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Professor Iven Mareels

Executive Dean, Institute of Innovation, Science and Sustainability

Institute of Innovation, Science and Sustainability



Berwick Campus, Online

A Multi-Modal AI-Driven Cohort Selection Tool to Predict Suboptimal Non-Responders to Aflibercept Loading-Phase for Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration: PRECISE Study Report 1

Control for Societal-scale Challenges: Road Map 2030

  • Report

Obfuscated Memory Malware Detection in Resource-Constrained IoT Devices for Smart City Applications

Special section: Smart water systems

Weak Monotonicity With Trend Analysis for Unsupervised Feature Evaluation

Whose Data are Reliable: Sensor Declared Data Reliability

Limiting Behavior of Hybrid Time-Varying Systems

Robustness of Vibrational Control in the Presence of Additive Disturbances

Evaluating Rehabilitation Progress Using Motion Features Identified by Machine Learning

Invariance principles and observability in switched systems with an application in consensus

A Probabilistic Reverse Power Flows Scenario Analysis Framework

Controlling DC microgrids in communities, buildings and data centers

Detectability and Uniform Global Asymptotic Stability in Switched Nonlinear Time-Varying Systems

Effective Assessments of a Short-Duration Poor Posture on Upper Limb Muscle Fatigue Before Physical Exercise

Extremum seeking control with sporadic packet transmission for networked control systems

Industry engagement with control research: Perspective and messages

Integral sliding mode control design for systems with fast sensor dynamics

Reinforcement learning for adaptive optimal control of continuous-time linear periodic systems

Stabilising influence of a synchronous condenser in low inertia networks

Stability and bifurcations in low inertia PV rich power networks

Linear system security—Detection and correction of adversarial sensor attacks in the noise-free case

Policy Options to Regulate PV in Low Voltage Grids-Australian Case with International Implications

Temporal Model of the Drivers of Household PV Purchase in Australia

Dual-loop iterative optimal control for the finite horizon LQR problem with unknown dynamics

Feedback-Based Iterative Learning Design and Synthesis with Output Constraints for Robotic Manipulators

Input and output constraints in iterative learning control design for robotic manipulators

Model-guided data-driven decentralized control for magnetic levitation systems

On robustness analysis of linear vibrational control systems

Stability and active power sharing in droop controlled inverter interfaced microgrids: Effect of clock mismatches

Upper Limb Deweighting Using Underactuated End-Effector-Based Backdrivable Manipulanda

Analyzing the Stability of Switched Systems Using Common Zeroing-Output Systems

Decentralized PID Control Design for Magnetic Levitation Systems Using Extremum Seeking

Design of double-sided linear permanent magnet eddy current braking system

Modeling of Endpoint Feedback Learning Implemented Through Point-to-Point Learning Control

Power sharing in angle droop controlled microgrids

Towards a smart automated surface irrigation management in rice-growing areas in Italy

Traffic Reduction in Packet Switched Networked Control Systems Using Deadband Error Modulation

A Market Mechanism for Electric Vehicle Charging under Network Constraints

Improving the time efficiency of the Fourier synthesis method for slice selection in magnetic resonance imaging

A comparative testing study of commercial 18650-format lithium-ion battery cells

Effect of sensory experience on motor learning strategy

Fourier Tract Sampling (FouTS): A framework for improved inference of white matter tracts from diffusion MRI by explicitly modelling tract volume

Local measurements and virtual pricing signals for residential demand side management

Optimal charging of electric vehicles taking distribution network constraints into account

Personalized Public Transportation: A Mobility Model and its Application to Melbourne

Solving the bloch equation with periodic excitation using harmonic balancing: Application to Rabi modulated excitation

The importance of spatial distribution when analysing the impact of electric vehicles on voltage stability in distribution networks

Long memory processes are revealed in the dynamics of the epileptic brain

Modelling extracellular electrical stimulation: Part 3. Derivation and interpretation of neural tissue equations

Modelling extracellular electrical stimulation: Part 4. Effect of the cellular composition of neural tissue on its spatio-temporal filtering properties

Observability limits for networked oscillators

On the finite time performance of model predictive control

Rabi resonance in spin systems: Theory and experiment

The dynamics of the epileptic brain reveal long memory processes

3D model-based approach to identification of laminar structures of the cerebral cortex: Application to Brodmann areas 17 and 18

Event triggered adaptive differential modulation: A new method for traffic reduction in networked control systems

Extremum seeking for constrained inputs

Information infrastructures for on-line measurement of non-productive greenhouse gas emissions in manufacturing: Case of the brewing industry

Modeling individual human motor behavior through model reference iterative learning control

Modelling and control for an EMS system with two inputs

Probability Steiner trees and maximum parsimony in phylogenetic analysis

Maximum parsimony, substitution model, and probability phylogenetic trees

Nonlinear energy-based control method for aircraft automatic landing systems

Patient-specific bivariate-synchrony-based seizure prediction for short prediction horizons

A software tool to generate simulated white matter structures for the assessment of fibre-tracking algorithms

Computing Steiner Points and Probability Steiner Points in ?1 and ?2 Metric Spaces

Identifying Steiner Minimal Trees on Four Points in Space

On extremum seeking in bioprocesses with multivalued cost functions

On global extremum seeking in the presence of local extrema

Revisiting excitation pattern design for magnetic resonance imaging through optimisation of the signal contrast efficiency

Robustness analysis of leader-follower consensus

Seizure detection using seizure probability estimation: Comparison of features used to detect seizures

50GHz static frequency divider in 130nm CMOS

Decentralized control design of interconnected chains of integrators: A case study

Nonlinear estimation of the BOLD signal

Non-linear stable inversion-based output tracking control for a spherical inverted pendulum

Non-local stabilization of a spherical inverted pendulum

On the choice of dither in extremum seeking systems: A case study

The power of spectral density analysis for mapping endogenous BOLD signal fluctuations

A complete strategy for patient un-specific detection of epileptic seizures using crude estimations of entropy.

  • Journals

Complex stability radius for automatic design of gain-scheduled control Part II: Example on autopilot design

Complex stability radius for automatic design of gain-scheduled control Part I: Theoretical development

Control of large-scale irrigation networks

Adaptive repetitive learning control of robotic manipulators without the requirement for initial repositioning

Chronic airway disease: Deteriorating pulmonary function in sheep associated with repeated challenges of house dust mite

Enhanced detection-guided NLMS estimation of sparse FIR-modeled signal channels

On non-local stability properties of extremum seeking control

Stability and motor adaptation in human arm movements