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Professor Gabriele Suder

Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Quality and Accreditation)

Academic Quality and Accreditation



Mt Helen Campus, Online

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Gabriele is the Associate DVC, Academic at Federation University and was most recently the inaugural Dean, New Business Accelerator. She is also a Professor, International Business. She is education-business expert at the United Nations, WTO, JETRO and for government, and has served at organisations in Germany, France, China, India, the US and at The University of Melbourne.

In industry, Gabriele has led the International CEO Forum at Gartner Inc, supporting its 250+ membership of multinational clients with research and advisory across sectors. For Pearson plc, she has launched its customised industry offerings.

Gabriele is also author of 14 business books, numerous A-ranked scholarly and business papers, runs her own industry-focused education channel and regularly speak in the local and international media.

Gabriele also holds Board and Committee positions including at the Academy of International Business, the Australia New Zealand Academy of International Business, and Commerce Ballarat, and others, and has launched a number of women networks and Communities of Practice.

Contact her for insights and comments on: Digitalisation of education, Micro-Credentials, Future-of-Business, European Union, Germany, France, International investment decisions, internationalisation, Global Value Chains.

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