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Mr Garry Power

Lecturer, Psychology





Gippsland Campus, Online

The Functional Field of View of Older Adults is Associated With Contrast Discrimination in the Magnocellular not Parvocellular Pathway

Objectives: As we age, the functional field of view (FFOV) declines and these declines predict...

Perceptual processing deficits underlying reduced FFOV efficiency in older adults

Older adults are known to perform more poorly on measures of the functional field of view (FFOV)...

The Impact of Older Age and Sex on Motion Discrimination

Background/Study Context: Reports of age-related differences on motion discrimination tasks have...

Blended learning approaches for statistics teaching

The teaching of statistics at university is challenging because many students have negative...

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Do older individuals have difficulty processing motion or excluding noise? Implications for safe driving

This study aimed to determine if difficulties extracting signal from noise explained poorer...

The influence of contrast on coherent motion processing in dyslexia

The aim of the experiments was to investigate how manipulating the contrast of the signal and...