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Professor Jenene Burke

Executive Dean, IEAC (Acting)

Institute of Education, Arts and Community



Mt Helen Campus, Online


Professor Jenene Burke’s expertise lies in her world-class research into playspaces as inclusive environments for children, their families and communities from a social and cultural perspective. Her expertise in this field was recognised in an invitation to join the National Inclusive Playground Advisory Group.

Professor Burke has extensive experience conducting research in learning environments with children as participants, including children with disabilities. Her preferred theoretical approaches are the sociology of childhood and disability studies in education. As a teacher educator, Professor Burke’s interests are centred on educational responses to student diversity, particularly in regard to inclusive education, social justice and equity. She also has broad knowledge in curriculum and pedagogy in compulsory and higher education.

Jenene is the President of the World Federation of Associations for Teacher Education (WFATE) and Chair of the WFATE Research Development Group Disability Studies, Inclusion and Social Justice in Teacher Education.

Implementing Inclusive Pedagogies: What Regular Primary Classroom Teachers Know and Do

Inclusion, equity, diversity, and social justice in education : a critical exploration of the sustainable development goals

Inclusion, equity, diversity, and social justice in education in the twenty-first century

Perceptions of Chinese international students’ learning approaches in Australian universities: a co-constructed model

Policy, discourse and epistemology in inclusive education

THROUGH THE EYES OF CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES: Recognising Children’s Agency in their Play in Inclusive Playspaces

Working towards a sustainable, responsive, inclusive, and diverse global education future

Deep or surface learning? Perceptions of Chinese international and local students in Australian universities

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Equity and inclusive education in Australia: a work in progress

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“We’re in It for the Long Haul”: Connection, Generation and Transformation Through a School-University Partnership

Connecting Teacher Educators across the world in the wake of a pandemic

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Learning, Teaching and Teacher Education in a pandemic

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Pre-service Teacher Perceptions of LANTITE: Complexity Theory in Action?

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Playing with or next to? The nuanced and complex play of children with impairments

This paper examines play as a fundamental children’s activity, giving particular attention to...

Developing international partnerships for teacher education through digital platforms: possibilities for transformational partnership

As a vital element of continuing teacher professional learning, the development of international...

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Dyslexia and learning: An Insider Account of Negotiating Barriers and Aids in Secondary Education

Personal narratives derived from insider accounts of schooling can illuminate our understanding...

Peer enhancement of learning and teaching for teacher educators

Providing formal opportunities for colleagues to learn from and with each other through a...

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Teacher Education: Innovation, Intervention and Impact

Teacher education research and the policy reform agenda

Research into teacher education is an Australian government high priority and teacher educators...

First in the family: Girls like us in the third space of regional universities

Introduction: Disability studies in education as an applied project

[No abstract available]

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Not just for the fun of it: Children's constructions of disability and inclusive play through spatiality in a playspace

In Australia, the notion of providing opportunities for children with impairments to access play...

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It's a Science Party! School and community learning partnerships promoting learning through science

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Forging a School-University Learning Partnership from a Teacher Education Perspective

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Just for the fun of it: making playgrounds accessible to all children

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Puberty, health and sexual education in Australian regional primary schools: Year 5 and 6 teacher perceptions

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The provision of sexual health education in Australia: primary school teachers' perspectives in rural Victoria

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Re-Imaging and Re-Working School - University Links Through Inclusive Community Building

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'Some kids climb up; some kids climb down': culturally constructed play-worlds of children with impairments

In this paper, the author explores how children with impairments can act as self-monitoring,...

The Children's Playground as a Microcosm of Society

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'Stepping Back' to understand learning: Pre-Service teachers' prespectives on their learning through authentic experiences in professional settings

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Children's perceptions of accessible playgrounds

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