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Dr. Indu Somasundara Panicker

Lecturer, Animal Physiology

Science Group B



Berwick Campus, Online


Dr Indu Panicker’s research interests in the discipline of biomedical and veterinary science include infectious diseases of humans and animals and cover a broad range of research areas such as zoonosis, development of molecular diagnostics, molecular epidemiology, microbiome, and bacterial and parasitic pathogens.

Dr Panicker is working on research projects characterising the faecal microbiota of Cape Barren geese on Phillip Island and surveillance of reptile ticks and vector borne diseases in Australia. Indu is a member of the Australian Society of Microbiology.

Indu is Lecturer in life sciences at the Berwick campus of Federation University Australia. She has previously worked in academic roles at universities in Melbourne and New South Wales. She completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne investigating pathogenesis mechanisms in Mycoplasma. Subsequently, Indu worked on the epidemiology of mastitis in sheep at the Asia Pacific Centre for Animal Health at the University of Melbourne.

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