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Dr. BM Amin

Research Fellow, Renewable Energy, Storage and Grid Resiliency

Centre for New Energy Transition Research (CfNETR)



Mt Helen Campus, Online

A Survey of Commercial and Industrial Demand Response Flexibility with Energy Storage Systems and Renewable Energy

A Case Study on the Energy Consumption Behaviour in Western Victoria for Implementing Demand Flexibility

Data-driven Modelling of Representative Rural Distribution Networks for Reliability Studies

Renewable Energy-Based Energy-Efficient Off-Grid Base Stations for Heterogeneous Network

An Overview of Demand Response Opportunities for Commercial and Industrial Customers in the Australian NEM

A residential energy management system with bi-level optimization-based bidding strategy for day-ahead bi-directional electricity trading

Bi-directional electricity trading of demand response (DR) and transactive energy (TE) frameworks...

Cyber attacks in smart grid - Dynamic impacts, analyses and recommendations

Cyber attacks can cause cascading failures and blackouts in smart grids. Therefore, it is highly...

Impact Assessment of Credible Contingency and Cyber Attack on Australian 14-Generator Interconnected Power System

Abstract This paper analyses the impacts of credible contingency and an event of cyber attack on...

Transactive energy trading of residential prosumers using battery energy storage systems

In a transactive energy (TE) framework, prosumers can participate in peer-to-peer (P2P) energy...

Distinguishing between Cyber Injection and Faults Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Concern about cyber-security is growing worldwide with the advancement of smart control and...