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Dr. Fatemeh Javidan

Lecturer, Structural Engineering

Engineering Group A



Mt Helen Campus, Online


Dr Fatemeh Javidan is a Lecturer in structural engineering at Federation University Australia.

Dr Javidan’s research expertise includes advanced high-strength steel materials in structural engineering and mining applications, nonlinear plastic modelling of structural materials, cyclic and monotonic multidirectional testing of large-scale structural components, fabrication methods and welding effects on steel structures, and finite element analysis of steel and composite structures.

Throughout her research career, Fatemeh has conducted projects in collaboration with industry partners such as InfraBuild, MaxiTrans, SSAB steel company, and BAO Engineering. Prior to joining Federation University, she was a Research Fellow at the Department of Civil Engineering and the ARC Nanocomm Hub, Monash University.

Fatemeh completed her PhD in structural engineering at Monash University in 2017, and also holds a Master of Structural Engineering.

Effect of corrosion on mechanical properties of coupons taken from high strength steel tubes

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Embodied Carbon Footprint Analysis of Signage Industry: Insights from Two Case Studies

Performance of High-Strength Steel Reinforcing Bars under Low-Velocity Impact

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Cyclic modelling of prefabricated high-capacity hybrid members

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Recent developments in technology and manufacturing of steel has led to a significant increase in...

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Cyclically strained grade 800 and 1200 steel tube materials

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Structural coupling mechanism of high strength steel and mild steel under multiaxial cyclic loading

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12.22: Seismic performance of high capacity hybrid beam-columns: Comprising of high strength steel tubes subjected to lateral cyclic loading

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Bending moment and axial compression interaction of high capacity hybrid fabricated members

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Fundamental behaviour of high strength and ultra-high strength steel subjected to low cycle structural damage

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Application of high strength and ultra-high strength steel tubes in long hybrid compressive members: Experimental and numerical investigation

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