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Dr. Dominic McNeil

Senior Lecturer Exercise and Sport Psychology

Exercise & Sport Science



Mt Helen Campus, Online

Field of Research

  • Health psychology
  • Sport and exercise psychology
  • Sports science and exercise not elsewhere classifi

Athlete mental health help-seeking: A systematic review and meta-analysis of rates, barriers and facilitators

Classifying excessive exercise: Examining the relationship between compulsive exercise with obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms and disordered eating symptoms

Compulsive exercise and its relationship with mental health and psychosocial wellbeing in recreational exercisers and athletes

Examining the importance of athletic mindset profiles for level of sport performance and coping

Passion moderates the relationship between exercise identity and compulsive exercise

Reducing Injury Risk and Improving Skill: How a Psycho-Perceptual-Motor Approach Can Benefit High-Performance Sport

Reducing the fear of re-injury during rehabilitation through mental imagery as a mental health strategy in sport and exercise

Constructions of athlete mental health post-retirement: a discursive analysis of stigmatising and legitimising versions of transition distress in the Australian broadcast media

Exploring Nature-and Social-Connectedness as Mediators of the Relationship between Nature-Based Exercise and Subjective Wellbeing

Health empowerment scripts: Simplifying social/green prescriptions

Investigating the moderating role of coping style on music performance anxiety and perfectionism

Effect of task complexity on ipsilateral motor response programming to physically presented and imagined stimuli

Imagery training for reactive agility: Performance improvements for decision time but not overall reactive agility

This study investigated the effects of imagery training on reactive agility and whether reacting...

Poor mental health outcomes in crisis transitions: an examination of retired athletes accounting of crisis transition experiences in a cultural context

Perfect Imperfections: Locus of Control, Perfectionism, and Postpartum Depression

Athletic Identity Mediates Between Exercise Motivation and Beneficial Outcomes

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Distribution of Practice Trials in the Learning and Retention of an Applied Sport Skill

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Amount of mental practice and performance of a simple motor task