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Associate Professor Danny Hills

Professor Research Focused Adjunct/Honorary/Visiting

Institute of Health and Wellbeing



Mt Helen Campus, Online


Professor Danny Hills is a Registered Nurse and the Workforce Development Research Stream Director in the University’s Health Innovation and Transformation Centre.

Danny is a trained epidemiologist with research interests in health and aged services and workforce development, workplace aggression, mental health and wellbeing, and ageing. He has worked as a clinician, educator and manager in mental health and clinical governance in rural, regional and metropolitan health settings.

Danny has published widely in high-ranking peer-reviewed journals as well as authoring academic books and book chapters. He has a record of securing research project funding totalling $4 million.

Advanced Care Directives in Residential Aged Care for Residents with Major Neuro-Cognitive Disorders (Dementia): A Scoping Review

Nurse-led clinics in primary health care: A scoping review of contemporary definitions, implementation enablers and barriers and their health impact

Person-Centred Decision-Making in Mental Health: A Scoping Review

Primary Care Consultations for Grief in Older People–a Missed Opportunity for Mental Health Support

The feasibility and impact of a brief behavioural intervention for anxiety in later life: perceptions of general practice nurses

Understanding rural pharmacists' perspectives: lived experiences and insights associated with rural recruitment and retention

Newly qualified graduate nurses’ experiences of workplace incivility in healthcare settings: An integrative review.

Nurses Transitioning to Primary Health Care in Australia: A Practice Improvement Initiative

Quality of life and loneliness post-bereavement: Results from a nationwide survey of bereaved older adults

Sustaining rural pharmacy workforce understanding key attributes for enhanced retention and recruitment

Education and training for preventing and minimizing workplace aggression directed toward healthcare workers

Facilitating Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Anxiety in Older People: History, Effectiveness, and Future Possibilities

Models and Interventions to Promote and Support Engagement of First Nations Women with Maternal and Child Health Services: An Integrative Literature Review

Nurse leadership in promoting and supporting civility in health care settings: A scoping review

Nursing perspectives on reducing sedentary behaviour in sub-acute hospital settings: A mixed methods study

The Pharmacy Community Apgar Questionnaire: a modified Delphi technique to develop a rural pharmacist recruitment and retention tool

'Unprepared for the depth of my feelings' - Capturing grief in older people through research poetry

Clinician Perspectives on Preregistration Nursing Student Participation in Interdisciplinary, Cross-Cultural Study Tours and Design Workshops

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Conclusions, Overview, and Recommendations

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Factors contributing to the recruitment and retention of rural pharmacist workforce: a systematic review

Student Perspectives on Participation in Multidisciplinary, Cross-Cultural Study Tours and Design Workshops

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The way we do things around here. A qualitative study of the workplace aggression experiences of Victorian nurses, midwives and care personnel

Background: Workplace aggression in the health and care sectors is a major work health and safety...

Unprofessional behaviour in Australian hospitals

[No abstract available]

Cross-cultural design for healthy ageing

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Education and training for preventing and minimizing workplace aggression directed toward healthcare workers

Background: Workplace aggression constitutes a serious issue for healthcare workers and...

Home-based care for people with disabilities: Role of registered nurses within the District health system in Thailand

Background: In Thailand, the number of people with physical disabilities (PwD) has been...

Trade agreements and the risks for the nursing workforce, nursing practice and public health: A scoping review

Background: Trade agreements in the 21st century have evolved to include provisions that affect...

A wake-up call for physical activity promotion in Australia: results from a survey of Australian nursing and allied health professionals

Objective: Nursing and allied health professionals (AHPs) are in an ideal position to promote...

General practice nurse–led screening for anxiety in later life in Australian primary care settings

Objective To test the feasibility of general practice nurse (GPN)-led screening for clinically...

Mental Health Nurses Supporting the Routine Assessment of Anxiety of Older People in Primary Care Settings: Insights from an Australian Study

Anxiety in older age is a worldwide problem and co-associated with other mental health problems,...

Addressing the support needs of families during the acute hospitalization of a parent with mental illness: A narrative literature review

Hospitalisation of a parent with acute mental health problems impacts the consumer, their...

Defining and classifying aggression and violence in health care work

Background: There is considerable contention in defining workplace aggression, especially in...

Newly qualified graduate nurses’ experiences of workplace incivility in Australian hospital settings

Problem: Workplace incivility is a well-documented issue of concern known to negatively impact on...

Workplace aggression experiences and responses of Victorian nurses, midwives and care personnel

Background Workplace aggression is a major work health and safety, and public health concern. To...

Differences in risk and protective factors for workplace aggression between male and female clinical medical practitioners in Australia

Objectives The aim of the present study was to investigate differences in prevalence, as well as...

Embedding continuous quality improvement processes in multidisciplinary teams in cancer care: Exploring the boundaries between quality and implementation science

Objective The aim of the present study was to identify key enabling factors for engaging...

Factors impacting on psychological wellbeing of international students in the health professions: A scoping review

Background There are increasing numbers of international students undertaking health professional...

Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches to design for healthy ageing.

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Associations between Australian clinical medical practitioner exposure to workplace aggression and workforce participation intentions

Objective The aim of the present study was to determine the association between clinician...

Detecting anxiety in later life: Innovation in primary care

No Abstract

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A Model of Home-Based Care for People with Disabilities: Better Practice in Rural Thailand

Background and objective: People with disabilities living in rural areas often require...

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Education and training for preventing and minimising workplace aggression directed toward healthcare workers

This is the protocol for a review and there is no abstract. The objectives are as follows:To...

Workplace aggression in clinical medical practice: Associations with job satisfaction, life satisfaction and Self-Rated health

Objective: To determine the likely impact of aggression from internal sources (co-workers) and...

A review of research on the prevalence, antecedents, consequences and prevention of workplace aggression in clinical medical practice

A broad-ranging review of the published research literature was undertaken on workplace...

Mental health emergency care in Australia: An educational program for clinicians

Introduction: In Australia, recent changes in mental health emergency care (MHEC) service...

Personal, professional, and work factors associated with australian clinical medical practitioners' experiences of workplace aggression

Objectives:This study examined the extent to which a range of personal, professional, and work...

Workplace aggression prevention and minimisation in Australian clinical medical practice settings - A national study

Introduction This report describes the extent to which 12 workplace aggression prevention and...

A national study of workplace aggression in Australian clinical medical practice

Objective: To describe the 12-month prevalence of verbal or written and physical aggression from...

Validation of a Job Satisfaction Scale in the Australian Clinical Medical Workforce

Job satisfaction has become an increasingly important topic of focus for the medical profession...

Prevalence and prevention of workplace aggression in Australian clinical medical practice

Objective. To determine the extent of aggression directed towards Australian doctors and the...

The evaluation of an online orientation to rural mental health practice in Australia

There are many challenges associated with rural mental health practice. There are few education...

Outcomes from the trial implementation of a multidisciplinar online learning program in rural mental health emergency care

Introduction: Emergency Departments (EDs) are often the first point of contact for people with...

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Relationships between aggression management training, perceived selfefficacy and rural general hospital nurses' experiences of patient aggression

Relationships between nurses' experiences of patient aggression in the previous three months,...

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