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Ms Danielle Wagstaff

Senior Lecturer, Psychology





Gippsland Campus, Online


Dr Danielle Wagstaff is an early-career psychology researcher with expertise in women’s psychology. Dr Wagstaff approaches this in a number of ways, including examining how women compete, understanding the links between social media and women’s mental health, exploring how cosmetics and clothing change perceptions of women, and investigating how motherhood impacts women’s perceptions and interactions.

Danielle has published research in these areas and the broader field of evolutionary psychology, and regularly contributes to media interviews, blog posts and psychology interest pieces.

Mate-value moderates the function of make-up as a signal of intrasexual aggression

Men say “I love you” before women do: Robust across several countries

The Impact of Sexual Strategies, Social Comparison, and Instagram Use on Makeup Purchasing Intentions

Effects of gender, self-rated attractiveness, and mate value on perceptions tattoos

Previous research has demonstrated that men's tattoos have an effect on viewer's perceptions,...

Exploring anger as a moderator of narcissism and antisocial behaviour on tinder

In an attempt to address inconsistency in the literature regarding narcissism and online...

Exploring the Relationship Between Frequency of Instagram Use, Exposure to Idealized Images, and Psychological Well-Being in Women

Research on the mental health effects of social networking have predominantly focused on...

National income inequality predicts cultural variation in mouth to mouth kissing

Romantic mouth-to-mouth kissing is culturally widespread, although not a human universal, and may...

Comparing mating motivations, social processes, and personality as predictors of women's cosmetics use

Down the rabbit hole: assessing the influence of schizotypy on the experience of the Barbie Doll Illusion

Introduction: “Body swapping� illusions have been used to explore factors contributing to the...

The effect of schizotypy on the relationship between women's red clothing and perceived sexual interest

Objective: Red may increase perceptions of sexual intent and the sexual attractiveness of women....

Sending nudes: Sex, self-rated mate value, and trait Machiavellianism predict sending unsolicited explicit images

Modern dating platforms have given rise to new dating and sexual behaviors. In the current study,...

Sex-differences in preference for looking at the face or body in short-term and long-term mating contexts.

Previous research has demonstrated that while women prefer to look at the face of men regardless...