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Dr. Christina Sadowski

Senior Lecturer, Community and Human Services/Social Work

Social Work, Community & Human Services



Mt Helen Campus, Online

Applying Human-Centred Design Tools in Social Work Research: A Desire-Centred Approach

Being a parent, but not: A grounded theory of home-based care

Beyond survival: Strengthening community-based support for parents receiving a family service intervention

Evaluation of the Ballarat Industry Mentoring Pilot (BIMP) : Phase 1: Desktop Evaluation

  • Report

Evaluation of the Ballarat Industry Mentoring Pilot (BIMP) : Phase 2: Evaluation Report - Participant Experiences

  • Report

‘You Say One Thing Wrong, and Your Children Are Gone’: Exploring Trauma-Informed Practices in Foster and Kinship Care

A Mixed-Methods Study of Two Modes of the Circle of Security

Purpose: This study compared the impact, challenges, and benefits of the Circle of...

Clients and Workers

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Pathway to success: using students' insights and perspectives to improve retention and success for university students from low socioeconomic (LSE) backgrounds

In an increasingly complex landscape of diversification and massification, universities are...

University students' perceptions of social networking sites (SNSs) in their educational experiences at a regional Australian university

Higher education institutions, and the way education is delivered and supported, are being...

On laughter and loss: Children's views of shared time, parenting and security post-separation

Among the research, practice and socio-legal commentary on the substantial sharing of parenting...

A Phenomenological Analysis of the Experience of Security and Contentment for Latency Aged Children in Shared-time Parenting Arrangements