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Dr. Grant Palmer

Senior Lecturer, Environmental Science

Science Group D



Mt Helen Campus, Online

Fire responses by bird guilds and species in heathy dry forests in central Victoria, Australia

Perceptions of Birds by Urban Residents in an Australian Regional City and Implications for Conservation

Spatial prioritisation of survey and management efforts for a threatened pygopodid in south-western New South Wales

Density, diversity, and seasonal fluctuations in soil Collembola in three differenmanaged ecosystems in North Khorasan, Iran

Partial migration of Brolgas (Antigone rubicunda) within a restricted range is revealed by GPS tracking

Prescribed burn severity has minimal effect on common bird species in a fire-prone forest ecosystem

Prescribed burning is widely used to mitigate the effects of severe fires across the landscape...

Breeding home range movements of pre-fledged brolga chicks, Antigone rubicunda (Gruidae) in Victoria, Australia - Implications for wind farm planning and conservation

Built infrastructure, such as wind farms and power lines, can impair wildlife movement. These...

Bringing the city to the country: Relationships between streetscape vegetation type and bird assemblages in a major regional centre

Urbanisation is a leading cause of biodiversity loss and habitat fragmentation internationally,...

Nectarivory in the Rockwarbler 'Origma solitaria'

The Rockwarbler Origma solitaria is restricted to the sedimentary-rock formations around the...

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A photographic field guide to the vertebrate wildlife of Victoria's south-west. The Otways and...

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Comparison of techniques to control the aggressive environmental invasive species Galenia pubescens in a degraded grassland reserve, Victoria, Australia

Across many southern regions of Australia, native grasslands have become seriously threatened by...

Fauna of a granite cave: First data from Britannia Creek Cave (3GP10-48), Wesburn, Victoria, Australia

There are few studies in Australia on the fauna of granite caves. Britannia Creek Cave is a...

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Integrative conservation of riparian zones

Riparian zones are the interface between aquatic and terrestrial systems along inland...

Influence of Various Environmental Factors on Seed Germination and Seedling Emergence of a Noxious Environmental Weed: Green Galenia (Galenia pubescens)

Green galenia is a South African woody prostrate perennial that was first recorded in Australia...

Investigations into the effects of elevated carbon dioxide and drought on the growth and physiology of carpet weed (Galenia pubescens Eckl. & Zeyh.)

The present study aimed to examine the interactive effects of elevated atmospheric CO2...

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Dietary characteristics of Emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae) in semi-arid New South Wales, Australia, and dispersal and germination of ingested seeds

The Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) eats a wide range of seeds and other plant material but little...

Rails following snakes: Predator-response behaviour, potential prey, prey-flushing or curiosity?

Although snakes are both predators and prey of birds in the Rallidae family in other parts of the...

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Recruitment and functionality traits as bioindicators of ecological restoration success in the Lurg Hills district, Victoria, Australia

Introduction: The Regent Honeyeater Project commenced ecological restoration in the Lurg district...

To catch a starling: testing the effectiveness of different trap and lure types

Context. Worldwide, invasive fauna species present one of the most intractable problems for...

When more is less: Urban remnants support high bird abundance but diversity varies

Urban remnant vegetation, especially where it occurs in public parks, allows for relatively easy...

Error in publication code - Fire in River Red Gum Communities - Literature Review

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Biophysical Units for Fire Management for the Greater Grampians Landscape Managemetn Unit - Fire Ecology Strategy

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Bird responses to targeted revegetation: 40 years of habitat enhancement at Clarkesdale Bird Sanctuary, central-western Victoria.

A program of planting Australian shrubs and trees has been conducted in degraded farmland at the...

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Surviving urbanisation: maintaining bird species diversity in urban Melbourne.

The relationships between vegetation and bird communities within an urban landscape are...

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Determinants of native avian richness in suburban remnant vegetation: implications for conservation planning

Grow West Biodiversity Monitoring Project

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Introduced birds in urban remnant vegetation: Does remnant size really matter?

Riparian zones provide for distinct bird assemblages in forest mosaics of south-east Australia

Riparian zones are a characteristic component of many landscapes throughout the world and...

Error in publication code - Evaluation of regional pest plant and pest animal action plans: Department of Sustainability and Environment

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Habitat use and distribution of the Beautiful Firetail (Stagonopleura bella) in foothill forests of the Victorian highlands, Australia

The Beautiful Firetail (Stagonopleura bella) is an uncommon, granivorous finch from coastal...

Non-uniform bird assemblages in urban environments: the influence of streetscape vegetation.

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The importance of riparian zones to terrestrial birds in a forest region of southeast Australia.

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Refugees and residents: Densities and habitat preferences of lorikeets in urban Melbourne.

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