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Dr Dean Whitehead

Senior Lecturer, Nursing





Brisbane Campus, Online

Implementation strategies to promote compassionate nursing care of complex patients: An exploratory sequential mixed methods study

Behavioural indicators of compassionate nursing care of individuals with complex needs: A naturalistic inquiry

Evaluation of the prescribing practice of guideline-directed medical therapy among ambulatory chronic heart failure patients

Multidisciplinary simulation training for perioperative teams: An integrative review

Nurses’ knowledge, skills and personal attributes for competent health education practice: An instrument development and psychometric validation study

Preventative health improvement in orthopaedic and trauma practice: 20 years on - Are we there yet?

The effectiveness of the role of advanced nurse practitioners compared to physician-led or usual care: A systematic review

Young women living in Iran: gendered drivers influencing social participation and wellbeing

mHealth Interventions to Reduce Alcohol Use in Young People: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Young Iranian women as agents of social change: A qualitative study

Effectiveness of the Pharmacist-Involved Multidisciplinary Management of Heart Failure to Improve Hospitalizations and Mortality Rates in 4630 Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Experiences of overseas nurse educators teaching in New Zealand

Health education: A Rogerian concept analysis

Nurses’ Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Adult Patients With Cancer in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia: A Qualitative Study

Can positive faith-based encounters influence Australian young people’s drinking behaviours?

Exploring adolescent-parent interaction strategies for accessing alcohol at home

The experiences of New Zealand-based children in consuming fruits and vegetables

Australian rural, remote and urban community nurses' health promotion role and function

Oncology nurses’ perception of cancer pain: A qualitative exploratory study

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Spirituality and spiritual care in Iran: Nurses' perceptions and barriers

Preoperative indicators of length of stay following total hip replacement: A New Zealand-based retrospective, observational study

Children's selection of fruit and vegetables in a 'dream versus healthy' lunch-box survey

Before the cradle and beyond the grave: A lifespan/settings-based framework for health promotion

Health promotion in nursing: A Derridean discourse analysis

Ottawa 25+ - 'All aboard the Dazzling Bandwagon' - Developing personal skills: What remains for the future?

Reconciling the differences between health promotion in nursing and 'general' health promotion

The behavioral ecological model as a framework for school-based anti-bullying health promotion interventions

What are New Zealand children eating at school? A content analysis of 'consumed versus unconsumed' food groups in a lunch-box survey

An international Delphi study examining health promotion and health education in nursing practice, education and policy

Commentary on Schofield I, Kerr S & Tolson D (2007) 'An exploration of the smoking-related health beliefs of older people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease'. Journal of Clinical Nursing 16, 1726-1735

Health promotion and health education practice: Nurses' perceptions

The use of CAM in a New Zealand-based general practice: A multiple case-study

Reviewing health promotion in nursing education

What's the difference between health promotion and health education?

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Commentary on Fok MSM & Tsang WYW (2005) development of an instrument measuring Chinese adolescent beliefs and attitudes towards substance abuse. Journal of Clinical Nursing 14, 986-994

Commentary on Irvine F (2005) Exploring district nursing competencies in health promotion: The use of the Delphi technique. Journal of Clinical Nursing 14, 965-975

Commentary on McSherry W, Cash K & Ross L (2004) Meaning of spirituality: Implications for nursing practice. Journal of Clinical Nursing 13, 934-941

Commentary on Naumanen P (2006) The health promotion model as assessed by ageing workers. Journal of Clinical Nursing 15, 219-266

Commentary on Whitehead D (2004) Health-promoting hospitals: The role and function of nursing. Journal of Clinical Nursing 14, 20-27

Health promotion in the practice setting: Findings from a review of clinical issues

The health promoting prison (HPP) and its imperative for nursing

The health-promoting school: What role for nursing?

Workplace health promotion: The role and responsibility of health care managers

A response to D. Von Ah, S. Ebert, A. Ngamvitroj, N. Park & D.-H. Kang Predictors of health behaviours in college students. Journal of Advanced Nursing 48(5), 463-474

Commentary on Hopia H, Tomlinson PS, Paavilainen e & Astedt-Kurki P (2005) Child in hospital: Family experiences and expectations of how nurses can promote family health. Journal of Clinical Nursing 14, 212-222

Commentary on Lohne V & Severinsson E (2005) Patients' experiences of hope and suffering during the first year following acute spinal cord injury. Journal of Clinical Nursing 14, 285-293

Commentary on Walsgrove H and Fulbrook P (2005) Advancing the clinical perspective: A practice development project to develop the nurse practitioner role in an acute hospital trust. Journal of Clinical Nursing 14, 444-455

Guest editorial: Empirical or tacit knowledge as a basis for theory development?

Health promoting hospitals: The role and function of nursing

In pursuit of pleasure: Health education as a means of facilitating the "health journey" of young people

I write with regard to an article entitled "Test of the Health Promotion Model as a Causal Model of Commitment to a plan for Exercise Among Korean Adults With Chronic Disease".

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Letter to the Editor (multiple letters)

Nurse education in the future: Will one size fit all?

Project management and action research: Two sides of the same coin?

A multidisciplinary osteoporosis service-based action research study

A preventative health education programme for osteoporosis

Health promotion and health education: Advancing the concepts

How effective are health education programmes - Resistance, reactance, rationality and risk? Recommendations for effective practice

The European Health Promoting Hospitals (HPH) project. How far on?

The Health Promoting University (HPU): The role and function of nursing

Action research in health promotion

Beyond the metaphysical: Health-promoting existential mechanisms and their impact on the health status of clients

Evaluating health promotion: A model for nursing practice

Health promotion and health education viewed as symbiotic paradigms: Bridging the theory and practice gap between them

Incorporating socio-political health promotion activities in clinical practice

The health-promoting nurse as a health policy career expert and entrepreneur

The academic writing experiences of a group of student nurses: A phenomenological study

The 'health promotional' role of a pre-registration student cohort in the UK: A grounded-theory study

Applying collaborative practice to health promotion.

A social cognitive model for health education/health promotion practice

A stage planning programme model for health education/health promotion practice

Health education, behavioural change and social psychology: Nursing's contribution to health promotion?

The case for researching the history of community nursing practice.

The issue of medical dominance (hegemony)

Academic writing.

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Is there a place for epidemiology in nursing?

Naturalistic vs reductionistic approaches to health-related practice: Opposing dichotomy or symbiotic partnership?

The role of community-based nurses in health promotion.

The role of epidemiology in orthopaedic practice

Using mass media within health-promoting practice: A nursing perspective

What is the role of health promotion in nursing?

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Health promotion within an orthopaedic setting: a differing perspective

The application of health promoting practice within the orthopaedic-setting

The nature of health promotion in acute and community settings.

The relationship between health promotion and complementary therapies.