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Professor Harpinder Sandhu

Director, Ararat Jobs and Technology Precinct

Future Regions Research Centre (FRRC)


Future Regions Research Centre (FRRC)


SMB Campus, Online

Bottom-up transformation of agriculture and food systems

Integrating Cultural Ecosystem Services valuation into coastal wetlands restoration: A case study from South Australia

True cost accounting of food using farm level metrics: A new framework

Evaluating the holistic costs and benefits of corn production systems in Minnesota, US

Quantifying the economic value of ecosystem services in oil palm dominated landscapes in Riau Province in Sumatra, Indonesia

Understanding the pathways from biodiversity to agro-ecological outcomes: A new, interactive approach

The future of agriculture and food: Evaluating the holistic costs and benefits

Scenario planning including ecosystem services for a coastal region in South Australia

Agricultural land fragmentation at urban fringes: An application of urban-to-rural gradient analysis in Adelaide

The activities of generalist parasitoids can be segregated between crop and adjacent non-crop habitats

Scarcity of ecosystem services: An experimental manipulation of declining pollination rates and its economic consequences for agriculture