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Mr. Harpreet Kandra

Senior Lecturer, Water Engineering

Engineering 02



Churchill Campus, Online


Dr Harpreet Kandra has research expertise in wastewater recycling and reuse, water-sensitive urban design, environmental management and reporting. Dr Kandra’s focus has been on water demand management and integrated management of water resources using non-vegetated filters.

Harpreet has executed projects in developed and developing economies with funding from the United Nations Development Program, United Nations Environmental Program, United Nations Habitat, and local councils. He has received grants for research, teaching and community-focused projects.

Harpreet has also worked on internationalisation of curriculum on water management. He is a chartered engineer in civil and environmental engineering with Engineers Australia.

Harpreet is a Lecturer in water engineering at Federation University Australia. He has a PhD from Monash University, for which he was awarded a scholarship to pursue research on stormwater treatment and management.

Exploratory Survey of Australian SMEs: an Investigation into the Barriers and Opportunities Associated with Circular Economy


Review of clogging processes in stormwater treatment filters

Review of water quality monitoring using Internet of Things

Risk-based asset management decision-making in life management of concrete water reservoirs

Risk Based Asset Management Decision-making in Life Management of Concrete Water Reservoirs

Sustainable civil engineering: principles and applications

A Review of Cascade Water Supply Systems

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A study on major overhaul or replacement decision of a pendulum ride (Gyro Swing - Claw) at theme park

Issues and Challenges with Information Systems for Asset Management, Maintenance and Reliability

Analysis of Water Quantity and Quality Trade-Offs to Inform Selective Harvesting of Inflows in Complex Water Resource Systems

Carbon offsetting in the road transport industry: Issues and challenges of meeting the objectives

Multi-objective optimisation to manage trade-offs in water quality and quantity of complex water resource system

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Mitigation of desiccation cracks in clay using fibre and enzyme

Formation of cracks during desiccation is a natural phenomenon in expansive clay. Mitigation of...

Modelling the clogging of a field filtration system used for stormwater harvesting

on-vegetated high-flow stormwater filters have had widespread implementation in urban areas for...

Study on Short-Term Streamflow Forecasting using Dynamic Artificial Neural Networks

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An unexpected decrease in urban water demand: Making discoveries possible by taking a long-term view

Forecasting supply and demand is fundamental to the sustainability of the water system. Demand...

Exploring a flow regime and its historical changes downstream of an urbanised catchment

The rapid growth of Ballarat's urban area, an inland city of approximately 100,000 people in...

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Exploring the Application of Artificial Neural Network in Rural Streamflow Prediction - A Feasibility Study

Streams and rivers play a critical role in the hydrologic cycle with their management being...

Losing stormwater: 60 years of urbanisation and reduced downstream flow

The potential for stormwater to supplement traditional water supplies from upstream catchments or...

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Peak periods and peak water demand: is there a need to review and revise?

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Prediction of Clogging in Stormwater Filters Using Artificial Neural Network

Stormwater filtration technologies play a significant role in improving water quality and making...

Regression modelling for prediction of clogging in non-vegetated stormwater filters

Clogging of infiltration systems is the decrease in permeability of a filtration system and...

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Understanding deep aquifer responses to interseam materials of brown coal mines

Brown coal deposits in the Latrobe Valley form part of the tertiary coal system of the Gippsland...

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Ballarat's messy path to a water sensitive city: A long term investigation of water management in a city

The journey to a Water Sensitive City - A case study of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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Assessment of the Impact of Stormwater Characteristics on Clogging in Stormwater Filters

Hydraulic conductivity of granular filter media and its evolution over time is a key design...

Biological Clogging in Storm Water Filters

Biological clogging of filtration and infiltration systems has been acknowledged as a significant...

Assessment of clogging phenomena in granular filter media used for stormwater treatment

Hydraulic performance of granular filter media and its evolution over time is a key design...

Assessment of Impact of Filter Design Variables on Clogging in Stormwater Filters

Stormwater filters are widely used in stormwater management, sometimes as standalone structures...

Assessing nature of clogging in zeolite based stormwater filters

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Impact of filter design variables on clogging in stormwater filters

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Towards a global freshwater convention: Challenges ahead

Greening of corporate India: Emerging scenario

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Water auditing - Tracking unaccounted-for water in Delhi, India