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Dr. Fleur Gabriel


Pathways, Humanities and Social Sciences



Churchill Campus, Online


Dr Fleur Gabriel researchs in the areas of youth, media and cultural studies. Dr Gabriel’s published work has developed a deconstructive approach to youth, using post-structuralist theory and textual and discourse analysis to reveal how the ways in which young people are conceptualised and represented in Western culture contribute to the construction and treatment of youth as a problem that is threatening to social order.

Fleur’s novel approach to understanding youth has enabled her to offer fresh insight into young people’s behaviour and how to make sense of it in ways that do not cast youth as a social problem.

Fleur’s book, peer-reviewed articles and conference papers have applied this approach to concerns regarding young people’s risky behaviour as tied to brain development, engagement with new and social media for self-formation and expression, and the influence of the sexualisation of culture on processes of ‘coming of age’.

Implementing student centred learning in a traditional tertiary environment

  • Conference Proceedings

Sexting, selfies and self-harm: Young people, social media and the performance of self-development

As platforms for self-expression, social media sites require users to consciously, visibly, and...

Deconstructing youth: Youth discourses at the limits of sense

Presumed innocent: the paradox of 'coming of age' and the problem of youth sexuality in Lolita and Thirteen

  • Journals

Presumed innocent: The paradox of 'coming of age' and the problem of youth sexuality in Lolita and Thirteen

  • Journals