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Dr Bindu Joseph

Senior Lecturer, Nursing





Berwick Campus, Online

Exploring the Therapeutic Effectiveness of Genograms in Family Therapy: A Literature Review

Electronic Cigarettes or Vaping: Are There Any Differences in the Profiles, Use and Perceptions between a Developed and a Developing Country?

Factors influencing the transition and retention of mental health nurses during the initial years of practice: Scoping review

Mental health nurses perceptions of missed nursing care in acute inpatient units: A multi-method approach

Transition Experiences of Indian Nurses Into Australian Mental Health System

Introduction: In the past decade, there has been an influx of migrant nurses from India to...

COVID-19: Factors associated with psychological distress, fear, and coping strategies among community members across 17 countries

Background The current pandemic of COVID-19 impacted the psychological wellbeing of populations...

Adjusting to mental health nursing in Australia

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