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Professor Emma Lee

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Professorial Research Fellow




Mt Helen Campus, Online

Transformative epistemologies for regenerative tourism: towards a decolonial paradigm in science and practice?

Refusing tourism

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Equitable and effective area-based conservation: Towards the conserved areas paradigm

Indigenous peoples shift conservation through best practice

Autonomous adaptation to climate-driven change in marine biodiversity in a global marine hotspot

‘Reset the relationship’: decolonising government to increase Indigenous benefit

Rethinking the regions: Indigenous peoples and regional development

Managing consequences of climate-driven species redistribution requires integration of ecology, conservation and social science

Performing colonisation: The manufacture of Black female bodies in tourism research

Will'other effe ctive area-based conservation measures' increase recognition and support for ICCAs?

From boardroom to kitchen table: Shifting the power seat of Indigenous governance In protected area management: Tebrakunna country

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Protected Areas, Country and Value: The Nature-Culture Tyranny of the IUCN's Protected Area Guidelines for Indigenous Australians