencing healthcare resource allocation decisions: A cluster randomised controlled implementation trial

Group-based pelvic floor muscle training for all women during pregnancy is more cost-effective than postnatal training for women with urinary incontinence: cost-effectiveness analysis of a systematic review

Question: What is the most cost-effective way of providing pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) to...

Optimal Shared Home Equity Model for the Younger Segment of the Population in Melbourne Report Number 1: Formulation testing and simulation

  • Report

Optimal Shared Home Equity Model for the Younger Segment of the Population of Melbourne Report Number 2: Latest shared equity models in Australia and the world: Literature review

  • Report

Optimal Shared Home Equity Model for the Younger Segment of the Population of Melbourne Report Number 3: Housing Needs and Aspirations of Melbourne Youth: Literature review

  • Report

Optimal Shared Home Equity Model for the Younger Segment of the Population of Melbourne Report Number 4: Externalities of Housing Schemes: Literature review

  • Report

Optimal Shared Home Equity Model for the Younger Segment of the Population of Melbourne Report Number 5: Financial Analysis and Sensitivities

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Risky drinking social worlds in Victoria: a social media analysis

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Suicide and Intimate Partner Violence Risk Assessment and Decision-making

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The effectiveness of mediation for older people at risk of or experiencing abuse

This study seeks to identify the effectiveness of mediation interventions for older people at...

An eco-systems approach to climate impacts on farmer wellbeing in Konya Closed

Conservation, Agriculture, sustainable, development and strong communities

Effective therapeutic interventions for Australian adolescents using alcohol and/or other drugs: a scoping review

Background: There are a variety of residential and community service models of therapeutic...

How do health professionals prioritize clinical areas for implementation of evidence into practice? A cross-sectional qualitative study

AIM: The current study aimed to identify and understand the reasons why allied health...

Independent Mental Health Advocacy: A Model of Social Work Advocacy?

Advocacy has received less attention in social work research than other aspects of social work...

Using Integrated Experience-Based Co-Design to Promote Mental Health Service Design Improvements With Informal/Family Carers of Adults From LGBTQ Communities

A novel counterbalanced implementation study design: Methodological description and application to implementation research

Background: Implementation research is increasingly being recognised for optimising the outcomes...

Carers of people from LGBTQ communities interactions with mental health service providers: Conflict and safety

This exploratory study examines the experiences of informal/family carers of people from LGBTQ...

Doing better for vulnerable young parents and their children: an exploration of how technology could catalyse system transformation

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Evaluation of the Independent Mental Health Advocacy Service (IMHA)

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Healthcare Decision Making: Allied Health and Equity

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Impacts of regulatory processes on the experiences of carers of people in LGBTQ communities living with mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis

This article presents the findings of exploratory research on the mental health and community...

Mental health policy, practice, and service accessibility in contemporary society

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The costs of risk and fear: a qualitative study of risk conceptualisations in allied health resource allocation decision-making

Over the past several decades, the paradigm of risk has become increasingly salient for...

The need for independent advocacy for people subject to mental health community treatment orders

Independent mental health advocacy (IMHA) has been proposed as a way of maintaining peoples'...

Universities as legal entities and community dispute resolution: An Australian case study

This article considers the exercise of statutory power by an Australian university, in the state...

Access to Evidence-Based Services for Individuals With Borderline Personality Disorder

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Climate related stress: findings from the Konya ecosystems and farmer wellbeing study

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Continuing professional development for accredited mental health social workers : An evaluative study

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Conversations about risky alcohol use on social media

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How Do Allied Health Professionals Define and Apply Equity When Making Resource Allocation Decisions?

An ethnographic study was conducted in 2 stages to understand how allied health professionals...

Implementation of evidence-based weekend service recommendations for allied health managers: A cluster randomised controlled trial protocol

Background: It is widely acknowledged that health policy and practice do not always reflect...

Natural Environments, Ecosystems, Conflict, and Wellbeing: Access to Water

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Perceptions of Risk in Allied Health Resource Allocation Decision-making

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Risk: What Is It, Whom Does It Protect, and What Happened to Care?

  • Book Chapters

Suicide coverage in mainstream and social media: Challenges for media convergence

  • Journals

What factors do allied health take into account when making resource allocation decisions?

Background: Allied health comprises multiple professional groups including dietetics, medical...

Community and Human Services: Past and Present

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Embedding mental health literacy on depression and suicidal ideation

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Equity in healthcare resource allocation decision making: A systematic review

Objective To identify elements of endorsed definitions of equity in healthcare and classify...

Mental health literacy and stigma of Australian social work students: Depression and suicidal ideation

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Migrants and refugees

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Virtual Worlds and Social Work Education

The introduction of computerised virtual worlds in the early twenty-first century was considered...

Virtual world technology for developing social work counselling skills in mental health

When virtual worlds were introduced into post-secondary education in the early twenty-first...

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An exploratory study of the benefits of youth mental health literacy studies for social work students

This exploratory study compared mental health knowledge and beliefs of social work students...

Beyond borders: International social work field education

International social work field education placements pose considerable challenges for students,...

Interdisciplinary professional development for mental health workers: A human rights approach

This chapter considers the dominant political, economic and social context of contemporary mental...

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Mental health literacy and social work education

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A Strengths Approach to Elder Mediation

Elder mediators require specialist knowledge of aging in context, capacity, and dementia as well...

Internationalising social work education using massive open online courses

Internationalising the curriculum is a priority of universities worldwide and increasingly a...

The Duality of Continuing Professional Development in Mental Health Social Work: Voluntary and Involuntary Status

In recent years, regulation of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements of...

Accredited Mental Health Social Work in Australia: A Reality Check

Accredited mental health social workers (AMHSWs) have a great deal to offer the clients they see...

Mental health, post-secondary education, and information communications technology

The primary aim of this chapter is to explore the use of information and communications...

Networked learning and teaching for international work integrated learning

This chapter explores the use of information communications technology (ICT) to support...

Stigma and student mental health in higher education

Stigma is a powerful force in preventing university students with mental health difficulties from...