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Professor Francisco Ascui

Professor, Environment Accounting

Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI)



TAS Remote Metro, Online

Indicators for measuring and reporting corporate nature-related impacts, dependencies, and risks

From impacts to dependencies: A first global assessment of corporate biodiversity risk exposure and responses

Carbon accounting for negative emissions technologies

Is operationalising natural capital risk assessment practicable?

Opportunities and challenges for decarbonizing steel production by creating markets for ‘green steel’ products

Comparing sustainability claims with assurance in organic agriculture standards

Implementing natural capital credit risk assessment in agricultural lending

Creative accounting: A critical perspective on the market-based method for reporting purchased electricity (scope 2) emissions

Developing an evidence base for assessing natural capital risks and dependencies in lending to Australian wheat farms

On the variability of CO2 feed flows into CCS transportation and storage networks

Salmon, sensors, and translation: The agency of Big Data in environmental governance

Sensing reality? New monitoring technologies for global sustainability standards

Finding a path for REDD+ between ODA and the CDM

Carbon accounting and the construction of competence

As frames collide: Making sense of carbon accounting

Lessons from carbon markets for designing an effective REDD architecture