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Mr Bryce Magnuson

Lecturer, Marketing





Berwick Campus, Online


Dr Bryce Magnuson has a research background in the marketing of ethical clothing, specifically consumer’s perceptions and purchase intentions relating to the production and consumption of ethical clothing. Dr Magnuson’s key focus is sustainability and ethics within a marketing context, namely looking at consumer behaviour in the context of ethical products and purchases.

Outside these key areas, Bryce has been involved in two cross-school grant-winning projects in 2020. He is lead researcher on one project that focuses on improving digital literacy amongst university students and a member on a second that focuses on the contribution of sporting events to economic recovery post-COVID.

Bryce has been a marketing Lecturer with Federation University Australia’s Federation Business School since 2014. In addition to working at the University’s Gippsland and Berwick campuses, he has also occasionally taught at partner universities in both Hong Kong and China.

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