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Dr. Gopi Chattopadhyay

Associate Professor, Maintenance and Reliability Engineering

Engineering Group A



Gippsland Campus, Online


Dr Gopi Chattopadhyay is Senior Lecturer and Postgraduate Program Coordinator of maintenance and reliability engineering at Federation University Australia.

Dr Chattopadhyay’s research expertise over 40 years’ experience is in asset management, reliability, availability, maintainability, safety and continual improvement, leading to reduced costs, lower risks, and enhanced performance for industry and government organisations.

Gopi has secured over $2.5m in research grant and industry funding, supervised 18 research higher degree candidates, co-authored three books, and published over 170 international journal and conference papers. He has been a certified asset management specialist for the Institute of Asset Management UK, industry reviewer of several international standards and reviewer of the Total Asset Management Plan for the Queensland Government.

Gopi holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Queensland. He has been Chair of the Asset Management Council’s Gladstone and Brisbane chapters since 2010 and is current Chair of the Gippsland chapter.

Maintenance and asset management practices of industrial assets: importance of tribological practices and digital tools

Process Reliability Analysis Applied for Continual Improvement of Large-Scale Alumina Refineries

Risk-based asset management decision-making in life management of concrete water reservoirs

Risk Based Asset Management Decision-making in Life Management of Concrete Water Reservoirs

Studies on the impact of road freight transport and alternative modes in Australia: a literature study

A study on major overhaul or replacement decision of a pendulum ride (Gyro Swing - Claw) at theme park

Developing a framework for generating realistic, but not real, synthetic maintenance records

Failure analysis of Slurry Pump assets in refinery for reduction of risks and costs

Issues and Challenges with Information Systems for Asset Management, Maintenance and Reliability

Learning, Un-Learning, and Relearning in 4IR in Rural Environments

Validation Framework of Bayesian Networks in Asset Management Decision-Making

An expert system for life cycle assessment of casting process

Asset Management Journey for Realising Value from Assets

Assets in line with ISO55000 standard for asset management are items, things and entities which...

Carbon offsetting in the road transport industry: Issues and challenges of meeting the objectives

Conceptual modelling of railway infrastructure cost-A system dynamics approach

Decision-making in complex asset life extension

Asset management journey for realising value from assets

Risk Based Decision-Making in Maintenance and Reliability Engineering for Reducing Costs and Enhancing Asset Performance

Asset intensive industries around the world have been embracing Risk based inspection (RBI),...

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Assessing transformer oil quality using deep convolutional networks

Electrical power grids comprise a significantly large number of transformers that interconnect...

Development of a Risk-Based Maintenance (RBM) Strategy for Sewerage Pumping Station Network

Industries have been facing ever-increasing challenges to do more with less under ongoing budget...

Productivity improvement though OEE measurement: A TPM case study for meat processing plant in Australia

Fluctuating demands and increased competition in Australia and Asian countries have been putting...

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Remote asset management for reducing life cycle costs (LCC), risks and enhancing asset performance

Remote asset management are faced with additional challenges in monitoring conditions,...

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The Roles of Functional Managers and Project Managers in a Matrix Organization

In the era of technological change, the success of capital expenditure projects is significantly...

Decision Support Tools for Preventive Maintenance Intervals and Replacement Decisions of Engineering Assets

Prognostic models for maintenance decisions have inherent limitations due to quality quantity of...

Integrated Trauma Management System

Trauma has a huge impact on the society and the economy. Large distances between the various...

Modelling optimal warranty price for lifetime policies taking into account the uncertainties in life measures

Owing to the assurance of longer reliable service life and greater customer peace of mind,...

Dynamically controlling exterior and interior window coverings through IoT for environmental friendly smart homes

Energy saving using smart home is of paramount importance to reduce heating and cooling energy...

Investigation into maritime military platform hull defects automation of sensors and processing: Research-in-progress

Management of maritime military platform life is a real challenge for operators and maintainers....

OEE improvement of thermoforming machines through application of TPM at Tibaldi australasia

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) evaluates quantitatively how effectively a manufacturing...

Issues and challenges of balancing cost, performance and risk in heavy-haul rail asset management

ISO55000 is the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) standard for asset...

Maintenance Decisions for Inground Decay of Power-Supply Timber Poles

Timber poles are widely used for distributing electricity in rural areas, mainly in developing...

Long Term Warranty and After Sales Service: Concept, Policies and Cost Models

A study of derailment in Australia: Analysing risk gaps with remote data monitoring

Comparison of life cycle costing and economic benefits of different wayside lubrication technology in heavy haul railway

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Development of effective performance measures for wayside rail curve lubrication in heavy haul lines

Rail curve lubrication using wayside gauge face lubrication systems is widely used by the railway...

Research methodology for evaluation of top-of-rail friction management in Australian heavy haul networks

Managing the coefficient of friction at the wheel/rail interface through wheel flange/gauge face...

An Australian Railway Bridge Management Framework

A large number of Australian railway bridges were constructed over 80 years ago and have become...

Development of a unified railway track stability management tool to enhance track safety

Track buckling is a serious problem for railways. High longitudinal rail stresses contribute to...

Life cycle management for railway bridge assets

Railway bridges are long-life assets that deteriorate with age, use and poor maintenance...

Modeling manufacturers' and customers' costs for cost sharing lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranties are becoming more popular as these types of warranties provide assurance for...

Integrating work and learning in a postgraduate maintenance management program

Cost-effective solution for detection of leaky food packaging seals using innovative non-contact testing

The food processing and packaging industries worldwide are constantly investigating and...

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Determination of risks to manufacturer and buyers for lifetime warranty policies by considering uncertainties of lifetime

The warranty period offered by the manufacturer has been progressively increasing since the...

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Gap analysis for asset condition monitoring

Asset condition monitoring is focused on assessing the condition of any asset for delivering the...

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Modelling risks to manufacturer and buyer for lifetime warranty policies

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Modelling total cost of ownership of rail infrastructure for outsourcing maintenance services

In the recent years, outsourcing maintenance services has become a part of strategies for cost...

Performance measures for achieving asset productivity improvement

Most of the manufacturing and process industry are unable to utilize the full capacity of their...

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Work integrated blended learning for improvement by asset managers

Work integrated blended learning for asst managers is targeted to the senior engineers and...

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